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Kevin Seawright Strives To Change Lives In Newark

Kevin Seawright believes in a flexible mind that can adapt to new situations and embrace positive attitude. These two qualities have seen him rise to become one of the key financial leaders in the United States. Kevin is the chief finance officer and executive vice president of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC).

The executive leader has worked for many companies, both in the public and private sectors. He is particularly known for his achievements as a financial expert in Baltimore, Maryland. In his eleven years of service in Baltimore, Kevin’s accomplishments were recognized and awarded accordingly. Later, he joined the private sector where he found new challenges.

Over the years, Seawright has participated in different community activities. He believes in transforming lives by spurring the economic growth of various cities. His focus on improving lives augers well with his position at Newark CEDC. Kevin started focusing on community initiatives at a tender age. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

At just 12 years old, he was working with several youth programs in Philadelphia. The programs were aimed at changing the lives of communities in Philadelphia’s inner city. In addition, he has played a pivotal role in enhancing people’ lives in Baltimore, and Newark.

Presently, he works with both adults and children. He attributes his compassion for helping people to his loving parents who provided him with a good upbringing.

PR Newswire said that although many people have criticized online education, Kevin Seawright believes that it provides students with loads of crucial skills. He notes that the combination of formal and online education has helped him to excel in his career.

Seawright posits that online courses are flexible and cheap. It is for this reason that more students are enrolling for online classes. Recently, Kevin completed a three-part executive leadership course at the University of Notre Dame. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Kevin Seawright loves spending his time with his wife. He is particularly fond of his daughter. Kevin dedicates lots of time on her to ensure that she develops fulfilling relationships with her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

Kevin considers her daughter as one of his greatest accomplishments. Regularly, the executive leader communicates with his fans on Twitter and Facebook. He posts information relating to his business and community activities. In addition, Seawright shares pictures and videos with his fans.