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The Effect of Diet on Mental Health According to Neurocore

Many people are aware of the benefits of eating healthy. They are also aware of issues such as depression. However, there is one thing that not many people are aware of. They are not aware that diet can actually play a part in mental health. This is very interesting because when people do research on some of the different vitamins, depression is listed as one of the symptoms of a certain deficiency in nutrients. This is not to say that depression is only caused by nutrient deficiency, but a lack of certain nutrients can leave people vulnerable to depression. Also, depression is often said to be caused by a chemical imbalance. Diet can have an effect on chemical imbalances. Another thing that is worth noting is that as people became more sedentary and consumed more processed foods, more cases of depression have been reported. See more information about Neurocore at Linkedin.com.

Among the sources of information that are looking deeply at mood disorders such as depression is Neurocore. One of the more recent blogs released on the topic of depression talks about how diet can have an effect. A study was done that has shown that a Mediterranean diet can help relieve depression symptoms.

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One of the factors behind the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet is that it is plant-based. According to the blog on Neurocore The Western diet is focused on saturated fats, red meat and processed comfort foods. This has left people with a lack of certain nutrients. As a result, not only have people slowly become larger around the midsection, but they have also become lower in mood as well. When people eat a more plant-based diet, they are getting a wider variety of nutrients. As a result, they are getting more energy. They are also protecting themselves from depressive disorder. However, eating healthy is not the only solution to a depressive episode. There are plenty of other factors that can bring about depression in individuals. Follow Neurocore on twitter.com.