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Jeff Herman and Abuse Guidance

Corey Feldman is a widely known actor who has been in the public eye since his years as a teenager back in the eighties. Sarah Powers-Barnhard, on the other hand, is an athlete who plays volleyball for the United States’ team. These two individuals are now part of the mission to get the Child Victims Act to go through. They’re trying to encourage Republicans who are part of the Senate to give it their approval. “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators” is the name of a group that’s getting a lot of traction. Feldman wants his involvement to promote better openings. He has many concerns that involve abuse that takes place during the childhood years.
Jeff Herman is the founder of Herman Law. Herman Law is a legal practice that’s located both in New York and Florida. Its New York branch is on Madison Avenue. Its Florida branch is in the heart of Boca Raton. This law firm caters to people who are in all different states. Herman Law is known by many recognized media outlets. Some examples of these outlets are Nancy Grace, The New York Times, Fox News, the O’Reilly Factor, CNN, People Magazine and MSNBC. The practice has been given many awards throughout the years. It’s been positively acknowledged by the Best Law Firms of America, the KidSafe Foundation, the Litigator Awards and various others.

Herman is a trial attorney who is known by people all over the country. He speaks up about all topics that involve traumatic situations such as sexual exploitation, abuse and rape. He speaks on behalf of individuals who have been through these kinds of ordeals in life. Herman has offered his services to more than 1,000 courageous individuals. Herman accommodates the needs of clients regardless of their specific age groups. He has excellent communication and interaction abilities as well. People frequently take note of his ability to reach out to small children who have endured taxing circumstances. Herman is the type of person who has a lot of enthusiasm that involves advocacy in neighborhoods everywhere. He believes that it can help stop abuse.

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Jeremy L. Goldstein is Reachable Through the LRIS

New York citizens have a new way to find the right lawyer for their legal needs, no matter how big or small these needs may be. This new method of pairing people with professionals comes to the public through the New York State Association by way of their Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). Together they provide a website and it is meant to complement the LRIS phone service that is still in place and operational. One big difference between the two is that the online option is open all day every day. However, whether New Yorkers use the traditional phone method or the web, the results and procedures are the same.



In lieu of making a phone call, anyone of legal age who is looking for a lawyer starts the process by visiting the site and filling out a quick confidential questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is completed and submitted, the State Bar reviews it and determines a match based on location. Depending on the county, the State Bar may forward an individual to a referral service and bar association already in play. The initial referral is absolutely free, but the consultation that follows costs 35 USD (United States Dollars) for 30 minutes. There are exceptions made for certain circumstances. There is no obligation with the consultation. This service is 35 years old and just as trusted as dialing an operator for a business number and address.



One of the trusted lawyers on the LRIS roster is Jeremy L. Goldstein. He is the Founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a very well connected self-regulating professional and respected by his peers. He is a virtual spring well of know-how and can-do when it comes to litigation. Not to mention, that his range and mastery of financial law paired with his grasp of current events kind of makes him a maverick.



Any group of professionals are in good company with Jeremy L. Goldstein on their team. All it takes is a single glance at his contributions on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation for proof of this fact. But, if that does not add up, there is more evidence at hand. Without a doubt, Jeremy L. Goldstein’s past partnership with the firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz still has ties that that attest to his competence and prowess.


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Details of Litigation with Karl Heideck

Details of Litigation with Karl Heideck In these modern times, people are bound to collide with one another, and this brings about the process of litigation. With litigation, the objective is to resolve an underlying issue between two parties through agreement or through the court where the judge decides. However, before we talk about the litigation process, it’s good to understand the various people involved. There is the defendant, plaintiff, and the litigation attorney. The plaintiff is the complainant who alleges damages have been implicated to him by the defendant. The defendant, on the other hand, is the individual being accused of causing damages. The litigation attorneys usually represent the defendant and the plaintiff. A plaintiff is usually looking for monetary damages or any equitable relief.

Several steps are involved in the litigation process, as explained by litigator Karl Heideck. The first step, in this case, is the discovery process. This is the process where the plaintiff sends the defendant written questions about the case. This is then followed by deposition where a court official is present. After the process has begun, the defendant is given permission to carry out the discovery process and acquire important information about the case. In many litigation processes, the discovery process has proven to be very difficult as it can take weeks, months, or even years. This often depends on the willingness to corporate by involved parties.

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Discovery is then followed by the settlement conference where the parties are given a chance to come up with a solution before the case is brought to a court. If the two parties cannot agree, the process is followed by the trial itself where litigation attorneys represent the parties involved to the Judge, the Jury, and the entire court. This process can be very expensive. Later on, the judge with the assistance of the jury makes a ruling. The ruling can favor either party depending on the evidence produced.

For those looking for litigation attorneys in Greater Philadelphia, they can settle for Karl Heideck. Karl Heideck has over 10 years specializing in compliance practices as well as risk management. His most notable skills are product liability, legal research, and commercial litigation.

Karl Heideck holds several degrees. He first acquired a degree in literature from Swarthmore College. Heideck then proceeded to Temple University Beasley School of Law where he studied law and graduated with honors.

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New Zealand setting the pace for tax transparency; Geoffrey Cones Response

Firsthand glances at the feature on foreign trusts many make one think that the Nation is the type of glamorous place that are only seen in thrillers, which involve super wealthy people making huge business deals. However, the reality of the situation is that all things to do with tax are a little boring.
The first issue that comes to mind when tackling the reality of foreign trusts is the fact that New Zealand is not by any means what would be called a tax haven. There is a list that is always maintained by the OECD on such countries and NZ has never featured and is unlikely to ever feature on it. The characteristics o tax havens include:
• The fact that they impose very few if any taxes, most of which are nominal.
• There is a complete lack of transparency
• The laws that are put in place inhibit free exchange of information with other nations.
The OECD created a gold standard for transparency in the form of a model that was agreed on and implemented in 2002 and New Zealand was among the first countries to be white listed for implementing the standard.
The first way in which the country has demonstrated leadership in transparency is the manner in which foreign trusts are handled. The rules that operate were introduced by Michael Cullen in 2006. These laws require a New Zealand resident trustee presiding over a foreign trust is needed to submit a foreign trust disclosure form and to keep relevant records for tax purposes.
The records that the trustee should have include:
• Trust deeds
• Details on settlements and distributions
• Assets and liabilities of the trustee
• Money received and sent records
• Information on accounts for any trustee running a business
These records are supposed to be kept in English and failing to do so leads to serious penalties.

About Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone graduated in Law with top honors from Otago University. In addition, he has a post graduate diploma in tax and trust law. He has been a practicing lawyer for close to four decades now.

In the mid nineties, he was a litigator in the West Indies. He then came back to Auckland and set up his own practice, Cone Marshall Limited. It is the first law firm to deal exclusively with international trusts. Through affiliated companies, Geoffrey has also been dealing with Trusts and Trustee management.

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The Relevance of a SEC Whistleblower Attorney

Whistleblowers have become increasingly popular and instrumental in reporting cases regarding probable violations of securities to authorities like the Securities and Exchange Commission. Further, the increased popularity in the emergence of whistleblowers is attributed to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, enacted in 2010. As so, it serves as the most comprehensive overhaul of the financial regulation in the United States since the infamous Great Depression.

The Dodd-Frank Act has triggered the creation of various reforms to protect the rights of whistleblowers such as the establishment of the current Whistleblower program. The Whistleblower program was introduced with an aim to provide substantial financial incentives as well as employment protections in an effort to encourage individuals to report to the SEC pertaining violation of laws of the national securities.

The Role of Whistleblower Attorneys

In the advent of the Whistleblower program, more law firms specializing in the protection and representation of SEC whistleblowers have emerged such as the Labaton Sucharow law firm. The work of a SEC Whistleblower attorney from a law firm such as Labaton Sucharow is to aid Whistleblowers in reporting wrongdoings, which are contrary to the federal securities laws, to the SEC in a confidential manner.

Through its able in-house team of specialists who include forensic accountants, investigators, and financial analysts, the Labaton Sucharow firm can provide its clients with top-notch representation. Primarily, this is because of their training expertise and experience in both federal and state law enforcement.

More so, the Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower Representation Team leverages on the experience and leadership ability of Jordan A. Thomas, who was the previous Assistant Director as well as Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the SEC’s Enforcement Division. Jordan was highly involved in the drafting and implementation of the Whistleblower Program during his tenure at the SEC.

An Insight into the Whistleblower Program

A SEC whistleblower lawyer is highly conversant with the rules, terms and conditions stipulated by the Whistleblower Programs. Hence, he or she is in a better position to guide a client throughout the reporting and awarding process.

According to the new Program, whistleblowers will be eligible to a reward of between 10-30% of the total amount exceeding $1 million. They also receive job protection against any retaliation by an accused employer such as demotion, threats, discrimination, suspension or harassment. Those who suffer from retaliation can sue for damages incurred, back pay or restatement. Further, they are given an opportunity to report confidentially through the help of an attorney.