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Kate Hudson Wants You To Sweat In Style

Fabletics is a collection of fitness attire for women offering a variety of different styles and fashionable options. The line of items, which launched October 1, 2013, contains everything from sports bras and matching shorts, to leggings and matching tops all at affordable prices. In an interview with Kate, Kristin Tice Studman asked her what inspired her to launch overview (The Krazy Coupon Lady). Kate has always been well known for her fit lifestyle, not to mention her envious six pack. While it came as no surprise that Kate had come up with the awesome idea of Fabletics, Kristin wanted to understand the true inspiration behind the fabulous fitness wear line. Kate replied that she had always wanted to be able to deliver a message, to several women about the importance of fitness and encourage and help support that lifestyle. Athletic wear can be extremely costly, and lets just face it, not the most fashionable. By introducing Fabletics, Kate has also introduced a more budget friendly, fashionable way to sweat it out.

Most customers are extremely excited about the VIP option that Fabletics website offers. Yoga pants are so commonly purchased, even for things unrelated to fitness. As a woman myself, I can attest to the daunting task of finding perfectly priced, high quality yoga pants. With the VIP option, customers are able to pay a monthly recurring fee of $49.95 and receive a complete ad campaign¬†update on Adweek each month. This option is almost half the price of purchasing a complete outfit without the VIP membership. For women who work out often, or even just love yoga pants, this will help save a tremendous amount of money and stress. The commute to the store, or several stores in hopes of finding the perfect pair of pants is no longer.Each style is personalized just for you, based on personal and work out preferences and will be automatically chosen between the 1st and 5th of each month. Who says you can’t sweat in style?


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The Future of Shoe Shopping

With a fine-groomed team of entrepreneurs, consultants, and advanced technology enthusiasts working together, Slyce is a step ahead of the traditional trade route everyone still takes. Based in Toronto, Ontario, their image recognition technology aims to morph commerce into something befitting of the twenty-first century. With the super duo of the Internet and mobile phones already available to most people, Slyce empowers the consumer by letting them search widely for the things they see in non-market environments.

It’s been reported that Slyce has recently paired up with Shoe Carnival, one of the United States’ leading footwear retailers, and launched their own intuitive 3D visual search. The technology allows visitors of Shoe Carnival’s website to snap a picture of footwear physically in front of them or even those in magazines and be almost instantaneously directed to the best match in Shoe Carnival’s line of products. No additional information about the customer, or otherwise, is needed to use the search engine. All it takes is a few taps of the screen from there to order.

Mark Elfenbein, CEO of Slyce, boasts that this project is the “very first, large-scale, fully automated visual search deployments in the marketplace.”

The Slyce Company presents its technology both as a search platform and as a suite mobile apps where the users can interact with retailers at their convenience by the common method of taking pictures of desired products using their mobile phones and subsequently commencing its recognition capability.