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Securus Technologies Continues Striving For Better Improved Safety With JPay Acquisition

In a continued attempt made by Securus Technologies, for improved public safety, this firm signed a Stock Purchase Agreement that ensured the acquisition of JPay Inc. This buy out has resulted in JPay to function as a wholly owned subsidiary of Securus Technologies, which can be now considered as the parent company. This merger has not in any way disrupted the operations of JPay. In fact, it has provided this payment and communication platform with added benefits of being associated with the new parent company.



In the recent past, Securus Technologies has also been responsible for creating Wireless Containment Units that ban calls made from inmates using contraband devices. These wireless units also ban calls from unknown numbers to be received by phones while within prison walls. Eight corrections units within the country have embraced this new technology with other jails soon to follow their lead.



According to a recent article posted on PR Newswire, this acquisition has ensured that Securus Technologies gets a lead in sectors such as corrections, payments and public safety. The primary purpose of this buy out, was to combine the two forces to create a better jail system that runs on modern equipment, the latest security and with high tech hardware as well as cutting edge software programs to ensure that the greater good of people’s safety is always put forward.



In another article posted on PR Newswire, it was revealed that Securus Technologies had recently been given an accolade of the highest standard. This accreditation was provided by the Better Business Bureau as Securus Technologies had maintained a clean track record of honest and transparent operations as well as straightforward advertisements. This accolade was also granted because this firm had established an improved call center to deal with customer grievances in the first call itself with an overall customer satisfaction score of 4.3 on a scale of 5.

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Securus Technologies: Keeping Prisons Safe Through Communications Services

America currently has thousands of holding and incarceration facilities throughout the country. Giving their inmates the services that are essential for their mental health and stability is one of the key factors of the prisons that are currently there. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a prison. An inmate must be allowed some or the other form of communication so that they can stay in touch with the world. Constant communication with friends and family on the outside is also something that can help reduce the crime rate inside prisons which is why having a good communications provider is necessary.


Securus Technologies is one such company that believes in offering some of the highest quality of communication services to inmates who are inside the facilities that the company is tied up with. Securus Technologies is currently one of the leading telecommunications providers in the entire country. Prisons not just in America but also in Canada have collaborated with this company to offer a comprehensive range of communication services that inmates can opt to go in for. The company also provides a range of video calling services so that prisoners can see their loved ones while talking to them.


Being a communications provider in a sea of detainees in no easy task. There is always the risk of an inmate doing something illegal just because he has access to communication. Securus Technologies has always had to take special precautions to ensure that their services are not being misused by anyone and that all the communication that goes on is within the bounds of what is legal and permitted. To enforce this, all of the calls that go on with the people inside these centers and their loved ones on the outside is recorded and monitored for suspicious activity.


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Reliable and Excellent Services

Securus Technologies is a reliable and well known information technology firm who spends much of their attention providing high levels of communication and security support to an interesting type of customer base. While this company has progressed greatly over the years and has branched out through excellent business deals and quality customer service, they have received some unwanted press lately from accusations being issued by a competitor in their industry, GTL. These accusations have stated that Securus is currently operating under a number of expired patent codes for a vast amount of their products. After some research was conducted by Securus and third party personnel these claims were judged to be baseless and untrue. This is great news for Securus customers as they can continue to receive the same level of amazing support they are accustomed to.


Securus Technologies supports its major customer base; incarcerated individuals currently serving time in the United States prison system, by providing to them high quality communication solutions. This includes a free downloadable application that can be used over WiFi signals to generate the ability to openly communicate with loved ones through a seamless video chat interface. This program gives inmate family members the chance to avoid long security checks at prisons and also the inconvenience of long distance travel times in order to get the most out of their visitation periods.


Securus Technologies will continue to offer high levels of support to their customers regardless of their current social positions. This means that the company can thrive and move forward with its efficient and stable business model and continue to correctly serve those that many people in the United States choose to forget about and outwardly ignore due to social stigma. Baseless claims cannot stop Securus, in fact it seems to strengthen them.


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Securus Helps Us Check On Pen Pals

Our women’s society has taken on pen pals that we are working with to help when they are in prison and when they get out of jail. That means that we want to be able to talk to these people in person, and we are using the Securus app with help from the prison system. We have been calling in to talk to inmates that our society will help, and we get to check in with them using the Securus app on a tablet.
We also know people who have been using Securus with their family, and that really helps when they are trying to check on someone that they know who is in prison. We are learning about family members that are about to get out of prison soon, and it helps some of us who cannot get to where these prisons are. It is very important to us that we can talk to the inmates on their schedule, and we can all do it together when we get on video calls with Securus.

Recently, Securus a video campaign on Youtube about their app. Watch it here:

We are truly thankful for Securus because we know that they are making our prison helpers program much better for all the inmates. The inmates are getting a lot from this program, and we can call in when it is convenient for everyone. We save a lot of time that we can use for other parts of the program, and we do not have to worry about missing any of the visitation. We always make it to all the visitations, and we can all gather around to talk to someone that we are helping. It is great for us because it makes our program successful, and we are truly blessed to know people who can check in with family using the Securus app on their mobile device.
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