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EOS Makes All Other Lip Balm Companies Take a Backseat

Chapstick has been around for decades. People know the brand well. No one thought that any company would rise up and take a lead in the lip balm industry. That is what made the executives at Chapstick get comfortable. It is possible that they may have gotten too comfortable. The last time that a company – Microsoft, to be exact – became this comfortable Apple moved into the top spot in technology. EOS lip balm may not be on point to do Apple numbers, but the fan base that EOS has is certainly astounding. This is a company that is getting a lot of exposure through the Internet, and fans are even recommending this lip balm to their friends.

Evolution of Smooth is the company that is riding high in the lip balm industry, and the road to success, according to Fast Company magazine, seems to have come rather quickly. It wasn’t an overnight success, but there is a lot of praise for how soon this company has risen from the brink of obscurity to being the brand that is literally on the lips of millions of customers.

The barriers to entry in the lip balm industry are relatively low. The competition is moderate, but there was no clear cut leader in the lip balm industry. Some people may have said that Chapstick was the leader in lip balm, but this company left the door wide open. Anyone could have come in and stolen the show because Chapstick marketing agents were lacking. There was no innovation. This company was just doing what it had done many years before. It was as if the company was relying on brand recognition alone. This has worked for many years, but EOS has become the new brand on ULTA that has inched up in the lip balm industry.

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