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Sentient AI’s Evoluntionary AI Ecommerce Solutions

Personalization is one of the most important aspects of the e-commerce engine. The personalization e-commerce engine surpasses the performance of their human counterpart sales person with speed and vast databases of items. The speed in which interaction takes place helps produce positive relationship between the online store and the consumer and all interactions are specific to the customer’s current and past shopping experience. Presentation of the interactions are colorful, pleasing and one click easy for each shopper.

Sentient AI Ecommerce Personalization is cutting-edge in the industry. Since 2007 the company is the engineering standard for e-commerce engines. The AI algorithms learn as costumers shop opening the door for personalized email and point-and-click opportunities. As the customer browses the Sentient AI Ecommerce Personalization draws direct from the best databases learned from the customer’s choices and experiences of similar shoppers. “Shoppers who bought this item also bought..” is a common sight at many online stores.

Recent advances in Sentient AI’s Ecommerce Personalization makes it possible to offer online merchants the ability to give its customers an even more personalized shopping experience. With the help of smart algorithms the merchant is able to capture a customer’s preferences and offer reordering options and/or offer alternative brands currently on sale. If the merchant chooses an email is created based on customer purchases keeping the customer advised of sales and special offers.

These new algorithms engineered at Sentient AI are called evolutionary algorithms. An example of these algorithms at work can be seen at Amazon.com. This type of product recommendation by Amazon generates over 30% of its profits. Merchants are able to customize engines to target the specifics of their online store. For example, Amazon’s products are more generalized than Home Depot’s and the flexibility of these AI personalization engines allow each online store to showcase it’s premier products.

The Sentient AI Personalization engine operates at low cost with available computing power to access massive databases to enhance the online merchant’s bottom line. The merchant is able to focus on each customer’s tastes and preferences and present items to complement the customer’s immediate purchase. Lightning fast and with one click ease the customer is presented with items they may otherwise overlook. New and appealing presentations are created every day by online merchants to offer their customers a full and pleasing shopping experience. Sentient AI’s Ecommerce Personalization offers shopping solutions to industries around the world. Visit fundacity.com to know more about Sentient.