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The Top Wine Brands in the UK

The wine industry has matured in the last couple of years. There are some good brands for consumers to choose from today. Below is a list of the top wine brands in the UK to help you make the correct choice. The number one brand in the UK is Hardys although the company’s sales went down from £325 million to £315.7 million in the previous year.

Blossom Hill retained the number two spot. They experienced a dip in sales in the previous year just like Hardys. They recorded £207.9m last year which is a 15% drop from what they sold in the preceding year. Blossom Hill has been a favorite of many because it sells bottles that cater for customers with different budgets. The brand even has a bottle that retails at less than £5. This is the lowest priced bottle offered by brands that are in the top ten.

Echo Falls came in at third place. Their sales went up by 3% to £194 million, unlike the two top brands. Concha y Toro offers Casillero del Diablo. It moved up four places on the list and became the fourth. They still managed to record a 34% increase in sales even though they have the highest price bottles on average. This is mainly attributed to the partnership that they have with Sky Cinema. It was renewed for another 12 months in March of last year.

Mcguigan came in at number five. They retained their position since the previous year. The winery still saw sales grow by 10% even though they did not move up the list. Barefoot came in at number six. The brand from California experienced the most growth among all companies on the list. Barefoot’s sales rose by more than 37% to £107 million, and this is what led them to move up from tenth place to sixth. Gallo, Isla Negra, and Jacobs Creek occupied the seventh, eighth, and ninth spot respectively. Yellow Tail came in at tenth as the newcomer saw a staggering 33% increase in sales.

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