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Peter Briger’s Journey to Establish Himself in the Investment Sector

Peter Briger is a renowned finance executive with a vast experience of more than 20 years in the finance sector. The alumni of Princeton University where he earned his bachelor’s degree also has an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s school of business. He is currently the principal of Fortress Investment Group, a leading alternative asset management company. He has also served as the co-chairman to the firm’s board of directors since 2009. Peter is viewed as one of the top 400 influential entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine. Additionally, the Magazine ranks him as the 317th wealthiest person.

At Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger manages the credit fund and real estate investment divisions. His skills of transforming distressed investments into profitable ventures have immensely contributed to the growth of Fortress to become a top global firm managing more than $65 billion in investments. Peter is an exceptional leader who has demonstrated his capabilities in various leadership positions at Fortress Investment Group.

Employees of the organization testify that it provides a friendly and safe work environment. They say that the leadership at Fortress Investment Group has developed a working culture and values that allow everyone to grow and acquire essential business skills. Employees also add that the organization gives them a sustainable income.

In 2015, Princeton University established an advisory board consisting of alumni whose aim is to nature and empower entrepreneurship. Not only is Peter Briger a member of the board, but he also collaborated with two other alumni of the learning institution to create a funding program to support young entrepreneurs from the campus. This fund is used to assist the entrepreneurs to start their businesses.

Peter Briger worked for Goldman Sachs before joining Fortress Investment Group. He worked for the firm for over 15 years and earned enough knowledge and experience to make partner at the firm. Other than being a finance executive, Peter loves to support the community and is involved in various local and international charities that support causes like education and assisting the less fortunate. He is a board member of a charity organization called Tipping Point. How Wall Street got into the wild business of Bitcoin

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James Dondero Discusses Keys to Success

In a recent interview, the co founder and President of Highland Capital Management James Dondero talked about his approach to making deals in the finance industry. James has often stated that one of the things he does when looking to make deals is to carefully evaluate all debt and credit based securities. Since his firm specializes in this very product, Dondero always looks to acquire assets that are backed by credit and debt. This has proven to make his firm highly profitable over the years. Another way in which James looks to make finance deals is by looking to securities that have the potential to turn around This means that they are securities that may be low in value but are likely to rise up within a few months. Lastly, James keeps track of all of the latest developments and trends in the securities industry in order to take advantage of new opportunities.

James Donderoco founded Highland Capital Management in the year 1990 with Mark Okada. When the firm first started out, it was a one that specialized in life insurance products. This provided consumers with a very valuable insurance policy to use. During the next few years, Dondero realized that there is a growing demand for other types of financial services. Therefore, he looked to expand on the firms offerings which would eventually include financial advice, wealth management and also the offering of collateralized loan obligations. This helped the firm set itself a part form other financial services firms during the rest of the 1990’s decade.

When James first began his career, he worked as an employee for a number of finance firms. His first job was one as a credit analyst in which he would evaluate credit based securities. With this experience, James would develop the foundation for his eventual business idea. During the next few years of his career, he would steadily get higher positions in the industry that would give him more responsibility. His last job was one as a chief investment officer where he would routinely manage billions of dollars in assets for large corporations.

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Successful Retirement Plans By Richard Blair

Investment advisory refers to the team which links investment professionals to the management unit, vital clients of the firm and the relationship managers. Investment advisors advise their internal and external clients on investment ideas and solutions. To solve clientele issues, investment advisors identify their needs and preferences as well as the relationship managers with the aim of channeling them to a central unit for management. As a client focused on financial markets, a custom tailored investment unit allows you to be decisive about investment issues.

Wealth management is essential in this era. Through the discretionary mandates, investment advisors offer, clients can rest assured that their property is expertly handled. Investment advisors manage client’s wealth and control customer’s detailed goals, risk tolerance, and investment structure. Investment advisors couple their property management expertise with meaningful reporting, timely updates and consistency.

Investment advisory services offer execution securities and trading services aimed at providing innovative trading options. Through investment advisory custodian services, clients can benefit from a variety of professional services with clientele solutions. Here are some of the services from investment advisors:
• Centralized Safekeeping
• Administration of Securities
• Management of Uniforms
• Comprehensive Reporting
• Detailed Portfolios

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a registered Investment Advisory firm located in Austin Texas. Richard loved education because his mother, grandmother, and wife were teachers. According to Richard Blair, teaching was the root of knowledge, confidence and personal growth. Not only was teaching a great path for success but also, combined with an aptitude for finance, Richard Blair realized he could assist people with financial management and planning for wealth creation. He joined the financial industry in 1993 after graduating from college. In 1994, Richard founded his firm, Wealth Solutions aimed at offering objective advice to clients.

Wealth Solutions has grown with Richard Blair as the founder implementing successful leadership skills. Over the years, Blair has exercised his expertise and experiences in retirement planning to assist his clients in bridging the gap between planning for the present life and the future which involves retirement. Richard Blair helps his clients to avoid regular pitfalls while generating strategies for retirement income. Richard’s goals focus on assisting customers to pursue their goals of achieving a successful retirement plan. Wealth Solutions is an advisory firm categorized under business consultants. Wealth Solutions makes profits of approximately $2.5 to 5 million. The firm has over five employees.

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2016 Overview of Investment Banking by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global firm that deals in investment banking by offering financial advice services, financial opinions, valuation services and merger and acquisition expertise to both privately or publicly held companies. The firm has some specialized experts who help in partnering with the middle-market firms across niche markets and a number of industry verticals in order to achieve the best results. The firm analyzes the unique needs that every client possesses and then makes the best match between the buyers and sellers, create capitalization structures and arrange suitable financing to optimize the potential that a client has.


As far as investment banking is concerned, Madison Street Capital offers global services in Investment banking. These services target the small and medium market businesses in Canada and the United States, the established businesses that are successful in the United States seeking to grow and have a commercial presence. Others include international companies that are looking to expand into the US and also international companies seeking capital providers based in the United States. Madison Street Capital global investment banking takes several capacities when it comes to projects for capital raising. These include being a financial advisor and arrangement of mezzanine/senior equity and debt for the capital requirements.


The services for raising capital include existing enterprises seeking some growth capital, revenue track records of above $10 million and companies that are interested in raising capital for mergers and acquisitions. MSC has a network of world-class financial sponsors who can lend to middle market ventures based domestically and internationally. They take the form of hedge funds, companies dealing in specialty finance, global and US commercial banks and other lending sources.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that provides advisory services in finance, financial opinions, M&A and valuation services to companies that are privately owned or public. The firm is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and hence is committed to upholding the highest standards of the profession. MSC has industry sectors globally and it engages in private debt placements, M&A transactions, valuation, capital raising, solvency & fairness opinions, ESOP advisory and restructuring. The professionals at MSC have represented private and public companies, their shareholders, special committees and boards.


MSC seeks to identify some possible financing opportunities to the recipients like debt refinancing, term loans, revolving credit facilities, secure lending facilities, operational lending, syndicated loans and various commercial credit facilities. MSC is one of the world’s top premier investment banking firms in the middle market. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and has other offices based in Africa, Asia and North America. Its success is attributed to the careful analysis by its professional employees who the offer precise recommendations.

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Madison Street Capital, Leader of Investment Banking

An investment bank helps individuals, businesses and governments raise capital by issuing securities for their clients. Investment banks issue securities, but they also assist with mergers and acquisitions. They give out advice to both sellers and buyers on subjects, such as business valuation, pricing and structuring of transactions and negotiations.

There are two avenues in investment banking referred to as the buy side and the sell side. The sell side of investment banking focuses its efforts on trading securities for cash and also dabbles in the promotion of those securities. The buy side entails the act of offering advice to the purchasers of investment services. Some examples of buy side entities include mutual funds, hedge funds, unit trusts, life insurance companies and private equity funds.

Investment banking is commonly divided into three separate categories referred to as front office, middle office and back office. The front office is responsible for creating revenue and consists of investment banking, as well as sales and trading. Investment banking is responsible in assisting clients in raising capital by issuing securities for them. Sales and trading departments main task is to offer ideas to clients and accept their client’s orders.

The middle office consists of internal controls, treasury management and corporate strategy. The treasury monitors potential risks and is in charge of the bank’s funding. Internal controls tracks and also analyzes the flow of revenue. Internal corporate strategy focuses on profit strategy, but does not deal with actual revenue.

The back office department in investment banking deals with operations and technology. Operations play a critical role in that they are responsible for double checking each transaction, ensuring that they are correct. Each bank has a technology team working on creating and updating the company’s software and also are in charge of technical support.

One of the most reputable investment banking firms is Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking company headquarted in Chicago, Illinois, with offices located in North America, Africa and Asia that specializes in financial advisory services. They deal with acquisitions and mergers and offer financial advice to both private and public companies. Madison Street Capital believes strongly in building powerful firms in communities throughout the United States.

Madison Street Capital’s experienced and professional staff, through their hard work and dedication has recently earned CEO Anthony Marsala, The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. The outlook for 2016 looks extremely promising for Madison Street Capital. The volume of transactions in 2015 were 27 percent higher than those of the previous year. Sparked by the heavy influx of transactions in the fourth quarter of 2015, 2016 is predicted to be a record year for Madison Street Capital.

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Laidlaw & Company a differentiated investment bank

Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank and a full-service brokerage firm that has a reputation of offering personalized investment advice, high net worth individual investors, and efficient wealth management services to both individual and institutions in the United Kingdom and United States as well as skillful execution to private and public institutions.

Laidlaw investments in banking service include the United States trading markets, capital raising through placement of equity with high net worth retail investors and institutions. AIM-listed transaction in the United Kingdom markets, placement of mezzanine capital and debt with institutional investors, arrangement of national exchange listing, and acquisition financing. Investment banking services of the company also offers consultation on divestitures and acquisitions.

Laidlaw & Company is characterized by relationship and entrepreneurial driven culture, coupled by “think outside the box” approach and strong work ethic. It has enabled the company to distribute many financial solutions through independent and captive sale offices. This can be inferred from the company ability and record of assisting emerging companies to raise capital quickly through Laidlaw & Company strong retail sale force, which enables financial flexibility and growth to corporate clients.

A comprehensive solution and “hands-on” transaction management are fundamental to any capital team and investment banking. Laidlaw has predominant senior professionals that combine entrepreneurial experience and perspective of “independent” firms. This is geared toward providing comprehensive investment and business solutions to emerging companies, individuals, and institutions.

In addition according to the Wall Street Journal, Laidlaw & Company take pride in 170 years legacy of independent and security brokerage services that are designed to meet the needs of the domestic population, corporate entrepreneurs, international companies, and institutions and private customers all over the world. The company is also characterized by a growing network of offices in the United States and Europe. This has enabled the company to provide services to individual clients on a global level, pursue new business, and develop relationships.