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Chris Burch Buys Nihiwatu On Sumba Island

Chris Burch invested in Nihiwatu in 2012. The beautiful resort is located in Sumba Island. Burch was assisted by a business partner who works in hospitality industry. For the business to be substantial, the duo resolved for a renovation scheme, a project that cost $ 30 million to rebuild. In three years, the building was up and operating. The five-star resort reopened under the special name, Nihiwatu. According to Travel + Jet, a magazine that features beautiful places, the hotel made it to the best resort and place to travel to in 2016. James McBride, Chris’ partner, has also been reaping the benefits of having the resort. Check for related article.


Nihiwatu is presently a job hub for many people. The employees enjoy being part of a revolutionary industry. The idea of having the resort has been a blessing to Chris and his children. He spends most of his time in Nihiwatu. Chris was amazed by the performance of the restaurant because he did not expect the excellence. He was taking a risk just like with any business.

Business Profile of Chris Burch

Burch is a mogul in fashion in addition to technology. Hospitality is now his field too. The man responsible for establishing Tory Burch, a business he started with his wife has been gracing news with more innovations. Chris once explained why fashion depends on technology and technology on fashion. According to him, the evolution of these resources is unstopped. Chris is also responsible to starting C.Wonder. The company deals with the sales of apparels in addition to homes décor. Chris Burch has been successful because he is observant and slow to act. He conducts research before investing in a docket. Burch established Burch Creative Capital. He is the Chief executive Officer and controls major shares of Burch Creative Capital. He holds the company through excellent decision making.


Being visionary, Burch put resources in company called Little Duck Organics. He also featured in technology based companies like Powermat and Jawbone. The series of investments continue to ten years back when he was part of Faena Hotel. He was a share holder and played key roles at critical policy making. The fashion guru Mr. Alan Faena was the owner and lead executive. More to read on

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Chris was however, a leader in his ways. He offered valid guidance in leadership. Joined by Philippe Starck, the team put their resources in a state-of-the-art hotel. Burch is an inspiration to prospective entrepreneurs. His skills can be emulated in many ways.  Learn more of his creative vision and output, head over to

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The Entertainment industry-Norman Pittz

Podcastone has been having new innovations each day. Recently the entertainment network launched a new mobile software that will be used to assist listeners to connect to their audio program with ease. The new software has 360-degree video recording system as well as a variety of interactive features. Podcastone has decided to offer the software free on their website, Google Play as well as play store. As mentioned earlier Podcastone’s software has numerous features that enable the user to watch as well as listen to their favorite programs, contribute to the ongoing discussions, receive photographs that cannot be found on the internet as well as sending messages to other listeners who are using the same technology. The software comes with an added advantage to the subscribers who earn points that can be used to obtain some services as well as products and also watch special virtual-reality programs.

Podcastone has partnered with Mandt VR to assist then offer quality services of virtual-reality and 360 videos. Ever since their partnership, Mandt and Podcast have designed 1000 videos, and every week the two organizations make sure they add more videos to their program. Some of their videos include; the Art of the Charm, Dr. Drew, reasonable doubt, The Adam Carolla Show, Laila Ali Lifestyle among others. Podcastone has several video recording studios located in Beverly Hills, New York as well as Burbank which was fitted with the latest technology to realize the distribution and recording of the videos ( Neil Mandt is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Mandt VR in a statement he was happy the Podcastone management for their everyday innovation of technology in the entertainment industry.

Norman Pittz is the founder and the founder of Podcastone. He can well be described as the father of the entertainment and media industries. Mr. Pittz is also the founder of one of the largest radio networks in the United States Westwood one radio Network. The radio network is the distributor of sports, news, talks, and traffic updates. The American entrepreneur has a passion in the entertainment and media sectors; he created yet another successful program known as Courtside Entertainment Group. Ever since he began his career in the entertainment industry, Norman has been displaying a positive character and he was appointed twice to the Federal Broadcasting Board of Governors by former Presidents of the United States of America; President Bush and Clinton. Norman Pittz established Podcastone in 2012. He is a family man and lives in Southern California with his wife Mary.


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Antony Petrello- Hard Work Pays

Antony Petrello is a business icon who has risen among the corporate ladder of America and of course least known in most households. His speech like politicians is known to fill the screen, and he is also one of the most influential figures in America. He is known to represent a part of the United States that has never received gratitudes despite crafting the American way of life.

Antony Petrello once ranked as the highest paid CEO in the year 2014 he earned approximately 68.2 million dollars. He was the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, well-known leading oil and natural gases drilling company. His high level of success has inspired many and earned him envy and admiration; his close associates term him as a humble and honest man who deserves.

Petrello is a man known to pursue moral codes based on hard work, fairness, and respect in the Wall Street, unlike others who use greedy tactics to survive. He is a business strategist and a brilliant manager, and his success relates to the way he treats others. He has helped create thousands of jobs through as a new captain of different industries and given American a better way of enjoying life.

His Humble Beginnings

Anthony Petrello just like other giant CEO has worked his way out; he grew up in Newark a predominately Italian village of working-class citizens in New Jersey. Newark is a city known for its hardship as well as big work honor and ethics, they believe in ensuring the needs of each other are taken care of, and hard work is rewarded, and honesty is highly valued. Newark installed this belief in Antony Petrello making him a man of integrity and honor.

He studied hard to get a place at Yale University as a mathematical scholar, after graduation he got a place at Harvard Law School where he got his degree in human science. He is a great team builder and a strong business manager.

Nabors industries chief executive Antony Petrello earns a salary of $ 60 million with unlimited annual bonuses; he gets his pay in stock, cash, and restricted stock. His other bonuses are compensated according to the company performance. He is a person who has really achieved in life a doing very well in terms of progress. He shall be remembered because of his expertise and managerial skills. He is truly one of the greatest scholars the world has ever had.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Is Proof Of Just How Effective Bradesco’s Succession Plan Is

For decades now, Banco Bradesco has consistently featured among the top banks in Brazil. Many banks in the industry have attempted to replicate Bradesco’s success but have all failed. In fact, it took a merger between Unibanco and Banco Itau, forming Itau Unibanco, to wrestle industry dominance away from Bradesco in the private bank sub-sector.

Unsurprisingly, many analysts and observers in the Brazilian banking industry have put Bradesco’s consistent success to effective leadership succession. Over the course of the bank’s seven-year history, it has only had four presidents. With so few yet effective leaders guiding the bank, Bradesco has not had any disruptions to its business as other banks in the country do during their succession cycles that occur every few years. The bank’s current president Luiz Carlos Trabuco has held the position for the shortest time but has arguably had the greatest impact.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s story at Banco Bradesco started in 1969. Even before that, however, the two shared a common history with Luiz Carlos Trabuco being born in Marilia, the city in which the bank was formed. At the time of joining the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was barely a man at the age of 18 and first worked as a clerk at the bank’s Marilia branch. His unquestionable talent was soon noticed by his superiors in he was in 1991 promoted to work in the bank’s head office located in Osasco, Sao Paulo. Year and offers came and went but Luiz Carlos Trabuco stuck with Bradesco, and he was in 1984 promoted to the position of marketing director. 14 years later, he was again promoted to the position of managing director executive. He had been with the bank for more than three decades at this point, and some even touted him to be selected as the bank’s president ahead of his eventual predecessor, Marcio Cypriano. He, however, did still receive a promotion as he was named the executive vice president to Bradesco Seguros, the insurance company under the Bradesco group.

In 2003, four years after being named the executive vice president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed the president to Bradesco Seguros. The mark he left at the insurance company was so big that to say he was a success would be an understatement. While Bradesco Seguros occupied a fairly healthy position in the market when he took over, he in six short years managed to cement its number one spot in the industry by growing its market share by more than two percentage points. Additionally, he managed to grow and consistently maintain the insurer’s return on equity at above 27 percent over the course of his six-year presidency.

With Marcio Cypriano hitting the mandatory retirement age of 65 in 2009, Bradesco’s board made the obvious decision and decided to appoint Luiz Carlos Trabuco to head up the financial institution. Having been a long-time servant at the bank, he did not need to find his feet and quickly set about advancing the aggressive expansion strategy initiated by Cypriano. While it did not help that there was a global financial crisis coupled with the completion of the Unibanco-Banco Itau merger at the time of his appointment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco managed to steady and grow Bradesco. Additionally, with the 2015 acquisition of HSBC Brazil in multi-billion dollar dealt it became clear that Bradesco was well on its way to reclaiming the number one spot in the market from Itau Unibanco. It is safe to say that Bradesco would not have been where it is today if not for Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

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Securus Technologies: Keeping Prisons Safe Through Communications Services

America currently has thousands of holding and incarceration facilities throughout the country. Giving their inmates the services that are essential for their mental health and stability is one of the key factors of the prisons that are currently there. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a prison. An inmate must be allowed some or the other form of communication so that they can stay in touch with the world. Constant communication with friends and family on the outside is also something that can help reduce the crime rate inside prisons which is why having a good communications provider is necessary.


Securus Technologies is one such company that believes in offering some of the highest quality of communication services to inmates who are inside the facilities that the company is tied up with. Securus Technologies is currently one of the leading telecommunications providers in the entire country. Prisons not just in America but also in Canada have collaborated with this company to offer a comprehensive range of communication services that inmates can opt to go in for. The company also provides a range of video calling services so that prisoners can see their loved ones while talking to them.


Being a communications provider in a sea of detainees in no easy task. There is always the risk of an inmate doing something illegal just because he has access to communication. Securus Technologies has always had to take special precautions to ensure that their services are not being misused by anyone and that all the communication that goes on is within the bounds of what is legal and permitted. To enforce this, all of the calls that go on with the people inside these centers and their loved ones on the outside is recorded and monitored for suspicious activity.


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OSI Group Beefs-Up Its Expansion Strategy in the Global Meat Processing Market

Food processing companies have revolutionized the food processing systems, storage, and distribution of various food items. OSI Group Inc. is a global premium holding company in the meat processing industry, serving both retail and food service markets.

Company History

ISO Group was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowski in Chicago and has since had an impressive reputation among its consumers. Started as a small butcher located in Chicago. It was known as Otto & Sons, U.S.A. Later, its name changed to ISO Industries and then to its current name, ISO Group Inc. in 2004.

The processing company specializes in the production of value-added protein food items, including breakfast products; bacon, hot-dogs, sausages, pork, fish, poultry products, pizza, and cooked beef. Additionally, it also produces dough-based food items. These include sandwiches, smoked products, and kettle.

Growth Trajectory

Today, the company boasts of over 65 branches and partners in a global scope. Its successful growth can be attributed to the company’s Chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin. His strategic growth strategy through sustainable and environmentally food processing practices is his main focus to carry on making OSI Group a global meat processing house.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in the 70, as a partner to Otto Kolschowski’s sons while the company was still the chosen supplier to the McDonald’s. Sheldon helped the two sons grow the business to a global brand as McDonald’s continued to expand exponentially. Coming into the 1980s, OSI Group had opened branches in Germany, Taiwan, Brazil, Spain, and Austria. In the U.S it opened two more processing plants. There’s more! In the 1990s, it expended their services to Poland, Mexico, and the Philippines.

To revamp its services, the company began venturing into poultry products in several continents, but most notably, the dawn of the new millennium marked the beginning of its acquisition spree. It acquired in Australia. Also, it acquired part of the American Poultry Company (USA). In 2010, the group expanded its beef production to India and Japan.

Ever since its conception in 1909, one thing has remained consistent with ISO Group: Their unfaltering commitment to ensure that their products are the reason for their consumer’s successes.

ISO Group info:

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How Madison Street Capital Ensures the Success of its Corporate Clients

Madison Street Capital is regarded as one of the world’s leading investment banking enterprises. The firm currently targets to work with middle market companies across the globe. Its reputation has grown due to its outstanding experience, integrity, and expertise in handling investments of different types of corporations. Madison runs most of its operations from its head offices, which are located in Chicago, Illinois. The firm understands a lot about corporate finance, and it has successfully arranged complex transactions, reliable exit strategies, and helped sellers to meet with buyers. Key areas that it has specialized in are private placement advice, corporate governance, tax compliance, bankruptcy solutions, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Learn more:


The finance company serves clients from across the globe, and it has established offices in India, Ghana, Oregon, and Chicago. It uses global-based approaches in addressing the issues that its customers face. The success of the firm has been facilitated by its executive’s remarkable skills in analytics, market information, and outstanding relationships that they use when conducting transactions. The Madison Street Capital reputation stands out since it is always ready to serve any business that requires corporate finance solutions.


One of the major clients of the finance firm is DCG Software, which is Pennsylvania-based. The company is recognized for its expertise in offering outstanding software analytics solutions. Madison Street Capital recently assisted it in forming a merger with the Spitfire Group. DCG Software’s expertise is in project management, evaluation of software, and determining software worth. The firm was established in 1994, and it believes that the formation of the merger would enable it to increase the value of its business. Based in Denver, Spitfire Group has specialized in offering its clients with technology architecture, custom development, and management of projects. It is devoted to using state-of-the-art technologies in serving its customers.


The Dowco Group is one of Madison Street Capital’s oldest clients. Dowco recently hired it to assist it in the acquisition of Acuna and Associates. The company is renowned for the offering exceptional pre-construction and steel modeling solutions. Madison Street Capital did a remarkable job in the transaction, and this enabled it to be nominated for various awards by the M&A Advisors.


ARES Security Corporation also hired the investment banking firm to assist in finding an excellent financing partner. The company has specialized in the development of cutting-edge security software, and it is headquartered in Virginia. The products that it offers are used by private and government organizations that have specialized in transport, nuclear energy, and many other important ventures. Madison Street Capital conducted the valuation of ARES’ and assisted it in acquiring capital to expand its business. The investment banking firm’s employees have been awarded by various institution due to their excellent performance in the industry. Learn more:


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Andrew Rolfe, Chairman of The Ubuntu Education Fund

The 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner raised $972,960 in May 2016. The proceeds for the Gala are used to assist the Fund’s campus in Port Elizabeth. The fund is using the money to fund various projects in the campus. First the fund will create a pediatric clinic that is available to all students in the campus. Second the fund will increase the number of disadvantaged children that it supports from the local area. The underprivileged children program takes young people from challenging backgrounds and educates them until they begin their careers. More than 300 people attended the gala where they were treated to music by a Xhosa choir and served tasty South African dishes.

Two past beneficiaries of the Ubuntu fund were special guests at the fund. They gave speeches that inspired the guests to donate money to the fund. Sinesipho Rabidyani is a law student who has benefited immensely from the fund. She had a challenging upbringing as her father was an alcoholic. She never wanted to be at home because there was no peace. The Ubuntu Fund gave her a scholarship to school and gave her psychosocial support. The fund also gives its members mentors who help them with their personal problems. She has also persuaded her mother to leave her alcoholic husband.

The Gala had an auction which was presided over by Charlie Ross a British Auctioneer. The auction sold a trip to South Africa, a painting by Nelson Makamo and to portraits by Dom Pattinson. The auction raised $38667 for the Ubuntu Fund.

The Ubuntu fund was founded by Jacob Lief and Malizole Gwaxula in 1999. It currently supports over 2000 South African children in the townships of Port Elizabeth. They started the fund by providing children with notebooks, pencils and text books. They noticed reading materials were not enough as the beneficiaries continued having problems. They then decided to assist the children with their personal problems such as food and problems at home.

The Ubuntu Education Fund is chaired by Andrew Rolfe. He is an alumnus of Oxford where he obtained a BA in Philosophy, Economics and Politics. He then got his MBA from Harvard. He is an accomplished business man and manager having worked at companies such as Booker Food Service, PepsiCo and Pret A Manager.


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Greg Secker’s Successful Venture into Forex Trading

Greg Secker Foundation is a venture that works towards improving people’s lives globally. It is focused on teaching people the appropriate life skills and education. They have been in operations since 20010. It is one of Greg Secker’s most recent philanthropy works. “Build a House, Build a Home, Restore a Community Project” was invented after the typhoon that affected the Philippines. It was aimed at making the community ready to survive such a calamity the next time it hits them. They are targeting 100 homes before the fall season.

Learn to Trade’s Success and Awards

Greg joined financial industry through Thomas Cook Financial Services. It led to his venture into a new trading company known as “Virtual Trading Desk.” He later became the vice-president of a major fortune bank known as Mellon Financial Corporation. Greg experienced growth and then started his own trading company, which was known as Learn to Trade. It has grown and conquered markets in Philippines, London, Australia, and South Africa. World Finance awarded the Company Best Educator Award in 2012 and 2013. Learn to Trade received the Best Trading Education Product and Forex Trader Education UK in 2015 from the Wealth and Finance Magazine.

For effective forex trading, Greg has taught people on how to assess and manage risks and how to identify important forex indicators. Learning the ins and outs of forex trading requires time to learn; however, you do not need years to become an expert. Forex indicators allow investors to determine when to invest, what to invest in and when to let go of this investment before it drops its value. Simple Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Economic Calendars, Exponential Moving Average, and the Stochastic Oscillator are the leading forex indicators.

About Greg Secker

Greg was born in February 1975. He is a renowned international speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Secker owns Capital Index and Learn to Trade software, which is involved in Forex Trading. Greg was already a multi-millionaire at the age of 20. He is well known for his management in some Europe’s most successful trading company. Greg is dedicated to helping people to succeed in financial trading.

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George Soros Contribution to Politics

George Soros is one man you can say is self-made. He is a Hungarian by birth but fled his home country and sponsored himself through the school of Economics. George Soros became a railway porter and later worked in the Finance Department Merchant Bank.He in collaboration with Stan Druckenmiller made remarkable profits after shorting the British pound almost bringing the Bank of England to its knees. He had also established Hedge Fund at Wall Street in New York which was later called Double Eagle and then rebranded as Quantum Fund.The 85-year-old man is a force to reckon with in the world of investment with his 30 billion dollars worth of assets. His seventh chief Investment officer is a lady by the name Dawn Fitzpatrick. An investor at Wall Street, she performs exceptionally well on Wall Street thus the CIO of Soros fund.He is a supporter of American Progressive and American Liberal. His foundation, Open Society Foundations had made donations totaling to $11 billion between the years 1979-2011. His philanthropic works have led to initiatives geared towards poverty reduction and increased accountability. He has disbanded billions into scholarships and funded the putting up of Central European University.

The European Nationalists boogeyman poured $25 million into campaigns in a bid to put Clinton into the presidential office. He was to attend for the first time the Democratic Convention to watch Clinton accept the Democratic presidential nomination. He failed to attend the function at the last-minute because he needed to monitor the Economy of Europe closely. He had spent a whopping $27 million to have President George W Bush out of office in 2004, and his backing of Clinton was an outright show that he wanted to be actively involved in the political processes. His faith in her fueled this new move in the political arena in support of Clinton.

It was also because he needed to safeguard matters about Immigration reforms, Criminal Justice reforms, and religious tolerance, matters that are very close to his heart. He also accused Clinton’s rival Donald Trump of being a fear monger.His support for a possible Clinton presidency came as a surprise. He had said he would never spend so much in politics since his support for John Kerry had not yielded much. He had termed it as an exception. George was a serious critic of President Bush’s re-election because of his policies on Iraq. He used the phrase “A matter of life and death” the need to have Bush out of office. He said he would concentrate on his international foundations that seek to have in place Human right reforms and better services in the Health and Education sectors after Bush’s win.