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Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a company founded in the year 2005 that provides wireless and energy services to its large customer base. The company has greatly advanced over the years and now functions in seven states including New Jersey and New York.

Stream Energy in Dallas Patch

Stream Care was featured in the Dallas Patch for its philanthropic efforts. The Stream Care Center is a foundation that Stream Energy formed to provide assistance and reliefs to people that were faced with natural disasters such as floods. The Stream Care Center uses resources from Stream Energy to provide financial aid. For example, Stream care was one of the charity organizations that helped individuals that were affected by a hurricane in Houston. The Hurricane, known as Hurricane Harvey, made a lot of people homeless and poor. Stream Care Center chipped in to provide these people with financial aid.

Philanthropic efforts

Stream care has been involved in several charitable initiatives that aim at improving the living standards of people. Stream Care not only provides financial assistance towards these initiatives, but it also provides basic needs such as food and clothing. Some of the charitable efforts that Stream Care has been involved with include:

  • They work with the Home Supply Company which is a company in the Dallas area that tries to eradicate poverty in the state by helping the homeless people. This partnership offers basic needs to the homeless people as well as secondary needs such as school supplies and adequate education. The partnership hopes that it can better the lives of people living on the street.
  • They work with Red Cross which is a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance and first aid to people all around the globe. Stream Energy has also become a part of this by assisting people affected by natural disasters.
  • Stream care also worked with Operation Once in a Lifetime a while ago to help veterans by providing transportation for them and food to get to a steakhouse in Dallas.

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Andrew Rolfe, Chairman of The Ubuntu Education Fund

The 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner raised $972,960 in May 2016. The proceeds for the Gala are used to assist the Fund’s campus in Port Elizabeth. The fund is using the money to fund various projects in the campus. First the fund will create a pediatric clinic that is available to all students in the campus. Second the fund will increase the number of disadvantaged children that it supports from the local area. The underprivileged children program takes young people from challenging backgrounds and educates them until they begin their careers. More than 300 people attended the gala where they were treated to music by a Xhosa choir and served tasty South African dishes.

Two past beneficiaries of the Ubuntu fund were special guests at the fund. They gave speeches that inspired the guests to donate money to the fund. Sinesipho Rabidyani is a law student who has benefited immensely from the fund. She had a challenging upbringing as her father was an alcoholic. She never wanted to be at home because there was no peace. The Ubuntu Fund gave her a scholarship to school and gave her psychosocial support. The fund also gives its members mentors who help them with their personal problems. She has also persuaded her mother to leave her alcoholic husband.

The Gala had an auction which was presided over by Charlie Ross a British Auctioneer. The auction sold a trip to South Africa, a painting by Nelson Makamo and to portraits by Dom Pattinson. The auction raised $38667 for the Ubuntu Fund.

The Ubuntu fund was founded by Jacob Lief and Malizole Gwaxula in 1999. It currently supports over 2000 South African children in the townships of Port Elizabeth. They started the fund by providing children with notebooks, pencils and text books. They noticed reading materials were not enough as the beneficiaries continued having problems. They then decided to assist the children with their personal problems such as food and problems at home.

The Ubuntu Education Fund is chaired by Andrew Rolfe. He is an alumnus of Oxford where he obtained a BA in Philosophy, Economics and Politics. He then got his MBA from Harvard. He is an accomplished business man and manager having worked at companies such as Booker Food Service, PepsiCo and Pret A Manager.