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Matt Badiali’s Predictions of Continually Climbing Oil Prices

Matt Badiali has been attempting to reach everyone ever since May of 2018 to alert them that the price of oil will be continuing to climb. He has the advantage of foresight on the market with years of expertise under his belt in investing, with his specialty being in the industry of natural resources.

It caught Matt Badiali’s attention when he noticed that oil fared better than S&P over the last year indicating a possible value increase, and he tried to let people know of his findings back in 2017, but no one listened. It was a culmination of different factors that gave him the inclination that could potentially drive the prices of oil up. Now that people have seen that he was right in his predictions, they want to know more of what he knows.

Matt Badiali gives this advice to investors:go with short-term declines for an opportunity to buy, and he cautions that things going on in the Middle East could affect oil prices, causing it to continually rise. Another factor that plays into oil cost is President Trump’s decision about Iran, because of Iran’s oil exports. The Venezuela crisis, where they have reduced their oil exports, thus driving up prices, is another thing to consider. Matt Badiali advises investors to invest in oil to see a potentially hefty profit.

Matt Badiali attended Penn State University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Sciences, then finished up his Geology Master of Sciences at Florida Atlantic University. A friend of his who could see where his knowledge of science would benefit him greatly in investments brought his attention to the world of finances when hewas working on his Ph.D. at the university of North Carolina. In 2017, helaunched the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter with Banyan Hill publishing company.