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Unleash Your Inner Unicorn with LimeCrime’s 100% Vegan Makeup

Do you love animals just as much as you love your makeup? Are you always on the lookout for products to help you achieve that smoldering smokey eye or blinding highlight, but you don’t want any cute fuzzy critters to get hurt in the process? Well makeup rebel and cult favorite beauty brand LimeCrime has your back! This brand is the ultimate one stop shop for all of your vegan makeup needs. While other company’s products still include animal byproducts, LimeCrime is proud to offer a wide variety of high quality 100% vegan makeup so you can go full glam without the stress.

Founder, CEO, and Unicorn Queen Doe Deere has always been dedicated to providing beauty fans with that perfect pop of unique color all while staying true to her cruelty free values. Glamour shouldn’t have to come at an ethical price, and at LimeCrime it never will. Certified by PETA, these products do not include common animal ingredients or byproducts like beeswax, lanolin, whey, and carmine. They are also approved by The Leaping Bunny Program, meaning they are not tested on animals. Just look for the Leaping Bunny logo on the awesome eye-catching packaging.

LimeCrime’s collection of highly pigmented vegan makeup is guaranteed to help you elevate any beauty look from simply basic to breathtaking. The new Venus XL Palette is packed full of colors ranging from metallic rusty roses to glowing dark golds so you can look just as stunning as Venus herself. Obsessed with a bold lip? Try any of the gorgeous matte Velvetine liquid lipsticks to attain that perfect pucker. You can also get the hair of your dreams with Unicorn Hair, a line of semi-permanent vegan hair color. Whether you want a wild mane of Neon Peach or a slicked back mop of Dirty Mermaid, you can achieve any style you want while still staying 100% vegan and cruelty free.