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Dr. Mark Mckenna Is Mixing Medicine With Business To Meet Customer Demand

There are numerous people in the country and around the world working to do good and improve the lives of others. These people come from all walks of life and every corner of the world. One such man is Dr. Mark Mckenna, steadily becoming more popular within the medical field for his impressive work and tendency to go above and beyond. Dr. Mark Mckenna has helped transform thousands of lives for the better over the course of his career, using both his knowledge in medicine and business to make a profound impact. Mark is a licensed professional receiving recognition from various boards of medical examiners. Though Mark is a gifted intellectual, he has spent many years studying and practicing his craft.

Dr. Mark Mckenna has always been highly dedicated to the community and giving back to others with the success he has gained. This is well seen in his efforts after the disaster of hurricane Katrina wiped out much of New Orleans. He spent a great deal of time helping rebuild and take care of the community, even despite the massive losses he sustained due to the storm. His first business, McKenna Venture Investments was wiped out by the storm, though it was highly successful before this happened. This is how Dr. Mark Mckenna managed to help the community and create affordable housing. This also allowed Mark to recoup after losings millions overnight, by renovating properties that he could then sell. Private investors were buying into properties for a long while after hurricane Katrina. After a while, Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to move on to Georgia.

Dr. Mark Mckenna is currently on a mission to bring health to patients far and wide using new and innovative methods. This is what inspired him to create OVME, which will provide customers with non-surgical treatments through delivery. This wellness company is already doing great in his hometown and he plans to expand its horizons in the near future.

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The Iconic Robert Ivy and his Great Contributions

Robert Ivy started serving at Architectural Record as the Chief Editor in 1996. At the company, he played a major role in ensuring that it grew to become a world-class architectural journal. Later on, Mr. Ivy joined McGraw-Hill Construction Company where he served as the Editorial Director as well as the Vice president. Ronald was still young when he luckily got the chance to work as one of the panel members of who selected Frank Gehry. Ivy also worked as a principal at Dean and Ivy from 1981 through 1996.Ivy’s outstanding leadership made Architectural Record receive several honors such as the American Society. Also, Ronald was awarded for his incredible achievements and excellence. Other major awards he won include the Folio Design Award, Digital Award, and Jesse H. Neal Awards.

The Crain Award that Mr. Ivy got in 2009 is one of the most prestigious awards for individuals in the US. His excellent management skills have earned him all these titles. Ronald Ivy also serves at Design Future Council as one of the senior-most individuals. In 2010, he was voted as a master architect at the National architecture fraternity due to his highly effective communication strategies. Some of the distinguished architects that Mr. Ivy has shared designation with include John Wellborn Root, Cass Gilbert, and Richard Fuller among others. Ronald Ivy is among the seven people who ever received the Crain Award. Interestingly, he is the only architect who received it in the 21st century. Ronald Ivy is internationally recognized for his role at American Institute of Architects as its CEO. Ronald is a registered architect who leads an institute made up of 87, 890 American architects. Ivy previously worked as a corporate executive as well as a magazine editor. Ronald works on a new project of repositioning AIA to increase the value of the company as well as its architects.

Mr. Ivy pursued architecture at Tulane University between 1973 through 1976. Ronald also studied English at the University of the South. After completing his studies, Ivy started serving at McGraw-Hill Companies as the chief editor for about 14 years. Ivy also worked at McGraw-Hill Companies as the vice president. Even though he holds such executive positions, Ivy has managed to contribute to several magazine articles and publications. Ronald Ivy says that it is essential for architects to work closely with software programmers. Ivy’s primary focus is on designing, building and constructing sustainable industries. Ronald urges architects to think beyond their area of specialty to come up with innovative ideas. Mr. Ivy believes that architects can play a significant role in improving health and providing sustainable solutions of combating natural disasters. For instance, Ivy says that architects can design efficient drainage systems thus draining swamps and avoid water-related diseases.