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Greg Secker’s Successful Venture into Forex Trading

Greg Secker Foundation is a venture that works towards improving people’s lives globally. It is focused on teaching people the appropriate life skills and education. They have been in operations since 20010. It is one of Greg Secker’s most recent philanthropy works. “Build a House, Build a Home, Restore a Community Project” was invented after the typhoon that affected the Philippines. It was aimed at making the community ready to survive such a calamity the next time it hits them. They are targeting 100 homes before the fall season.

Learn to Trade’s Success and Awards

Greg joined financial industry through Thomas Cook Financial Services. It led to his venture into a new trading company known as “Virtual Trading Desk.” He later became the vice-president of a major fortune bank known as Mellon Financial Corporation. Greg experienced growth and then started his own trading company, which was known as Learn to Trade. It has grown and conquered markets in Philippines, London, Australia, and South Africa. World Finance awarded the Company Best Educator Award in 2012 and 2013. Learn to Trade received the Best Trading Education Product and Forex Trader Education UK in 2015 from the Wealth and Finance Magazine.

For effective forex trading, Greg has taught people on how to assess and manage risks and how to identify important forex indicators. Learning the ins and outs of forex trading requires time to learn; however, you do not need years to become an expert. Forex indicators allow investors to determine when to invest, what to invest in and when to let go of this investment before it drops its value. Simple Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Economic Calendars, Exponential Moving Average, and the Stochastic Oscillator are the leading forex indicators.

About Greg Secker

Greg was born in February 1975. He is a renowned international speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Secker owns Capital Index and Learn to Trade software, which is involved in Forex Trading. Greg was already a multi-millionaire at the age of 20. He is well known for his management in some Europe’s most successful trading company. Greg is dedicated to helping people to succeed in financial trading.