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Success Academy

Success Academy is one of the United States’ most successful charter school networks. It is also known for the test scores its students get, considering many of the elementary and middle school students tested were in the 90th percentile in core subjects.


Recently, the spotlight was also shone on Success Academy when it was shown that its students were also doing well in national competitions in chess and in track and field. So well, in fact, they were in the top teams in the competitions.


News hit first when nine Success Academy students from Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts went to Philadelphia to compete in the prestigious Penn Relay Races. An historic event that has been taking place annually for almost 130 years.


This was a first-time event for students from Success Academy High School, yet their performance certainly did not disappoint. Not when one team came in second place in the 4×100 race, and others performed far beyond their personal bests.


The same students also took a private tour of La Salle University while they were in Philadelphia with their teacher Ozzie Henderson. Henderson graduated from the school and wanted to show his students what university life was like to motivate them to get there themselves.


Other Success Academy students traveled to Nashville a few weeks before that, where they participated in the chess SuperNationals competition.


The competition sees chess players from all over the country arrive to compete yet, when the competition was over, one Success Academy team had tied for first place in their event while others were in the top five in theirs.


This kind of success shows how well the way Success Academy teaches is working. Allow your students to have fun while learning, push them to do the best they can, allow them to do hands-on work on group projects and teach them critical thinking and problem solving.


With the strict discipline Success Academy also insists on from all its students, it is no wonder so many of them are doing so well.


Particularly as they are competing with students from more affluent backgrounds and not from so-called disadvantaged areas of the country like those of most Success Academy students.