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Join Us At The Mighty Fortress Church For A Beautiful Easter Celebration

As spring approaches the time to celebrate is in the air and for Christians around the world, the holiest of all holidays is upon us as well. April 1st is Easter Sunday and for Christians celebrating in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area there is a warm and open invite to attend the “He is Risen” service with amazing festivities afterwards this Easter Sunday at The Mighty Fortress International Ministries beginning at 11:00 am. The announcement was made public in the Minnesota Patch this past week. Read more on positivethefacts.com.

Service attendees can expect join in a beautiful worshipping service that will be highlighted by an uplifting performance by the Bishop’s Choir, a special sermon given by the Children’s Ministry and of course the word of God in celebration of Jesus Christ the King who has risen. Prior to the services and after worship there will be a fellowship with refreshments provided for adults. Children can look forward to an Easter egg hunt and other prizes after worship services. All children age 3-12 are invited to join in the fun.

If you are looking for a Christian atmosphere full of love and faith, forgiveness and fellow parishioners that are accepting then the Mighty Fortress International is waiting with opened and welcome loving arms for you. Come and experience God’s presence and hear the words of change. Members here are open and accepting to all races, cultures and needs. Love, acceptance and forgiveness is what awaits all visitors that step through our door. Come as you are, informal or in your Sunday best to join this joyous celebration of Christ the King and Saviour. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Our loving and caring atmosphere will have you feeling that your needs are known and can be met within this parish. Just come to experience God’s presence and love. Celebrate among fellow Christians to see first hand what the true meaning of Easter is as you make new friends, experience new cultures and sense the touch of God in your heart.

For more information about the Mighty Fortress International and to keep up to date about our services and activities please feel free to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube as well. When you visit our website at www.mightyfortress.net you can even experience our services via live streaming.

The Mighty Fortress Church is easy to get to we are in the Excell Academy for Higher Learning in Suite 107 at 6510 Zane Avenue North in Brooklyn Park, Minneapolis, MN. You can also contact us by phone for more information at 763-535-9096.

Visit: www.lifeway.com/pastors/2016/08/12/a-mighty-fortress-is-our-church/

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What Is The Future of Dr. Clay Siegall & Seattle Genetics?

Dr. Clay Siegall, president, co-founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, is one of the top cancer-research specialists in the world. He is a firm believer of hard work, perseverance and dedication. Seattle Genetics displays a direct reflection of Dr. Siegall’s principles as this biotech company has climbed the ranks of cancer-research success. Dr. Siegall already has this phenomenal company on top of its game, but he is trying to take it even further in the future. This amazing doctor/scientist holds at least 15 patents, and he has just launched an office overseas to expand the company’s growth.

Thanks to owning many of the company’s patents, Seattle Genetics will be able to retain much of its monetary kickbacks. In the company’s earlier days, Seattle Genetics and Dr. Clay Siegall didn’t have this luxury as most of its generated incomes was being funneled to other patent holders such as Takeda Oncology. Learning from your mistakes is a great route to take and as of now, Dr. Siegall is controlling his company’s destiny by retaining many of the company’s rights. Seattle Genetics has a wide selection of drugs in its pipeline as of now. These drugs will be entering the market in future years. The company’s premier drug, ADCETRIS, is still bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars, and it is still being used all around the globe. Seattle Genetics may appear to be bland and boring from its outside appearance, but it is kicking butt when it comes to fighting cancer.

The company’s trajectory has skyrocketed over the past few years. In 2016, Seattle Genetics brought-in $418 million. “We didn’t start making huge profits until about 10 years after securing our IPO,” said Dr. Siegall. So, what is the future for Dr. Siegall and Seattle Genetics? After reading this article, is there any doubt that this company will continue its success?

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Heal N Soothe: Natures Natural Healer

Joint pain and muscle ache are a normal part of life and no one is immune to the effects. Did you know that the very things that you do on a daily basis can literally wear-down your body? If you participate in some form of activity, then you’re probably aware that you could get an injury at any moment. Instead of reaching for the over-the-counter medications, try using something that was made by mother nature herself. Heal N Soothe is the name and getting rid of the pain is its game. This all-natural supplement is one of the safest products on the market for decreasing pain in the joints as well as in the muscles.

Heal N Sooth is made by Living Well Nutraceuticals, and this company has a solid resume of success. What makes this supplement so special? Heal N Soothe actually works with your body to rid you of the pain. The average over-the-counter medication like Tylenol is only designed to mask the pain. Thanks to the product’s soft-tissue support, the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body will also absorb the powerful nutrients of this amazing formula. Heal N Soothe has an abundance of organic ingredients that have been used for centuries. The ingredients list has up to 12 powerful herbs, and these herbs include:

  • Bromelain Extract
  • Boswellia Extract
  • Papain
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids
  • Rutin
  • Turmeric Extract
  • Mojave Yucca Root
  • Devil’s Claw
  • And more

When these powerful agents enter your bloodstream, a synergistic effect will take place. This synergistic effect will spread evenly throughout your body. The ingredients will manifest into enzymes, and enzymes are the body’s first line of defense. With consistent use, Heal N Sooth can definitely bring your body back from the brink and that’s a fact.