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The successful Author, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist – Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a big name in the world of successful entrepreneurs, publishers and philanthropist. He started computer programming when in fourth grade and when he was finishing high school he had already set up a soon-to-be publicly traded stock and company. Eric is a graduate of Harvard University where he did English and American Literature. Eric got his first job in The Harvard Crimson as an editor and had a column for his writings. He has founded and co-founded companies which have received financial support running into the hundreds of millions of dollars from the well-known capital ventures groups some of the ventures he’s grown and molded over the years are like Media platform, Desktone, and SOA software.


  • In 1991 Eric went back to Los Angeles and found People Doing Things, which its main aim was to establish health issues and educations through technology.
  • In 1994 Interactive agency digital evolution was formed and later merged with US Interactive LLC.Eric Pulier efforts to come up with Starbright world which was for children with chronic diseases where they could network with each other was a great success.
  • In 1997 Eric was elected as the president of the inaugural committee, his role was creating and executing in the bridge of 21st-century exhibition.
  • Eric was the vice-president at Al Gores a health and technology discussion.
  • Eric is a great supporter of Clinton Global Initiative and has participated in the program.

Philanthropic Endeavors of the Investor, Eric Pulier

Pulier is a generous giver filled with endless charity in his heart. He firmly believes in giving back the society this has become clear and evident on several occasions.

  • Pulier involvement with children with chronic illness. Starbright world started, and he dedicated his skills and money to building a program that would help the kids.
  • The painted turtle a summer camp where these kids suffering from chronic diseases can have fun.
  • Pulier worked with Bill Clinton and his V.P Al Gore, to get a low-cost remedy for cloud computing by the needy communities


  • Pulier had published his work from when he was in Harvard where he had a column and wrote about terrorism and health issues.
  • Author of “Understanding Enterprise SOA” in his book he explains everything in plain language and very concise
  • Pulier has published for Forbes Magazine “The Enterprise Industrial Complex” in March 2012.
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Richard Blair: A Case Study in Investment Advisory

Creating a successful business in the investment advisory industry is difficult, to say the least. Not only are you competing against a plethora of other financial advisors, but you’re also battling the distrust that some people have of the industry itself. While fraudulent behavior makes up a small portion of the investment advisory industry, many people still have a hard time trusting advisors enough to let them handle their finances, so creating a customer relationship can be difficult.

However, studying the successes of others is often a good place to learn what to do right. When it comes to financial advising, Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc. is an excellent case study to look at.

Who is Richard Blair?

Richard Blair is a financial advisor based in the Austin, Texas area. He’s built a strong business in financial advising and has clients that have been with him for years. In the early 1990s he founded Wealth Solutions, Inc., an independent financial advising company, and has grown to become an industry leader.

Reasons For Success

Richard Blair’s company has a few key ingredients that make for an excellent approach to wealth management and investment advisory. First, he’s focused on education instead of sales. Second, his business is independent. And third, he’s focused on utilizing a personalized approach for each client.

Education Over Sales

Sales is, obviously, the goal of every business. Without sales your business will fail, and making money is a valid goal. The problem, however, exists when sales is the only and primary goal of your company. If all you care about is making money, it’s likely that your customer service values will slip, meaning you won’t be able to rely on long-term clients.

According to Bright Scope, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, however, focuses on education. His main goal is to educate his clients about the financial industry, how to invest, what to look for when purchasing products and services, and how to plan for their future. Because he’s committed to educating his clients, they’re more equipped to make the right choices when it comes to purchasing products and services, so they’re happier with the long-term result. That’s what keeps people coming back to Wealth Solutions.


This point doesn’t require a lot of explanation. If your company is influenced by certain brands and products, you’ll feel obligated to sell those products, even if they aren’t in the best interest of your clients. That’s not a good business model, so make sure your company is independent.


Having standard packages is fine, but never treat your customers with a one size fits all approach. Wealth Solutions is so profitable because Blair understands the importance of personalizing his approach.

Using these lessons you can apply this case study to your own business and see great success.