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Whitney Wolfe Herd Changing the Rules of Dating through Bumble Dating App

Dating can be complicated, mainly when you have found your date online. The people these days are wary of using dating app, but at the same time, can’t help using them. It is because their lives are too busy, and have little option but to use dating apps to meet strangers. It is with one of those strangers they hope to fall in love and settle down eventually, but it is a far-fetched dream as the journey of using dating apps can be the far end of extremes, and sometimes it’s all about luck if you know what it means. However, for women, the bitter experiences with using dating apps is part and parcel, and no matter whom you ask, they would say that they have often woke up at the wee hours of the night to see their inbox in dating app full with unwanted messages and pictures.

Whitney Wolfe Herd founded Bumble dating app to help women get rid of such experiences and provide them a clean background with using dating app. Bumble has strict rules in place for abuse and bullying, and some moderators ensure that no members go against the rules or strict action is taken against the members who go off-track while using the app. In Bumble dating app, men cannot message female members unless female members contact the male members. It ensures that the women are no swamped with a long list of messages from men, which eventually female members have to delete, sometimes even without considering. Nothing of value comes out of such system where the female members are not given the space to think about whom they are interested in or would be excited about talking or meeting.

Whitney Wolfe Herd has introduced some unique features in Bumble, which has helped women to be in control of the dating game. Bumble has more than 12 million members currently, and more members by thousands are joining the app. The Bumble dating app has been giving its arch rivals heavy competition, and even dating giant recently offered acquisition offer of $450 million, which Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble, rejected. Whitney has studied International Business at Southern Methodist University and is based in Austin, Texas. Badoo, one of the most extensive dating based social networks, owned by Andrey Andreev, is the majority stakeholder at Bumble. Whitney Wolfe Herd was glad to announce recently that the company made sales of $100 million in 2017, and that the figure would multiply manifolds in the years to come.

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Reasons Why I Love the Fabletics Reverse Showroom Model

One of the brands I’ve been most impressed with this past year is Fabletics. The brainchild of actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is an “athleisure” wear company that is bringing the trendiest of athletic wear to over a million monthly subscribers. I will admit that I can’t stand going into a physical store these days. The prices are typically higher and the overall experience has me waiting in lines or sifting through clothing to find my size (not to mention trying on clothes under hideous fluorescent lighting is always a horrifying experience).


That is what I love most about the reverse showroom model used by Fabletics. Instead of physical locations, Fabletics has an entire showroom available on its website. The best part is that when you visit Fabletics website for the first time you are invited to take a simple Lifestyle Quiz. The quiz contains just a few questions on what type of workouts you like to do. It also gathers sizing information. After completing the quiz, you only see the styles of clothing that cater to your specific taste and are available in your size. The idea is genius.


The reverse showroom model is also excellent is due to the fact that an online showroom gathers data from every visitor. This helps the marketing team know what items are popular and ensure everything is stocked properly to always meet member needs. Because Fabletics is a membership model, people receive a full outfit each month, rather than spending hours filtering through a mass of items.


I should have expected nothing less from Kate Hudson. She is known for her acting, yet has really showcased her business acumen. She founded Fabletics to fill a niche in the world of athletic wear. Women had access to either low-budget clothing that didn’t last, or extremely high-priced athletic wear that offered little originality. Fabletics was designed to fill that gap. Fabletics offers quality athletic wear in a huge variety of styles that can all be bought at an affordable monthly rate.


Kate isn’t just the pretty face of Fabletics. The company is truly her baby and she is deeply involved in its success. Kate partnered with TechStyle Group to found Fabletics with the vision of it being something new and fresh. From day one Kate has been involved with directing social media, advertising and selecting the styles that fit the Fabletics brand.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Relationship at its Best with Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe tells keenly on situations about relationships. She as well do not have the desire of being on a relationship and existing lustfully although she pays much focus on assisting people to discover the better acquaintances. Her desire has always been seeing birth of something which is meant to help people to attain into pleasing relationship. She has been able to achieve these through founding a dating site that is known as Bumble. Although there are a lot of dating apps but this one is intensely different from the rest.

She as well is so fanatical about women empowerment. Hence she has been able to invest a lot of a precious time to make something that is extra-natural that can assist women to be in the right relationships. Through using her Bumble application she has been able to inactivate men account in order to stop them from spamming women. Henceforth women are set to have the chance to initiate and have the comfort to approach men. Also, they have the chance to suggest the kind of man that they want. These have led to many women to be blessed with the kind of relationship that they pleased hence they are grateful for her good work. This has enabled the number of clients to subscribe to her application hence makes more returns.

Bumble has been able to display to be the best dating application that is wanted by both women and men. Also it has verified its success in creating better relationships for both women and men. Although they have been challenges particular to older dating site applications whereby many men complained on the endlessly on how the dating apps makes it unbearable for them to find their match likewise women have the same challenges. Both genders have been able to profit by Whitney Wolfe’s application. The uniqueness mannerism crazed by her is the point that she endorses and backs women empowerment and also gives men similar credit.

In order for a person who wants to get Bumble account they should ensure they fast give correct information. Then it is vital for someone to put his or her own picture. Also having an avatar is important these will enable the other person to know and have the knowledge on how the other being are talking to appear like. Also the site is well secured hence people prefer to use it.

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Fabletics Brings Greater Success To The Online Retail Industry

Fabletics has been one of the most successful Online retail brands of the last four years after spending much of the last few years looking to develop a better way of bringing high-quality fashion clothing to the activewear sector. Amazon currently holds an impressive 20 percent of the fashion retail market but the growing market share of Fabletics has become a major rivalry in 2017 as the average growth of Kate Hudson backed brand has hit 35 percent.


One of the most impressive aspects of the Fabletics brand has been its innovations across much of the retail sector which has grown to include many different options kin reverse showrooming. Showrooming has become a major issue for many of the world’s leading retailers with a physical location where consumers tend to purchase Online after attending stores and trying on different clothing items.


Fabletics has taken over the showrooming issue by expanding from an Online only subscription service into one with a range of physical locations where members and non-members are free to browse and try on different clothing items. The Online retail model created by Fabletics includes a lifestyle quiz designed to allow individuals the chance to explore the clothing choices picked out for them from the data they input and examined using sophisticated algorithms.


The star of “Almost Famous”, Kate Hudson has become much more than simply a brand ambassador for the Fabletics company after becoming a founding partner for the TechStyle Group brand. Among the key roles Kate Hudson has taken on over the last few years is to build new partnerships with potential brand ambassadors such as Dei Lovato, the singer, and actress who has followed Hudson to Fabletics as a designer of activewear.


Fabletics founding partner Kate Hudson has been looking to develop a series of areas for the success of the brand in the future in which she has made sure the company retains its high-quality level of customer service and quality control. The Online retail industry has grown over the years with a glimpse into the aesthetics of the brand which has become an aspirational company for those looking to live a healthy and active lifestyle; despite the fact the brand offers a high-quality and an easy to associate with brand ambassador the prices have been kept low to allow as many consumers as possible to explore the offerings of the brand.

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A Glimpse at Fabletics’ Success

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics


When you want to purchase clothing lines that truly suit your tastes, style and size, it is very important that you do everything you can to buy the right brands. With this in mind, Kate Hudson has created a line of clothing that will be excellent in providing you the opportunity to buy what you need. In this regard, you need to be sure that you have the chance to understand a little bit more about this clothing line and how it will be useful to you. Consider these points and use them so that you get all that you need out of your purchases.


What exactly is Fabletics?


The more that you know about this brand, the better you will be able to get what you need out of your clothing purchases. This is an athletic leisure brand of clothing that Kate Hudson started. The clothing brand ranges in size from extra small to triple X. This company is different because they specialize in very targeted market research that is tailored to getting the products directly to consumers. They use a reverse showroom process, which involves prompting consumers to handle their research online, and then complete the process by making the purchase in-store.


There are a number of companies that have adopted this process, but Kate Hudson has taken this approach to new heights, to the point that it has been able to take Amazon on. This is a company that has grown to profits of greater than $250 million in three years. This is incredibly important, because Amazon is the biggest company in the world, which has control over greater than 20% of online fashion purchases. By carving out a huge market share via a direct to consumer approach, Fabletics has carved out a niche for themselves in that regard. This allows them to purchase a number of different outfits by having access to a subscription service. The company currently has 16 brick-and-mortar shops in four different states. By allowing shoppers the opportunity to browse online and finish the purchase in-store, they will be in a better position to grow their brick-and-mortar revenue and keep these types of stores alive. This has been a very unique way to operate similar to a company like Amazon, while taking the way some of the market share and combining the customer service that comes with shopping in-store. This company is planning to open up more brick-and-mortar stores very soon as well.


By taking advantage of these points, you will see to it that you are doing everything possible to buy clothing that is great for your needs. Fabletics is an excellent example of this and will allow you to also learn more about the business practices that are changing the entire clothing industry as a whole. The pieces of this information in this article will tell you all that you need to know about Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, why it is worth your time and energy and what you can expect from it.

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Chris Burch and Future Tech Fashion Developments

During the 70’s the boom box was the in-thing and it allowed users to carry around their favorite stations and tunes. Going into the 80’s, it was added to many story lines and movies making it more popular. In the 90’s, the Walkman was invented and it gave people a personal musical experience. Currently, the personal music experience has changed thanks to the iPod. The above case scenario shows that technology grows popular with what you consider fashionable. At the moment there is a synthesis of fashion and technology. Fashion designers are relying on technology in developing trends that deliver. This has seen a higher standard in both functionality and innovation.


Insight from a Fashion Designer who Uses Technology


Anouk Wipprecht, is a Dutch designer who specializes in making fashion trends with the help of technology. She likens technology to a playing ground and an experimental place whereby a fashion designer can explore deeper inside and come up with unending possibilities. Anouk has made a name for herself through her avant-garde designs. She designed the DareDroid, a drink-making dress and another that self-paints (Pseudomorphs).


Gazing into the Future


Technology has been used to create fashions that protect people’s lives. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt designed an airbag meant for cyclists. Cyclists wear it around the neck to protect their heads in case of an impact. There are also special gloves to be worn by firefighters designed by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. They enable the firefighters communicate easily through hand gestures to ensure their safety. Soledad Martin is looking to make prototype shoes that will enable people to charge their cell phones as they walk or run. It is clear that technology and fashion can grow together leading into the future of each industry. The two industries can learn from one another and make the world more creative, beautiful and secure area.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch ( is a successive entrepreneur who has a varied business backdrop in a number of industries. They include technology, real estate and fashion. He started off his career at Ithica College when he was an undergrad. Forbes mentions that Chris and his brother started off by starting the Eagles Eye apparel. It had grown to about $165 million in value by the time they sold it.


Burch leaned on his knack of finding the nexus involving innovations and implementations, which enabled him to realize remarkable success. He is currently the Burch Creative Capital principal. His venture boasts of having an exhilarating brand portfolio that includes Coccon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin and Nihiwatu.

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