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Jeremy Goldstein Insists Knockout Options Are The Way To Go For Employees

Stock options are becoming an incentive of the past with many employers around the country simply not offering them to employees anymore. There are various different reasons for this, ranging from company to company, but the most obvious of them is money. It is costly to offer to stock options in today’s market, not just because stocks can rise, but because it is a major cost when it comes to the accounting work. Not only this, but when stock options to fall, employees are unable to sell their stock options and this becomes another issue on top of the related costs. Many employees are even avoiding stock options these days since they are an not a trustworthy form of compensation in many employees eyes.


Jeremy Goldstein, compensation lawyer and business expert, has more than 20 years working in legal compensation. He has stepped in to help the situation, offering a possible knockout option in the place of the standard stock options. This would allow employers to save a ton of time when it comes to the accounting and finances while saving money for the long-term as well. This directly means increased company growth over the period of several years.


One of Jeremy Goldstein is active in his respective industry communities and has published various articles discussing law and business over the years. He published an article not too long ago that discusses knockout options and the benefits it will bring to employers when it comes to hiring new employees. Most employees today don’t value stock options too highly, other than the fact that they are easy to understand and use. Instead, increased pay or better insurance is the way most employees would rather go.


Jeremy has successfully closed hundreds of deals over the years with his clients in the corporate world, including corporate governance. Jeremy’s law firm, Jeremy Goldstein & Associates LLC, specializes in executive compensation. Thanks to his insight, employers may have a way of keeping their options on the table without the typical issues that come with stock options and create a more productive work environment for their employees. Learn more: