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OSI Food Solution’s Longevity Explained

OSI Food Solutions has been able to remain a force in the food industry for many reasons; however, the most obvious reason for their success is their synergy with McDonald’s. OSI supplies the fast food mega-giant with many of their menu items, including their famous beef patties.

The company began in the early 1900s under the name Otto & Sons. After nearly a decade, now known as OSI Food Solutions, it is now one of America’s top food companies. McDonald’s isn’t their only client either. They supply food products to many of America’s most prominent names in fast food.

OSI has received many awards for their contributions to the food industry. One of their recent accolades is the Globe of Honour, which they won in 2016. The award ceremony was held in November of 2016 at Drapers’ Hall in London. OSI was one of the 18 organizations to receive the award that year. Only companies that exhibit excellence in environmental management are eligible for the award.

“The Globe of Honour represents the most prestigious award for the management of environmental risks,” said Lynda Armstrong, the Chair of the British Safety Council.

OSI Food Solutions is always growing. In recent memory, they have acquired an old Tyson Chicken plant in Illinois, Baho Foods, and Flagship Europe.

Baho Foods, a dutch company, is a producer of deli meats and more. Under the OSI umbrella, Baho Foods will continue to operate, producing meats that will be consumed all over the world. With the purchase of Baho Food comes several subsidiaries as well. Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, Q Smart Life, Bakx Foods, and Vital Convenience are all now the property of OSI.

Many staff members of Baho Food will stay on the payroll, at least during the transitional period.

John Balvers, the managing director of Baho Food said: “I am excited about becoming part of the larger OSI Group. OSI has outstanding relationships with both its customers and suppliers.”

OSI Food Solutions has remained a force in the food industry because of its excellent partnerships and risk taking.