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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo: The illustrious Director and CEO of Editorial Televisa Company


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is the renowned general director of Editorial Televisa, one of the few leading companies in the Spanish-speaking media. Under his leadership and supervision, Editorial Televisa Company has been able to achieve much success. Today, it distributes content in the United States, Mexico and over 50 countries over the 20 pay –TV brands and cable operators, television networks and other services.

Sanchez Galindo works with a group of consultants led by journalist Rossana Fuentes Berain to give a turn to the Televisa Company. He has been a director of special projects and an overall leader of the consultants for more than eight years. His collective intelligence and collective information have won advertisers, audiences, and markets from magazines.

Personal Achievements before Televisa

Galindo’s exorbitant professional career is traceable back to his academic accomplishments. His good track record in academic and personal achievements is one major contributing factor. First, his involvement in software research at the Carnegie Mellon University posted impressive results. Additionally, he received executive education from the Stanford executive program. He further majored in applied mathematics from ITAM.

Journey to Leadership

In 2014, Galindo decided on marketing and telecommunications. His decision was one of the 30 promises in the expansion of the Televisa Company. Yoo is one of the projects that he used. Only at the age of 39 years, he was offered a job by the World Bank as the director of economic analysis and special projects. Probably, because of his outstanding project that resulted in astounding changes in the company. Before his appointment as a director, he was a financial secretary at Francisco Gil Diaz.

Porfirio’s Yoo project that elevated him to fame was all about a marketing strategy that packaged telephony channels, the internet, and television. It unified the price of the core plan of four cable companies that included: Megacable, Cablevision, Cables, and Monterrey. Also, its primary goal was to propose the new methods of commercialization.

Current Accomplishments

With fame all over the advertising, entertainment, broadcasting, television and other forms of telecommunications, Porfirio has a portfolio of about 10 billion revenue achievement. Under his management, Televisa has a capability of managing over 10,000 employees. Will all these enormous accomplishments, Sanchez can be looked up as an epitome of good leadership.