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TMS Health Solutions: Providing The Clinically Depressed Healing And Hope

Millions of people are suffering through unending pain and living in a dark, drab hopeless world with no chance for a brighter future because they have clinical depression. Many have tried drugs and a variety of treatments, with no success because they are among the 40% of clinically depressed people whose illness is treatment resistant. But there is good news for people suffering with clinical depression. Sacramento, California based TMS Solution has developed a number of safe, effective treatments that provide relief for people with clinical depression.

Founded in 2007 by Dr. Richard Bermudes, TMS Health Solutions is made up of a staff of dedicated, experienced, caring medical professionals committed to delivering innovative, high-quality patient-centered care that has helped thousands of people recover from the isolation and psychological pain of clinical depression. After many years of intense research, the staff at TMS Health Solutions has designed a groundbreaking combination of comprehensive psychiatry services, medication management and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment that has provided relief for thousands of people battling clinical depression.

TMS therapy is a non-invasive, highly effective, FDA-approved treatment that has produced amazing results for people with clinical depression. Even treatment-resistant depression that has not responded to traditional medicine and common treatment modalities has shown positive results when treated with TMS therapy. TMS Health Solutions is Northern California’s leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment. The staff at TMS Health Solutions is passionate about helping clinically depressed people overcome the debilitating symptoms of the condition and go on to live rich, joyous, productive, fulfilling lives.

TMS Health Solutions’ symbol is the butterfly. It signifies the metamorphosis people enjoy while taking the TMS therapy, medicine management and psychiatric services the company offers. Plus, the treatment is covered by almost all major insurance carriers. The headquarters of TMS Health Solutions is in Union Square in San Francisco. They also have conveniently located offices in Sacramento, Roseville, Oakland and on the UCSF campus. You or your loved one with clinical depression deserves the highly-personalized patient care TMS Health Solutions offers as they revolutionize the psychiatric outpatient experience with their amazing THS therapy.

Clinically depressed people can begin to find relief, restoration, joy and mental clarity and recover from the condition with the help of the staff at TMS Health Solutions. They can provide the appropriate medical intervention during a very difficult time in your life and help you soar to new heights.