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The Return Of The Hippo Habitat

The name James Dondero has developed notoriety and is now cherished by Dallas and Fort Worth residents. He is an incredibly relevant figure. Apart from being the Co-Founder and current President of one of Dallasâ largest capitals expense companies – Highland Capital Management. James Dondero serves as influential philanthropist and prides himself on being a major supporter of societal functionality.James Dondero’s motivation and has resulted in the establishment of several public facilities like educational organizations and also most of Dallas key attractions. And, as is typical, his latest new regarding philanthropy pertains to the return of a hippo outpost at the Dallas Zoo. Many zoo and hippo lovers confused with happiness and keen to begin to see the hippos for the first time in 15 years.


James Dondero is Cofounder and President of Highland Capital Management and presently resides in Dallas, TX. Since inception in 1993, Highland Money really has been a pioneer in the advancement of the Collateralized Loan Obligation industry as well as in developing credit oriented options for institutional and retail traders worldwide.For the millions of yearly Dallas zoo-goers, this year the addition of one of the zooâs most invigorating exhibitions, The Hippo Habitat, is back.

That’s correct. And you never have to travel to Africa to witness the elegance of hippos. Dallas citizens can finally relish after a decade and also a half in waiting. Last year in 2016, Mr. Dondero posted on his Face-Book page that highland is supporting provide hippos straight back to the Dallas Zoo in 2017! A guarantee that came correct on the 28th of April 2017.


Mr. Dondero earned an education from the University of Virginia with highest honors affiliated with Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. He specialized in a degree from within the McIntire School of Commerce with dual majors in Accounting and Finance. Source of the article :

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Dick DeVos Makes Sure Philanthropy Is A Family Affair

The DeVos family has always been a major part of the U.S. philanthropic community, but I believe the rise of Dick DeVos as a major community leader has added to the support the family has provided for a range of charitable groups across the nation. I look to recent interviews with Dick DeVos as a sign that he is now looking to open up the work of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation to include the causes and programs the children of Dick DeVos have highlighted as their areas of interest; Dick impressed me with his decision to include his children in making decisions about which charitable programs should be backed by the family, including Dick discussing which programs should be supported and how much backing to provide.


Dick DeVos has always played a major role in the work completed under his name and under that of the Foundation he shares with his wife, Betsy. I was left amazed when I discovered exactly how much backing Dick and Betsy DeVos have provided for various groups over their philanthropic career, reports state the couple have provided over $139 million in support for different charitable groups who have caught their eye or share their core beliefs. Obviously, education plays a key part in the way the DeVos family backs various groups, but I have always retained a level of happiness in the fact Dick has rarely been mentioned when major donors have looked to use their influence to guide the groups they are backing. One way Dick DeVos has shown this can be achieved, in my opinion, is backing groups who share his key values in issues such as education reform in such a way that he understands exactly how his funding will be used.


I have found numerous examples of how Dick DeVos has backed different philanthropic groups across the U.S. in their quest to change the lives of millions of people across the nation in becoming more successful than ever before. In providing around $22 million to establish the DeVos School for Arts Management at The University of Maryland, which looks to ensure the business side of the arts and cultural activities is given a high level of education for those interested in this area that began with Dick being impressed with the work of Michael Kaiser in starting this effort. The effort to strengthen arts management once again focused on education for Dick DeVos and this education focus once again fell on Dick’s home state of Michigan, which he did in 2013 backing various institutions, such as Ferris State University and the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Living.


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Dick DeVos and his Career

Dick DeVos is a powerful and wealthy individual not only because of the name that he possesses, but also due to the fact that his hard work and his determination has enabled him to gain respect within the world of business and innovation. Dick DeVos is a member of the DeVos family, a prominent family name that currently resides in Michigan. The DeVos family is not only well known for the family business that has continued in success through the many decades, but is also known for their many generous contributions to organizations across the United States that have worthy initiatives.


Dick DeVos has set a name for himself through his determination to follow in the footsteps of his father, Richard DeVos. Dick DeVos has always loved business and has many fond family memories that he has that were spent in the family office of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos, even before any formal education, helped the family where he could and spent time with his father when he could. Dick DeVos distinctly remembers helping the employees of the company file papers, run errands, and even give product descriptions to the clients of the company. It was not until after a formal education and a degree in economics that Dick DeVos was truly able to join the company as an employee.


With a degree in economics, Dick DeVos was able to become a part of the Amway Corporation family. Despite his association as the owner’s son, Dick DeVos was able to shine in his own light and developed leadership skills that inspired whomever he worked with to do the best that they could do. With hard work, Dick DeVos was able to climb through the ranks and was even given the position as a vice president of the company who was in charge of international sales.


Dick DeVos has followed the footsteps of his father in more than one way. As a member of this prominent and generous family, Dick DeVos has donated much of his money on worthy initiatives across the United States. Dick DeVos has given most of his donations to education initiatives in order to make a higher level of education available to even to the poorest individual. Dick DeVos believes that an education should not be based upon the income of the family, but should instead be based upon the merit of the student that is looking to pursue a higher level of education.


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Dick DeVos Breaking into Liquor Business and His Journey to Success

Despite the logistics and the price of buying the Coppercraft Distillery, I cannot regret joining the liquor business. The Coppercraft Distillery machine is doing a great job earning itself a big reputation in Michigan. Importantly, the liquor business benefits Dick DeVos, his family, and the entire community. Dick DeVos distillery does distributions to over a hundred locations in Michigan. Apart from liquor business, Dick DeVos and his wife venture in other areas of entrepreneurship. The move shows that they have vast business experience. Moreover, he has empowered many people since his youth with his enterprising skills. He enjoys flying and sailing when on vacations and during free time.

Dick DeVos Life and Business Prospects

Dick DeVos will be celebrating his 61st birthday in October this year. He is the firstborn of Richard DeVos who was the founder of the Amway Company. Dick is married to Betsy for the thirty-five years. Betsy is a daughter of the Edgar Prince the founders of Prince Foundation. The couple has seven children as well as five grandchildren.

Dick DeVos attended forest hills public schools for his junior and high school. He went to Northwood University for his bachelor of business administration degree.

In addition, Dick DeVos finds interest in politics. He is an influential member of the Republican Party. In 2012 general elections, he contested for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan, but he lost to his Democrat rival.

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, DeVos is a guru. Currently, he is the president of Amway Corporation. This is a family owned business, as his father was the founder. Apart from this company, he has worked in the NBA Orlando Magic as well as Windquest Group. In all these enterprises, he works in executive positions. He is the seating president of the Winquest Group.

DeVos business prowess started when he was the president of Amway Corporation. During this time, he was responsible for the company operations in more than fifty countries located in almost all the continents. Before, coming out of his position, he managed to bring sales amounting to billions of dollars.

Moreover, Dick and his wife are in the liquor business. The venture is doing pretty well courtesy of their excellent business reputation in Michigan and the world as a whole. Besides, he participates in various community development initiatives. For instance, he launched the freedom education fund meant to empower less privileged children in the society academically.

Dick DeVos is a big name in the business world, and his wealth continues to grow courtesy of his diligence and commitment to his ventures.