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Sussex Healthcare Jobs

Sussex Healthcare, an independent company which provides care homes and services for older people, including those who are mentally fragile (suffering from dementia, Alzheimer etc), has several available jobs.

It’s good to know that this is an award winning company, which offers quality services and expects quality work from its employees. If you feel like you are qualified for the vacant jobs and willing to do your best in caring for others, especially elder people, then this might interest you. Your skills should match the requirements of assisted care and person-centred services.

There are 26 available jobs now at Sussex Healthcare and they range from care assistant/registered nurse to care home manager. Night jobs and day jobs are equally available. For more information on the application process, feel free to visit the vacancies page at

More background on the company

This year, Sussex Healthcare celebrated 25 years of professional existence, which means 25 years of successfully caring for others and assisting them through happy, sad, important and everyday moments. The first facility opened up in 1985 and nowadays there are more than 20 facilities under its management; these include daycare facilities, gym and residential houses.

The core belief and underlying philosophy at this private care home is to ensure every person’s full enjoyment of living and help them feel accomplished as individuals, through quality services and engagement in social, recreational and leisure activities. Professionals here do not limit themselves to physical health exercise and condition checking and they are aiming to reach the fullest potential of the person they are caring for. One is not simply a resident at Sussex Healthcare, but a part of a bigger family who makes sure that everything they need is taken care of.

The company distinguishes itself through the fact that compassion, understanding and affection are the key principles of its work. Residents stay active and receive specialized care as much as incentives to live independent lives they feel in control of. Ultimately, this is not business or just a job: it is a way of being a part of a community.

Feel free to apply to available jobs if this was in tune with who you are at your core!

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Eric Lefkofsky Fights Breast Cancer through Merging Tempus and the University of Chicago


With cancer claiming many lives across the world, scientists, researchers, and donors have settled on generating facilities, initiatives, and therapies to battle the life-threatening disease. One such individual, prominent for his determination in battling cancer is Eric Lefkofsky. He founded Tempus, a facility featuring revolutionary tools and resources to advance cancer treatment.On 16th March 2017, Eric announced his interest in supplying doctors at the Chicago University with recent data to assist in battling breast cancer. Tempus would play a key role by providing molecular sequencing linked to analyzing breast cancer. The management was to focus on personalizing patient’s treatment through careful data analysis. Physicians at Tempus concentrated on predicting patient’s response to treatment.


According to Dr.OlufunmilayoOlopade of the Chicago University, the objective of this organization was to help better breast cancer treatment. It would also offer improved patient outcomes. He said that although breast cancer is among the fastest killing diseases in the world, a partnership with Tempus would aggravate the finding of a core solution to treatment. Dr. Olufunmilayo further interjected that most physicians offer treatment to cancer patients without the right tools on data. A partnership with Tempus would eradicate misdiagnosis. The University was thrilled to partner with Tempus on the initiative.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Since its inception, Eric Lefkofsky has been the co-founder of Tempus. He is also the chief executive officer. He is a partner at Lightbank, a company involved in funding disruptive technologies. Under his leadership, Tempus provides advanced treatment and therapies for cancer treatment. Eric’s leadership extends to Groupon as a co-founder as well as chairman. Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan. His major earned him a Juris Doctor from the Michigan Law School. With his wife, they own a family foundation dedicated to charity. Through the organization, Eric serves the community by enhancing lives.You can also follow him on twitter: Click here .

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InnovaCare Health Institutes New Strategies To Boost Performance And Productivity

Through insurance companies, the U.S. citizens who subscribe to Medicare Advantage program can receive care whenever they need. Medicare and Medicaid programs have allowed people to have awesome choices for their healthcare and this system on has opened a market for companies that are now offering managed healthcare services. With more companies offering physician practice services, the industry has become competitive and only those with creative solutions are getting the right feedback from customers.

InnovaCare Health is among managed healthcare providers that have come up with solutions that will make it possible to handle massive services delivery across the U.S. The company has been working within Puerto Rico but following recent changes, the management is optimistic they will penetrate to other regions within the U.S. InnovaCare Health has for a long time remained the only reliable managed healthcare provider within North America.

To make the service delivery processes fast and effective, InnovaCare Health installed a new system that is linked through all departments of the company. Tracking information is now easy and customers can receive services within a short period of time. This efficiency has also led to cost-effectiveness, a benefit that is passed over to the customers. As many as 250, 000 users of Medicare Advantage services are now linked to InnovaCare Health and it is projected the number will double before 2019.

Hiring new executives
To speed up the implementation of the plans laid by InnovaCare Health, the company has hired more professionals to executive positions. Jonathan Meyers is an actuary who was hired to lead the actuarial department of InnovaCare Health. One of the motivating factors that allowed the company to pick him is his experience working under the Medicare and Medicaid programs, services InnovaCare Health offers.

Mike Sortino is an experienced accountant who also joined InnovaCare Health to become the Chief Accountant. His experience in the industry is vast and he is going to manage both the accounting and finance departments.

Experienced Leaders
Another factor that has contributed to the great performance InnovaCare Health has seen is the presence of experienced leaders like Dr. Rick Shinto, the CEO. He has been in the clinical health industry for more than 20 years and has offered progressive solutions to the company.

His leadership has seen the company grow to become a leader in North America and he is looking to advance his agenda to make InnovCare the best within the U.S. Richard gets support from the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, to come up with good policies.