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A Snapshot Of The Successful Life Of Barbara Stokes

For long women have been neglected in most our societies to an extent of not being educated especially in developing countries. Nevertheless, the practice is passed with time and the current women are very well educated bringing transformation in the community. It’s true that when you educate a girl child you have educated the whole society. Some women have risen to be an inspiration and role models of young adults as a result of their unassailable achievements. One of such women is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes of Alabama LLC, Madam Barbara Stokes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Any time hurricane or any other disaster hits various States in America, the woman, and his company has been on the forefront of working with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in providing relief especially in Disaster Relief Construction. Barbara Stokes has turned out to be one of the most celebrated women especially in providing modernized structures for disaster-stricken people. Her company which is based in Huntsville has also worked with various private organizations where it has offered safe housing solutions using their exclusive designs, engineering and also manufacturing techniques.

Barbara Stokes work closely with her team ensures every conceived idea is brought to its implementation. This could be the reason why she has offered her services to various companies and institutes. GSH has done housing for various campuses, military projects, installation etc. Barbara never thought that she would venture into business world especially after finishing her degree course in biomedical engineering and physics at Mercer University. However, the course has really benefited her in the manufacturing of his structures at GSH. Read this article at

Prior to founding GSH in collaboration with her husband, Mr. Scott, Barbara Stokes served at Pisces Corporation and Boeing where she gained vast experience on matters regarding contracting. She had an inner desire to help FEMA in its functions which she actualized by forming GSH. During the Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas in 2017, her company was given a contract of $28 million by the federal government in constructing modular buildings for the resident.

Mr. Scott Stokes is the COO of their company and the two are actively involved in offering volunteer services to the Huntsville community. They live happily as a family with their three children.


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Susan McGalla: Chief Marketing Officer of American Eagle

The president and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle, Susan McGalla has been with the company since 1994. At this time, the teen retailer still showed a lot of its roots as a male-oriented activewear store. Before starting at American Eagle, Susan McGalla came from Joseph Horne Co. department stores. She had always felt like the management at American Eagle was passing judgment on her based on the value of the ideas that she shared. When she went on business trips, she always made sure that she was not the last person to arrive at the morning meetings.

Susan McGalla earned her title of Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle last May. Some of her responsibilities are being in charge of merchandising, marketing, and design. She has a very important position in a company whose clothing can be seen on teenagers all throughout the United States. When she wore jeans in October to celebrate the moving of American Eagle’s headquarters to the South Side, the Governor of the city, Ed Rendell, states that it was very rare to see a president as young as Susan McGalla.

As a child, she was taught that she was a person, not a man or a woman. Typical gender expectations were not placed on Susan McGalla. by her family. While she was growing up in the East Liverpool area of Ohio, her family supported her and taught her how to be comfortable with presenting her ideas and herself. She believes that not playing the woman card has served her very well in her career. She enjoys the fact that she can talk about shopping and sports with the same excitement and interest. When she explained this on an application for a female executive award, they asked her to provide another answer as it made them uncomfortable.

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Robert Ivy To Be Honored With Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Ward

The Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the American Institute of Arts Robert Ivy have been selected as the recipient of this year’s Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. In press statement released early this week, The President of AIA said that they received the news with great joy from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). This was the first time the award was being given to an architect. The award is often given to artists and patrons from Mississippi who have shown exemplary work in their careers.

While announcing the winner of the award in the same press statement, MIAL President Nancy LaForge said that they were happy to honor Mr. Ivy with the award considering his relentless effort in promoting the lives of people through architecture. “Mr. Ivy has demonstrated that through hard work and determination everything is possible. There is no one in Mississippi, who has made architecture accessible to the public that Mr. Robert Ivy”, said LaForge.

On the other hand, Carl Elefante, the president of the American Institute of Arts said that the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award was a true recognition of Ivy’s efforts in the institution. He said that Robert Ivy had been a pillar of hope for many people in Mississippi and beyond and that his efforts had bore fruits. “I am happy to hear that MIAL picked our own CEO for this prestigious award, we believe that this will motivate him to work even harder,” said Elefante.

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Robert Ivy was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Arts on February 2011. Since his appointment, he has been lauded for transforming the operations of the institutions and lifted its status to international recognition according to

The alumnus of Tulane University School of Architecture is not new to receiving prestigious awards. He was named the Master architect by the fraternity of Architects and also received several other awards such as the National Magazine for his exemplary work.

Prior to being appointed as the CEO of the American Institute of Architecture, Mr. Ivy was the Editor-in-chief of the Architectural Record. Besides, he has been a board member of the American Institute of Arts since 1990’s.

Mr. Robert Ivy joins a team of few famous individuals who have received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. He is set to officially receive the award in June this year alongside one other artist from Mississippi.

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Enhanced Athlete: A Provider of Holistic Bodybuilding Education

Enhanced Athlete is a company that provides bodybuilders with assistance in various aspects of the sport. Bodybuilding enthusiasts can receive information to assist them in meeting their goals from Enhanced Athlete. The company was founded by Dr. Tony Huge, a professional bodybuilder. The goal of Enhanced Athlete is to serve as an educational source for customers who want to gain muscle. Enhanced Athlete provides unbiased insight to customers on topics related to health and exercise. A company vlog has educated individuals on with more than 1000 episodes. Enhanced Athlete has established several faithful followers.


The company offers clients a holistic approach to bodybuilding. Enhanced Athlete offers customers assistance with their diets. Clients receive meal preparation advice which is specific to their needs and insight regarding nutrition. Competitive bodybuilders can receive assistance on aspects of competitions such as an inside view of the competitive world of bodybuilding and posing on stage.


An online store is available to provide clients with a variety of items. Enhanced Gear is a sister company of Enhanced Athlete that provides online shopping merchandise for workouts and other accessories. Customers can purchase gym attire to wear during their workouts. Clients may purchase items they need to assist them with their workouts online such as gym bags and bottles to contain fitness drinks or water. Customers can purchase keychains, necklaces, lanyards, and stickers with Enhanced Athlete logos.


Clients can receive personal coaching from the coaching team at Enhanced Athlete. The sister company, Enhanced Coaching offers training plans to assist clients with meeting their fitness goals. Whether someone wants to get in better shape or compete as a bodybuilder, Enhanced Coaching can assist in reaching these objectives. Assessments are made to determine where clients are in reaching their objectives. There are a variety of coaching options available for clients to meet their budgets. Coaches are available to offer virtual services to clients. Weekly coaching sessions are provided by coaches with clients via telephone. Additionally, clients may receive coaching via the internet at any time they desire assistance. Enhanced Coaching provides a free session to potential clients with a coach to address their goals. Coaches personally contact clients after they sign up for services with Enhanced Coaching within one day of enrollment in a training program.

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The Achievements Of Robert Ivy

The name Robert Ivy, FAIA is a household name when it comes to architecture and design. As a result of his exceptional work performance and ethics, he has received recognition from the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). Due to his exemplary performance, he is the Chief Executive Officer of The American Institute of Architects and holding such portfolio shows the capability of the individual. He is the first architect to receive the coveted Polk award which is normally given to the living Mississippi connected arts and artists’ patron whose work over their lifetime has created special impact and it’s worthy. Robert Ivy joins a special group of few distinguished individuals who have received the Polk Award. Among the distinguished individuals are writer Eudora, Shelby Foote, Morgan Freeman and singer Leontyne Price.

According to MIAL President Nancy LaForge, there is no one better than Roberts Ivy in ensuring that architecture is more accessible to the whole public in Mississippi rather than him. As a result of his role in authoring and commentary on architecture aspects across the globe he truly deserves to be recognized with a Polk Award. The CEO of AIA from 2011 also praises the high expertise and credibility which Robert portrays in the authoring and editing as well as practicing architect.

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Before joining the AIA in 2011, Ivy was the Editor-in-Chief of one of the leading publishers known as McGraw-Hill Architectural Record. It is during his tenure that the publisher stamped its authority on the ground becoming a global leader in the architectural market. Under his leadership, the firm scooped several awards such as the National Magazine Award for General Excellence according to During his tenure in McGraw-Hill design, he enabled the company to break into foreign markets such as the Chinese and the Middle East leading to an increase in revenue generation.

Currently, Ivy is the Chief executive Officer of America Institute of Architects which has benefited significantly from his management skills, and as a result, the body has registered the highest numbers since its inception. Therefore American architects are practicing all over across the globe compared to the previous years. AIA is a group of architects and designer around the US. Due to his ability to communicate effectively on the value of design, he was honored by the national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi. Recently he was the recipient of coveted Deans Medal from University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. His achievements supersede other individuals in the architecture field, and as a result, he continues to receive more awards and recognition.


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Jeremy Goldstein Insists Knockout Options Are The Way To Go For Employees

Stock options are becoming an incentive of the past with many employers around the country simply not offering them to employees anymore. There are various different reasons for this, ranging from company to company, but the most obvious of them is money. It is costly to offer to stock options in today’s market, not just because stocks can rise, but because it is a major cost when it comes to the accounting work. Not only this, but when stock options to fall, employees are unable to sell their stock options and this becomes another issue on top of the related costs. Many employees are even avoiding stock options these days since they are an not a trustworthy form of compensation in many employees eyes.


Jeremy Goldstein, compensation lawyer and business expert, has more than 20 years working in legal compensation. He has stepped in to help the situation, offering a possible knockout option in the place of the standard stock options. This would allow employers to save a ton of time when it comes to the accounting and finances while saving money for the long-term as well. This directly means increased company growth over the period of several years.


One of Jeremy Goldstein is active in his respective industry communities and has published various articles discussing law and business over the years. He published an article not too long ago that discusses knockout options and the benefits it will bring to employers when it comes to hiring new employees. Most employees today don’t value stock options too highly, other than the fact that they are easy to understand and use. Instead, increased pay or better insurance is the way most employees would rather go.


Jeremy has successfully closed hundreds of deals over the years with his clients in the corporate world, including corporate governance. Jeremy’s law firm, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC, specializes in executive compensation. Thanks to his insight, employers may have a way of keeping their options on the table without the typical issues that come with stock options and create a more productive work environment for their employees. Learn more:

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Dr. Mark Mckenna Is Mixing Medicine With Business To Meet Customer Demand

There are numerous people in the country and around the world working to do good and improve the lives of others. These people come from all walks of life and every corner of the world. One such man is Dr. Mark Mckenna, steadily becoming more popular within the medical field for his impressive work and tendency to go above and beyond. Dr. Mark Mckenna has helped transform thousands of lives for the better over the course of his career, using both his knowledge in medicine and business to make a profound impact. Mark is a licensed professional receiving recognition from various boards of medical examiners. Though Mark is a gifted intellectual, he has spent many years studying and practicing his craft.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has always been highly dedicated to the community and giving back to others with the success he has gained. This is well seen in his efforts after the disaster of hurricane Katrina wiped out much of New Orleans. He spent a great deal of time helping rebuild and take care of the community, even despite the massive losses he sustained due to the storm. His first business, McKenna Venture Investments was wiped out by the storm, though it was highly successful before this happened. This is how Dr. Mark Mckenna managed to help the community and create affordable housing. This also allowed Mark to recoup after losings millions overnight, by renovating properties that he could then sell. Private investors were buying into properties for a long while after hurricane Katrina. After a while, Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to move on to Georgia.

Dr. Mark Mckenna is currently on a mission to bring health to patients far and wide using new and innovative methods. This is what inspired him to create OVME, which will provide customers with non-surgical treatments through delivery. This wellness company is already doing great in his hometown and he plans to expand its horizons in the near future.

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New Beginnings With Alex Pall

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers got his start DJing at different spots around New York City. This started out as more of a hobby than a job to him. Although the fun he was having was undeniable, he decided it was time to take a “proper shot” in the industry after realizing how much this culture consumed his life. Alex’s manager then introduced him to Drew who was going to school and interning for Interscope at the time. “That’s where it all started” said Pall. And so it began.

Drew made the move down from Maine shortly after hearing about the opportunity and the two of them started working right away, already knowing what they brought to the table. It started with conversations about the kind of music they were into growing up, as well as how ambitious they were in general about making music. Obviously they wouldn’t be where they are today if ambition wasn’t present.

They met from 9am until 7pm almost every day, trying new things and ironing out the creases essentially. Both of them were aware of what was working and what wasn’t in the music industry by looking at and listening to upcoming artists. It was just a matter of forming their own identity.

After finding that common ground, The Chainsmokers started to release music, shaking things up in the dance genre.

This went on for awhile until they decided it was time to do things a little different. Rather than feeling confined the two of them stepped out of the box and started trying to make more of a personal connection with the audience. They decided to not only bring out some vocals and a story, but the stories were theirs and no one else’s. A new single titled “Closer” featuring Halsey is a perfect example of this.

The Chainsmokers are always looking for new ways to take a step forward with the music they create along with the live shows they put on. There’s a lot of factors that separate them from many artists currently and it will be exciting to see what they bring to the table in years to come.

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Talkspace for All of Your Therapy Needs

Seeing a therapist can be a daunting experience for anyone. You make an appointment, get put on a wait list that could be weeks or even months and then you sit in front of someone in a cold office where you tell them your life story. It’s something that isn’t exactly a great option for individuals who have anxiety, PTSD, depression or any other mental disorder. The better option would be to get therapy from home, but this wasn’t always viable for those who wanted or even needed it. Now it is thanks to an app known as Talkspace.

Talkspace was designed for people just like you who wanted to make use of therapy from home without going out to a local office or spending the money per session. Talkspace is a whole lot cheaper because you’re paying a few dollars a day to get around the clock access to a professional therapist. There is no reason to not make use of Talkspace because of the amazing abilities that this app has given to people who have made use of it. You just download the app to whatever device you use the most and then create an account that is perfect for your needs.

The reason Talkspace is so used by so many people is because it’s convenient and easier for those who do not want to sit in front of a therapist. You do not need to worry that you’re choosing an option that is not going to be as good as regular therapy just because many have noticed that Talkspace is actually better than what they were used to using before. You can visit the Talkspace app on your play store to learn more about the company and what others are saying about the program when they began to use it.

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Join Us At The Mighty Fortress Church For A Beautiful Easter Celebration

As spring approaches the time to celebrate is in the air and for Christians around the world, the holiest of all holidays is upon us as well. April 1st is Easter Sunday and for Christians celebrating in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area there is a warm and open invite to attend the “He is Risen” service with amazing festivities afterwards this Easter Sunday at The Mighty Fortress International Ministries beginning at 11:00 am. The announcement was made public in the Minnesota Patch this past week. Read more on

Service attendees can expect join in a beautiful worshipping service that will be highlighted by an uplifting performance by the Bishop’s Choir, a special sermon given by the Children’s Ministry and of course the word of God in celebration of Jesus Christ the King who has risen. Prior to the services and after worship there will be a fellowship with refreshments provided for adults. Children can look forward to an Easter egg hunt and other prizes after worship services. All children age 3-12 are invited to join in the fun.

If you are looking for a Christian atmosphere full of love and faith, forgiveness and fellow parishioners that are accepting then the Mighty Fortress International is waiting with opened and welcome loving arms for you. Come and experience God’s presence and hear the words of change. Members here are open and accepting to all races, cultures and needs. Love, acceptance and forgiveness is what awaits all visitors that step through our door. Come as you are, informal or in your Sunday best to join this joyous celebration of Christ the King and Saviour. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Our loving and caring atmosphere will have you feeling that your needs are known and can be met within this parish. Just come to experience God’s presence and love. Celebrate among fellow Christians to see first hand what the true meaning of Easter is as you make new friends, experience new cultures and sense the touch of God in your heart.

For more information about the Mighty Fortress International and to keep up to date about our services and activities please feel free to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube as well. When you visit our website at you can even experience our services via live streaming.

The Mighty Fortress Church is easy to get to we are in the Excell Academy for Higher Learning in Suite 107 at 6510 Zane Avenue North in Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis, MN. You can also contact us by phone for more information at 763-535-9096.