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Enhanced Athlete: A Provider of Holistic Bodybuilding Education

Enhanced Athlete is a company that provides bodybuilders with assistance in various aspects of the sport. Bodybuilding enthusiasts can receive information to assist them in meeting their goals from Enhanced Athlete. The company was founded by Dr. Tony Huge, a professional bodybuilder. The goal of Enhanced Athlete is to serve as an educational source for customers who want to gain muscle. Enhanced Athlete provides unbiased insight to customers on topics related to health and exercise. A company vlog has educated individuals on with more than 1000 episodes. Enhanced Athlete has established several faithful followers.


The company offers clients a holistic approach to bodybuilding. Enhanced Athlete offers customers assistance with their diets. Clients receive meal preparation advice which is specific to their needs and insight regarding nutrition. Competitive bodybuilders can receive assistance on aspects of competitions such as an inside view of the competitive world of bodybuilding and posing on stage.


An online store is available to provide clients with a variety of items. Enhanced Gear is a sister company of Enhanced Athlete that provides online shopping merchandise for workouts and other accessories. Customers can purchase gym attire to wear during their workouts. Clients may purchase items they need to assist them with their workouts online such as gym bags and bottles to contain fitness drinks or water. Customers can purchase keychains, necklaces, lanyards, and stickers with Enhanced Athlete logos.


Clients can receive personal coaching from the coaching team at Enhanced Athlete. The sister company, Enhanced Coaching offers training plans to assist clients with meeting their fitness goals. Whether someone wants to get in better shape or compete as a bodybuilder, Enhanced Coaching can assist in reaching these objectives. Assessments are made to determine where clients are in reaching their objectives. There are a variety of coaching options available for clients to meet their budgets. Coaches are available to offer virtual services to clients. Weekly coaching sessions are provided by coaches with clients via telephone. Additionally, clients may receive coaching via the internet at any time they desire assistance. Enhanced Coaching provides a free session to potential clients with a coach to address their goals. Coaches personally contact clients after they sign up for services with Enhanced Coaching within one day of enrollment in a training program.