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Tony Petrello Journey to Greatness

Tony Petrello joined the Nabors Industries Ltd in 1991 and was elected to join the Board of Directors in the same year. He was elected as the president of the company from the year 1992 to October of 2011. He served as the Deputy Chairman from the year 2003. He also served as the CEO and the president of the company since the year 2011. Tony Petrello happens to be a great CEO with excellent managerial skills. He believes in time management, commitment, team building and also innovation. His academic credentials were also a good mix and enable him executive his skills very well.

Tony Petrello also happens to have worked at Baker & McKenzie which was a law firm based in the United States. He specialized in corporate law, taxation and also international arbitration. The great Tony relocated to New York in 1986 and served as the managing partner of the New York office. He tendered his resignation in the year 1991. He is a graduate of law from the Havard Law School. He is also pursued a bachelors degree in Mathematics from the University of Yale and also and masters of science degree in Mathematics from the same University. The law degree he acquired after abandoning his mathematics career and decided to do something else. He didn’t know that they would match to make him one of the best American CEO.

Tony Petrello besides serving as a chairman of Nabors, happens to be the Hilcorp Energy company directors and also Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He also serves as the board of Texas Children Hospital Board of Trustees. He has vast experience in management and has been on the frontline fighting for growth of the companies he is associated with. He is known for bringing changes in every department that he heads and that was what made him grow in his career very well.

Tony is also a great philanthropist and has been awarded because of his dedication in giving. He has also given a lot of money to health-related non-governmental organizations. Tony Petrello has been helping children suffering from neurological disorders. He started his mission when his first child was admitted for more than 6 months in hospital after birth. He decided to give out $70 million to the Texas children hospital to help in the construction of a good block that would specialize in treating children with such disorders. The company expanded very well and is currently treating people from across the globe. He never tires on helping where expected.

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Bridget Scarr Making It Big as a Creative Producer

Bridget Scarr has had a very successful career as a creative producer and writer. She has been in the field for more than 15 years and her work is simply amazing. Over the course of her career, she has developed content for television, interactive exhibition, augmented reality and virtual reality, and she is known to never disappoint. She also has excellent leadership skills, having successfully led teams of up to 220 people in various projects. Bridget also has great people skills and she developed these from her work which involves interacting with different people including kids, teenagers, and adults.


Colibri Studios


Bridget currently works at Colibri Studios as an executive producer. While most of her previous roles involved her bringing other people’s ideas to life, her role at Colibri Studios involves both coming up with ideas and executing them. Bridget Scarr is excited about this transition in her career and derives a lot of joy and satisfaction from her work. It is no wonder her projects are always so successful.


Bridget does a lot of research for her projects and is always keen on staying updated on industry news. This keeps her in the know and helps her come up with ideas that are in line with what the target audience wants. Virtual reality is one trend that really excites her because of the many ways in which it can be beneficial, from enhancing education to healing the sick.




Bridget has achieved a lot in her career as a creative producer.She understands that she needs to balance all aspects of her life for her be happy and successful. Therefore, she ensures she sets some time aside for her family every day. Bridget loves to meditate as this is how she focuses all her energy on what she needs to do. Meditation also played a big role in helping her overcome the numerous challenges she has faced over the years. Although Bridget had her fair share of challenges in her journey as an entrepreneur, she learnt a lot from them and came out stronger rather than letting the difficulties she encounters bog her down and make her give up.


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