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Rocketship Education – Teaching Done Right!

When considering a charter school, no decision should be made without investigating Rocketship Education. This non-profit organization uses a unique model of rotating learning stations which help all students reach their highest achievement levels. Based out of Redwood City, California, Rocketship is operating 16 schools throughout California, Milwaukee, Tennessee and Washington, DC. Locating 85% of their schools in low-income area, Rocketship strives to bridge the achievement gaps that normally follows income-levels.

Following a STEM curriculum, Rocketship teachers take education one step further. Not only do they concentrate on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but they strive to awaken a child’s natural curiosity through art classes.

Their rotational system of teaching combines teacher instruction, On-line instructional modules, and individual readings to provide each child the opportunity to learn in their own manner. Small groups of children rotate between the different stations, affording individualized attention from the teacher. Students get the opportunity to work together and alone, providing them with various solution solving skills. Rocketship believes in tailoring education to each child’s academic, social and personal needs.

Providing education for grades K through 5, the Rocketship commitment doesn’t end there. Care is given to successful transitions into middle school. And Rocketship students are thriving. When you have caring teachers such as ours, caring and nurturing does not end at graduation day.

Just as they approach teaching children differently, Rocketship Education also approaches their teachers differently. Supplying coaching / mentoring programs, traditional education opportunities, and on-the-job learning our instructors receive 4 – 5 of educational instruction per week. Also offered are leadership programs such as the Rising Leaders and Principal Preparation program. When a teacher works for Rocketship, they are surrounded by a network of supportive, nurturing professionals ready to help them advance in their chosen careers.

Each Rocket Education school excels because of the support from parents and the community. Without engaged parents supporting the school, none of this would be possible. Community leaders supporting the school through participation in community projects and outreach projects.