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New Beginnings With Alex Pall

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers got his start DJing at different spots around New York City. This started out as more of a hobby than a job to him. Although the fun he was having was undeniable, he decided it was time to take a “proper shot” in the industry after realizing how much this culture consumed his life. Alex’s manager then introduced him to Drew who was going to school and interning for Interscope at the time. “That’s where it all started” said Pall. And so it began.

Drew made the move down from Maine shortly after hearing about the opportunity and the two of them started working right away, already knowing what they brought to the table. It started with conversations about the kind of music they were into growing up, as well as how ambitious they were in general about making music. Obviously they wouldn’t be where they are today if ambition wasn’t present.

They met from 9am until 7pm almost every day, trying new things and ironing out the creases essentially. Both of them were aware of what was working and what wasn’t in the music industry by looking at and listening to upcoming artists. It was just a matter of forming their own identity.

After finding that common ground, The Chainsmokers started to release music, shaking things up in the dance genre.

This went on for awhile until they decided it was time to do things a little different. Rather than feeling confined the two of them stepped out of the box and started trying to make more of a personal connection with the audience. They decided to not only bring out some vocals and a story, but the stories were theirs and no one else’s. A new single titled “Closer” featuring Halsey is a perfect example of this.

The Chainsmokers are always looking for new ways to take a step forward with the music they create along with the live shows they put on. There’s a lot of factors that separate them from many artists currently and it will be exciting to see what they bring to the table in years to come.

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The Chainsmokers’ New Drug

On January 17, 2018, The Chainsmokers captivated both their already loyal fans and anyone who was passing by with their new single: Sick Boy, a dance-rock track that may signal a new darker era for The Chainsmokers’ music. Not like the title would suggest, Sick Boy doesn’t delve into the sickness of any physical disease but one that often plagues us through society with the plague being our identity crisis we often suffer through via social media exposure. The group explains that narcissism is something they often see when browsing through social media and has become a necessary evil when it comes to communicating in this world. You can tell this is a track that they are really proud of and excited to share with fans and people just listening for the first time.

The Chainsmokers were first formed by Alex Pall and Rhett Bixler but was then later reformed with Andrew Taggart replacing Bixler. The Chainsmokers got started back in 2012 but had a public breakthrough in 2014 with their song: #Selfie and have since been making popular songs, with “Closer” becoming their first #1 single and “Don’t Let Me Down” winning a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. The duo has also won two American Music Awards and five IHeartRadio Music Awards.

When it comes to their music, what Taggart describes is an eclectic mix of genres. While their songs are mostly classified as EDM, they often have a mixture of indie, pop, and hip-hop in their songs and their songs clearly demonstrate this mixture. Artists like DeadMau5 are musical inspirations for them and even as a kid, Taggart became a fan of EDM through artists such as Daft Punk and David Guetta. The Chainsmokers have become a staple when it comes to this generation of music much like Duran Duran for the 80s and Tupac for the 90s and with the release of their new single “Everybody Hates Me“, it’s clear that the Pall and Taggart aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

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Desiree Perez: Showing Strength and Heart in a Tough Business

On July 26, 2017, Runninglip published an article by Be about Desiree Perez and her success at Roc Nation. The piece opens with a statement declaring that the enormous music and entertainment industry is both a man’s world and one of the most competitive environments in business. People unwilling to drive forward doing whatever it takes usually fall by the wayside.  For the full article, click

In a man’s world of high-pressure negotiation and big money deals, one woman has stepped into the fray and come out a winner. Desiree Perez has earned praise and respect from the boys because she is tough, shrewd, and fearless but also compassionate when appropriate. Desiree has worked alongside Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, and many people in the know allude to the fact she is his most potent weapon. Desiree advises Jay-Z on business decisions and negotiations.  Related article on

Together the pair, along with other members of their inner circle have made Roc Nation one of the top forces driving the music and entertainment industry. Perez alone has put together a string of successes including a close relationship with several upper-level artists the most notable of which is Rhianna. Desiree is right there with the star as the two plan the best strategy to take Rihanna’s career to even loftier heights.  More to read on

Desiree is also involved with Roc Nation Sports, Jay-Z’s company run by Desiree’s husband, Juan Perez. The husband and wife team work closely negotiating contracts for the athletes they’ve signed. These sports stars include boxers, baseball players, football players, and many others. Negotiating sports contracts is not for the faint of heart, so obviously, that is why Jay-Z wants his most competent negotiator right up front.  Click on this for additional reading.

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