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Where else do you hope to get a rare investment opportunity other than Freedom Checks?

The man behind the Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali is responsible for spearheading the famous Freedom Checks. Matt is an analyst dealing with the world of finance. He is the head of the financial analysis department at Banyan Hill Publishing. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Before venturing into finance, Matt was a geology scientist. His vast knowledge about natural resources such as oil, metal and agricultural products qualifies him to be an investment advisor, a job that he comfortably does through the Real Wealth Strategist (a newsletter aimed at advising investors.)

A better understanding of freedom checks’ structure.

Due to lack of a deep understanding, many investors have dismissed freedoms checks with a notion that it is a program run by the government. Others have concluded that it is an organized form of scam since it seems to be an investment that results in very high returns, an opportunity that appears to be too good to be valid. Freedom Checks is a rare investment opportunity. The activities carried out only involve the investors and the companies with minimal interference from the government. The companies involved are known as master limited partnerships (MLPs). Around 500 companies have qualified to join the MLPs category. Matt recommends most of these companies on the Real Wealth Strategist.


Another aspect of freedom checks that has discouraged some investors is the realization of the need for an initial investment. It is entirely impossible to reap benefits where you never invested. After you invest in a company of your choice, you begin to collect your checks according to the company’s policies. Some firms hand out their checks monthly while others four times annually.

Master limited partnerships and how they operate.

MLPs are companies that spend most of their time processing national natural resources. They must share 90% of their profits with their investors for them to be qualified to hold the title MLPs. These companies greatly benefit since they operate through a statute of the U.S. constitutional tax code which itemized as Statute 26-F. It is a tax code exempting companies (that earn 90% of their profits from producing the national resources) from paying taxes. It explains the consequent high returns from the freedom checks investments. Read this article at

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Eric Lefkofsky: Developing a System for Storing Medical Information

Eric Lefkofsky has been transforming the field of science because of the breakthroughs that he introduced. It is his ultimate dream to provide an existing knowledge to the scientists and physicians around the world, especially to those who are looking for a way on how they can treat diseases and other illnesses that are still incurable. One of his most popular works is the creation of Tempus, a company that created the world’s largest collection of medical data. Tempus is currently being used by a lot of scientists and physicians, especially those who are looking for a similar patient case. They wanted to emulate the diagnosis on a patient found on the other side of the world, and try out other treatment options to see which one would be more effective. Through Tempus, many individuals who have been diagnosed with deadly diseases have survived.

Tempus, according to Eric Lefkofksy, is a compelling medical platform. He stated that the reason he created it is that of his will to change the world. He wanted to eradicate deadly diseases, and help people from the poorest parts of the globe to have a chance in living their lives to the fullest. The scientists who have been using Tempus for years have expressed their gratitude to Eric Lefkofsky. They said that the idea behind the medical platform is superb, and through the system, they can upload findings of a particular patient, and they could also select which type of diagnosis can be downloaded for a specific patient.

Tempus also has a big storage size, and doctors around the world have not eaten up all of the spaces provided by Tempus, despite the huge number of data that are being sent over. Eric Lefkofsky, who graduated from the University of Michigan, shared his thoughts about the system that he created. He revealed that cancer patients have the highest chances of survival if they will undergo treatment that partners with the Tempus System. He said that many cancer patients have already been tested under the Tempus system, and all of their diagnosis and medical backgrounds have been stored in a huge digital storage which can be accessed by any doctors or scientists around the world.

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End Citizens United Continues To Endorse Left-Leaning Candidates

The growth of the End Citizens United PAC has been fast and difficult for those on the right of U.S. politics to compete with. Established in 2015, ECU aligned itself with Democrats as President Tiffany Muller believes the PAC can achieve its aims with those on the left rather than the right. The mission of the PAC is to fight against the continued influx of special interest funding into the Republican Party following the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

One of the most difficult parts of the work of End Citizens United to gain traction has also been one of its greatest achievements with the launch of the pledge created by Tiffany Muller. From the Washington D.C. base of the PAC, politicians from the left are now lining up to sign a pledge stating they will not accept funding from special interest groups. During the 2016 election cycle, End Citizens United introduced its pledge, which must be signed in order for the backing of the group must be signed and saw just three candidates willing to do so. Visit End Citizens United on Twitter for latest updates.

Among the major decisions made by End Citizens United in the buildup to the 2018 Midterm Election cycle has been the endorsement of various candidates. Among the leading endorsements made by the PAC is that of Beto O’Rourke in an election battle with Republican Senator Ted Cruz. O’Rourke is a Democrat who has stood out from the crowd for his stance on refusing special interest money.

Another popular nominee in his home state is Brendan Kelly, the former State’s Attorney for St. Clare County, Illinois. Not only has the Democratic candidate signed the End Citizens United pledge, but he has also developed a longstanding reputation as a leader in the battle against special interest groups and corporations. The election battle in Illinois looks set to be a difficult one as Senator Mike Bost is known for his role as one of the leading recipients of more than $400,000 in funding from House Speaker Paul Ryan’s congressional leadership committee.


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Sussex Healthcare Jobs

Sussex Healthcare, an independent company which provides care homes and services for older people, including those who are mentally fragile (suffering from dementia, Alzheimer etc), has several available jobs.

It’s good to know that this is an award winning company, which offers quality services and expects quality work from its employees. If you feel like you are qualified for the vacant jobs and willing to do your best in caring for others, especially elder people, then this might interest you. Your skills should match the requirements of assisted care and person-centred services.

There are 26 available jobs now at Sussex Healthcare and they range from care assistant/registered nurse to care home manager. Night jobs and day jobs are equally available. For more information on the application process, feel free to visit the vacancies page at

More background on the company

This year, Sussex Healthcare celebrated 25 years of professional existence, which means 25 years of successfully caring for others and assisting them through happy, sad, important and everyday moments. The first facility opened up in 1985 and nowadays there are more than 20 facilities under its management; these include daycare facilities, gym and residential houses.

The core belief and underlying philosophy at this private care home is to ensure every person’s full enjoyment of living and help them feel accomplished as individuals, through quality services and engagement in social, recreational and leisure activities. Professionals here do not limit themselves to physical health exercise and condition checking and they are aiming to reach the fullest potential of the person they are caring for. One is not simply a resident at Sussex Healthcare, but a part of a bigger family who makes sure that everything they need is taken care of.

The company distinguishes itself through the fact that compassion, understanding and affection are the key principles of its work. Residents stay active and receive specialized care as much as incentives to live independent lives they feel in control of. Ultimately, this is not business or just a job: it is a way of being a part of a community.

Feel free to apply to available jobs if this was in tune with who you are at your core!

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Upwork  Providing Tips to Become One of the Top Freelancers

There are tons of freelancers out there who are looking for work and Upwork is the best place where you can get it. If you are a freelancer and won’t work on a regular basis, rest assured that Upwork would provide you with a job that you are looking for. If you are a freelancer and want to stay ahead in your specific field, you have to win the trust of your customers. You can earn the trust of your customers by providing them work on time and without any delay. Upwork is an online platform that was formed after the merger of Odesk and Elance, two of the leading online sites for freelancers and clients to come together.

At present, Upwork has more than five million clients and twelve million registered freelancers. You can be sure that as a freelancer, there is a ton of work available to keep you busy full-time and help you fulfill your dream of financial freedom. However, you have to be good at what you do as there is a lot of competition you need to pass through to stand out. Also, make sure that you are disciplined with your work schedule. As a freelancer, you get a lot of freedom and flexibility with your work hours, and it can often spoil you. Many of the freelancers tend to forget that they need to maintain a work schedule as well to ensure they can achieve their financial dreams.

Upwork recently suggested a host of tips that would help you stay on top of the competition. The first tip in the article posted by Upwork is to write down all the tasks at hand in a to-do list that can be synchronized with a mobile app as well. There are many to-do list digital app that would keep reminding you of the tasks that are pending and whose deadlines are approaching. It would not let you miss out any work. Also, make sure that you attribute the timetable as well as priorities to tasks so that you can finish your job on time always and leave a positive impression on clients.