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Jeremy Goldstein Gets Ready for the Fountain House Fall Fete

Every year, Fountain House, an organization dedicated to the recovery of people with mental illness, hosts an event to introduce the new leaders to their comprehensive mental health model. While there have been numerous advancements in therapies and medicines, there’s still a stigma associated with mental illness.

The stigma causes more damage than the illness itself. People often think there’s something wrong with them if they can’t overcome with problems, and Fountain House is trying to ensure people that getting help doesn’t mean there’s something wrong. With people like George Petrides “coming out,” the stigma is quickly disappearing.

At last year’s event, Fountain House honored George Petrides for his work – both directly and indirectly – with people with mental illness. For much of his life, Petrides has successfully managed his condition, Bipolar II, and he wants others to understand that living a normal life is possible with help.

Another big contributor to Fountain house’s mission is Jeremy Goldstein, a New York business lawyer. Jeremy Goldstein hasn’t suffered from mental illness, but he’s so avid about Fountain House’s mission, that he’s dedicated much of his recent life to their mission.

Last year, he hosted two high-profile wine dinners to raise money for Fountain House. Much of the money from his dinners went to support Fountain House’s professional self-help program. The program focuses on teaching people how to deal with their condition and still participating in daily life outside of a professional institution.

A lot of mental illness support organizations fail to think about what happens after recovery. They help people in secure locations before releasing them back into the public. Fountain House believes in helping people from start to finish.


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