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Squaw Valley and the Water Situation

Squaw Valley has been having a situation with the water on the mountain. They have not had water that was potable since October and, as the season for skiing gets closer, they have released a statement that gives visitors an update on what they can expect with the water at the resort in the coming months. They want to make sure that the people who are visiting know what is going on with the water and what they will be able to do while they are visiting the resort. This is something that they feel is necessary to make sure that everyone is as informed as possible.

During the summer months, Squaw Valley made the decision to upgrade one of their water filter systems. This is something that they thought would be a great addition to the resort and something that would make things even better for the guests. It would have worked great if they had not got a crippling amount of rain during the fall months. The large amount of rain put the new system on overload and it failed because it could not handle the pressure that it was under to pump the water through the resort. This led to the water becoming compromised. The resort is still working to fix this problem.

Since there is no water that the restaurants can use to be able to cook or even make food, the restaurants at the resort are not open. For people who are hoping to enjoy the cuisine, the restaurants should be reopened as Squaw Valley gets the water problem corrected and as things get back to their normal function at the resort. This is something that is not expected to last throughout the entire ski season and will be corrected at some point soon. Placer County made the recommendation that the resort do this to help protect the guests who come there.

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Guests who want to eat while they are skiing or snowboarding can still have a good time, though. There are plenty of vending options that are around the resort and there are restaurants just outside of the resort. While Squaw Valley does not want to send people to restaurants when they have their own, they know that their guests will be safe eating there. Placer County says that the restaurants close by are not affected by the water problems.

The great thing about the situation is that Squaw Valley was still able to make snow despite the water problems. This means that the resort will be open. It will be fully operational aside from the restaurants and guests can enjoy all of the options that are available at the resort. The skiing and snowboarding functions will not be affected by the water problems. There is not expected to be any problems with the water that was used to make the snow because of the way that it is not used for people to be able to eat or drink with that type of water.