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Laidlaw & Company a differentiated investment bank

Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank and a full-service brokerage firm that has a reputation of offering personalized investment advice, high net worth individual investors, and efficient wealth management services to both individual and institutions in the United Kingdom and United States as well as skillful execution to private and public institutions.

Laidlaw investments in banking service include the United States trading markets, capital raising through placement of equity with high net worth retail investors and institutions. AIM-listed transaction in the United Kingdom markets, placement of mezzanine capital and debt with institutional investors, arrangement of national exchange listing, and acquisition financing. Investment banking services of the company also offers consultation on divestitures and acquisitions.

Laidlaw & Company is characterized by relationship and entrepreneurial driven culture, coupled by “think outside the box” approach and strong work ethic. It has enabled the company to distribute many financial solutions through independent and captive sale offices. This can be inferred from the company ability and record of assisting emerging companies to raise capital quickly through Laidlaw & Company strong retail sale force, which enables financial flexibility and growth to corporate clients.

A comprehensive solution and “hands-on” transaction management are fundamental to any capital team and investment banking. Laidlaw has predominant senior professionals that combine entrepreneurial experience and perspective of “independent” firms. This is geared toward providing comprehensive investment and business solutions to emerging companies, individuals, and institutions.

In addition according to the Wall Street Journal, Laidlaw & Company take pride in 170 years legacy of independent and security brokerage services that are designed to meet the needs of the domestic population, corporate entrepreneurs, international companies, and institutions and private customers all over the world. The company is also characterized by a growing network of offices in the United States and Europe. This has enabled the company to provide services to individual clients on a global level, pursue new business, and develop relationships.

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Visual Search Engine Technology Gets Better Every Day

It’s easy to see why visual search engine technology is just now becoming worthwhile. It’s complicated technology, and requires high levels of computation to work cohesively. there are two main ways in which this is done. Firstly, metadata associated with an image can be searched. Metadata is items like tags, titles, or descriptions. The second method actually looks at the image and uses a means of computer visualization to determine what it is. Naturally, this requires a little bit more computational horsepower, but it visual search engine technology like image recognition has been developed to the point where cellular application isn’t just realistic, it’s becoming more and more mainstream.

Slyce is a leading pioneer in the field of visual search engine technology, and they’ve got a program which can identify multi-dimensional images. An image with “one” dimension would be like a barcode or a UPC label. Meanwhile, an item that has “two” dimensions would be something like a magazine advertisement, or a poster, or a computer-screen screenshot taken from a phone. A three-dimensional image is anything that exists in three dimensions. It could be a cat or a car, but through modern visual search technology, users are able to see all the web has to say about a given object in seconds. Slyce has partnered with a number of well-regarded organizations to help maintain its leading edge in this burgeoning technological field, and as yet they seem to be doing excellent in pursuing this goal. They’ve partnered with Photon, the Purchase Decision Network, and Offerpop; among others.

Buying and selling digitally has never been more convenient than it is now, and the hope is that said convenience won’t just increase the usability of visual search engine technology, it will increase it’s appeal. One of the better ways to do this is through software that is very easy to use and navigate with, ensuring as little confusion as possible.

From Google to Slyce, technology organizations are quickly becoming savvy to the cavalcade of advantages which come with visual search engine technology successfully executed. The cellular devices we have today harbor computational power greater than the desktop computers of ten years ago, and that technological prowess is increasing at a rate which many would describe as exponential. Visual search engine technology will likely expand as mobile computational technology does. For that reason alone it makes sense to get abreast of this new innovation in search engines as soon as possible.

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Doe Deere’s Unconventional Success Story

Doe Deere is the self appointed unicorn queen that is also the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her very unconventional looks will quickly capture your attention. She sports pastel hair and a look that supports her claim to the throne of the unicorn queen. Her rise to success was also a bit unconventional as her looks. She was born in Russia, but moved to the United States at the age of 17. Her early years shaped her beliefs and love of things that were unique and also unconventional. Her unconventional dreams led her to pursue a musical career in New York.

Doe Deere Believes In Following Your Dreams
Doe Deere is one person that believes in following your dreams. Her dream started with pursuing a musical career in New York. However, she ended up the founder and CEO of one of the most talked about and unique makeup companies around. There are literally millions of Lime Crime customers that rave about her mystical and magical makeup creations. Doe Deere relates that she has always been a very ambitious young woman. She even had a small business back in Russia. Doe Deere believes that everyone should pursue their dreams. Everyone has a unique quality inside of them that they should explore. In addition, Doe Deere feels that the only way to grow as a person and reach one’s full potential is through following their dreams.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the pastel haired beauty that is also the founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetic company. Deere has achieved amazing success with a company that specializes in providing vibrant and bold colors to their league of followers. Doe Deere’s cosmetic company went beyond the norm of boring beige and neutrals to provide the cosmetic world with something different and unique that girls and women loved.

Doe Deere had a very unconventional start to success. She was born in Russia, but moved to the United States in her late teens to pursue a musical career. However, she was detoured into a fashion career and ultimately a cosmetic business. Deere started the Lime Crime cosmetic company because she was frustrated at the lack of bold colors in the makeup found at local department stores and beauty shops. Most were in those subdued neutrals. That simply was not her style. She decided to go for her dream and create a cosmetic company that featured bold and fabulous colors, and the rest is history.

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The Future of Shoe Shopping

With a fine-groomed team of entrepreneurs, consultants, and advanced technology enthusiasts working together, Slyce is a step ahead of the traditional trade route everyone still takes. Based in Toronto, Ontario, their image recognition technology aims to morph commerce into something befitting of the twenty-first century. With the super duo of the Internet and mobile phones already available to most people, Slyce empowers the consumer by letting them search widely for the things they see in non-market environments.

It’s been reported that Slyce has recently paired up with Shoe Carnival, one of the United States’ leading footwear retailers, and launched their own intuitive 3D visual search. The technology allows visitors of Shoe Carnival’s website to snap a picture of footwear physically in front of them or even those in magazines and be almost instantaneously directed to the best match in Shoe Carnival’s line of products. No additional information about the customer, or otherwise, is needed to use the search engine. All it takes is a few taps of the screen from there to order.

Mark Elfenbein, CEO of Slyce, boasts that this project is the “very first, large-scale, fully automated visual search deployments in the marketplace.”

The Slyce Company presents its technology both as a search platform and as a suite mobile apps where the users can interact with retailers at their convenience by the common method of taking pictures of desired products using their mobile phones and subsequently commencing its recognition capability.

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Yeonmi Park Left North Korea For Freedom

“In the free world, children dream about what they want to be when they grow up and how they can use their talents. When I was four and five years old, my only adult ambition was to buy as much bread as I liked and eat all of it.”

Yeonmi Park, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom

Yeonmi Park released her autobiography on Amazon, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom in September 2015. Park tells the story of how she and her mother escaped North Korea when she was a teenager and more, what drove her to become a human rights activist. On Reason’s blog, Todd Kraninin tells Park’s story. Yeonmi Park is revered for her courage. How much of her backstory is believable?

Fleeing in Spring of 2007 across the Yalu River into China, Park and her mother had never seen the world outside the insular North Korean reality and had no plans. Yeonmi Park began her teenage years fleeing and experienced her coming of age as a slave bride alongside her mother merely for seeking freedom. The plight of China took years and was riddled with abuse and brushes with death.

Arriving in South Korea, the Parks created a home that would never be shared with her father. He passed away from untreated cancer and before he experienced freedom and the knowledge of democracy and the existence of food abundance. Instead of assimilating into the South Korean culture, Park came into adulthood with the realization she must tell her story and reveal the truths of North Korea and Chinese brokers dealing in slave marriages. Her greatest hope in sharing her story was to find her sister who had escaped into China before and had not been found.

In response to Park’s bold abandonment of her home country, and more likely her publication and publicity of it, the North Korean capital Pyongyang released a propaganda video on NK News to diminish her story. The video, Park Yeon Mi, The Puppet of the Human Rights Plot, positions Park and her mother as American advocates set out to undermine North Korea. In support of the video, distractors point to holes in her story to discredit her view of her homeland.

Yeonmi Park absorbs this distractions and stands by her story and explains changes needed to be made to protect herself and her family.



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Devco Continues to Support Hotel

The New Jersey Development Corporation is a nationally recognized real estate development firm that is well known for its ability to raise public debt in order to redevelop existing real estate or build new projects. The company has built a number of different projects including renovations of cultural buildings, development of student housing projects, and building local government buildings.

One of the most recognized projects that the New Jersey Development Corporation has been involved in is a project known as The Heldrich, which is a new hotel and conference center that the company built in 2005. The project was funded from a variety of different sources including about $20 million from the Casino Reinvestment and Redevelopment Committee.

While it was expected that the hotel would be able to attract dozens of major conferences per year, it has not been as successful of a project as was once thought. The project in recent years has had less that 65% occupancy and has continued to lose money, as it has not been able to attract the high-end conferences that hotels need to succeed.

According to an article written by the Press of Atlantic City, the lack of cash flow has continued to be a problem for the hotel. The primary owners of the company have continued to have to invest personal assets in order to keep the property operational. One area that the property has struggled has been to make its payments on its loans due to lenders and bondholders. In the last month, the owners were not able to make a $1 million payment due on principal and interest.



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The Benefits Of Talk Fusion For You And Your Business

When it was first introduced to our society it came in the form of science fiction movies, video communication is now a very important part of our basic communication practices. Talk Fusion is one of the leaders in video technology and they continue to build on that experience. Most people are familiar with social media practices and the fact that they have the ability to carry on face-to-face conversations with friends from around the world.

Productivity tools

Video communications is an awesome tool for personal use but the area where it will shine the most will be in business relations. Talk Fusion offers a variety of products and services to help the entrepreneur become a lot more productive. Chatting with customers with a camera may be a good idea but the benefits of the video will take you much further than that. Businesses are being encouraged to use their business technology for sending video emails and conducting live meetings with employees and clients both near and far.

A change of pace

When Bob Reina graduated from the University of South Florida his first order of business was to join the police academy. Bob went on to graduate from his class and to serve his community as a police officer. Most people would agree that even though he enjoyed a good laugh he was very committed to any goal he set for himself.

True calling

One area that seemed to be of particular interest to Bob was marketing and he went on to explore those interests at a few different companies. It was not until he decided to start Talk Fusion in 2007 that things began to turn around. This would be an opportunity to join his love for marketing with his interest in video conferencing. Bob Reina was not just about business in fact he would be known by his friends to be exceptionally kindhearted around animals

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Ricardo Guimaraes, Presidente of Banco BMG Highlights Reasons to Study for an MBA, Comments on Forbes List of Prestgious Ivy League Universities

by Ricardo Guimarães

Though I have a family lineage in both the mining and finance industries, my work experience at Banco BMG has offered its own unique challenges. Offering the right financial products to the right consumers takes experience and education. Though many people can find success in the business marketplace without an MBA, I always recommend getting one if you don’t have a lot of business experience already.

Don’t Get Confused

Though you might regularly hear of people that have had no business training, that are doing well in a particular industry; more often than not, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that they’ve had extensive experience in business or finance; or they have some extraordinary natural skill set or ability.

Therefore, for many potential business professionals, getting an MBA is the best step to take before entering the marketplace. Here’s Forbes list of top Ivy League business programs:

Stanford Business School is number one with a 7% graduation rate. This challenging program costs $126,000/year and only takes students that score 730 or higher on their GMATs.

Harvard Business School is number two with a 12% graduation rate. This challenging program costs $139,000/year and only takes students that score 730 or higher on their GMATs.

The Booth School of business is number three with a 24% graduation rate. This challenging program costs $128,000/year and only takes students that score 730 or higher on their GMATs.

The Warton School of Business is number four with a 20% graduation rate. This challenging program costs $137,000/year and only takes students that score 728 or higher on their GMATs.

The Haas School of Business is number five with a 13% graduation rate. This challenging program costs $110,000/year and only takes students that score 720 or higher on their GMATs.

The Tuck School of Business is number six with a 22% graduation rate. This challenging program costs $135,000/year and only takes students that score 720 or higher on their GMATs.

The Yale School of Management is number seven with a 24% graduation rate. This challenging program costs $124,000/year and only takes students that score 720 or higher on their GMATs.

The Kellogg School of Management is number eight. This challenging program costs $127,600/year and only takes students that score 720 or higher on their GMATs.

The Columbia Business School is number nine with a 18% graduation rate. This challenging program costs $136,000/year and only takes students that score 716 or higher on their GMATs.