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Chris Burch and Future Tech Fashion Developments

During the 70’s the boom box was the in-thing and it allowed users to carry around their favorite stations and tunes. Going into the 80’s, it was added to many story lines and movies making it more popular. In the 90’s, the Walkman was invented and it gave people a personal musical experience. Currently, the personal music experience has changed thanks to the iPod. The above case scenario shows that technology grows popular with what you consider fashionable. At the moment there is a synthesis of fashion and technology. Fashion designers are relying on technology in developing trends that deliver. This has seen a higher standard in both functionality and innovation.


Insight from a Fashion Designer who Uses Technology


Anouk Wipprecht, is a Dutch designer who specializes in making fashion trends with the help of technology. She likens technology to a playing ground and an experimental place whereby a fashion designer can explore deeper inside and come up with unending possibilities. Anouk has made a name for herself through her avant-garde designs. She designed the DareDroid, a drink-making dress and another that self-paints (Pseudomorphs).


Gazing into the Future


Technology has been used to create fashions that protect people’s lives. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt designed an airbag meant for cyclists. Cyclists wear it around the neck to protect their heads in case of an impact. There are also special gloves to be worn by firefighters designed by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. They enable the firefighters communicate easily through hand gestures to ensure their safety. Soledad Martin is looking to make prototype shoes that will enable people to charge their cell phones as they walk or run. It is clear that technology and fashion can grow together leading into the future of each industry. The two industries can learn from one another and make the world more creative, beautiful and secure area.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch ( is a successive entrepreneur who has a varied business backdrop in a number of industries. They include technology, real estate and fashion. He started off his career at Ithica College when he was an undergrad. Forbes mentions that Chris and his brother started off by starting the Eagles Eye apparel. It had grown to about $165 million in value by the time they sold it.


Burch leaned on his knack of finding the nexus involving innovations and implementations, which enabled him to realize remarkable success. He is currently the Burch Creative Capital principal. His venture boasts of having an exhilarating brand portfolio that includes Coccon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin and Nihiwatu.

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