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Chris Burch Buys Nihiwatu On Sumba Island

Chris Burch invested in Nihiwatu in 2012. The beautiful resort is located in Sumba Island. Burch was assisted by a business partner who works in hospitality industry. For the business to be substantial, the duo resolved for a renovation scheme, a project that cost $ 30 million to rebuild. In three years, the building was up and operating. The five-star resort reopened under the special name, Nihiwatu. According to Travel + Jet, a magazine that features beautiful places, the hotel made it to the best resort and place to travel to in 2016. James McBride, Chris’ partner, has also been reaping the benefits of having the resort. Check for related article.


Nihiwatu is presently a job hub for many people. The employees enjoy being part of a revolutionary industry. The idea of having the resort has been a blessing to Chris and his children. He spends most of his time in Nihiwatu. Chris was amazed by the performance of the restaurant because he did not expect the excellence. He was taking a risk just like with any business.

Business Profile of Chris Burch

Burch is a mogul in fashion in addition to technology. Hospitality is now his field too. The man responsible for establishing Tory Burch, a business he started with his wife has been gracing news with more innovations. Chris once explained why fashion depends on technology and technology on fashion. According to him, the evolution of these resources is unstopped. Chris is also responsible to starting C.Wonder. The company deals with the sales of apparels in addition to homes décor. Chris Burch has been successful because he is observant and slow to act. He conducts research before investing in a docket. Burch established Burch Creative Capital. He is the Chief executive Officer and controls major shares of Burch Creative Capital. He holds the company through excellent decision making.


Being visionary, Burch put resources in company called Little Duck Organics. He also featured in technology based companies like Powermat and Jawbone. The series of investments continue to ten years back when he was part of Faena Hotel. He was a share holder and played key roles at critical policy making. The fashion guru Mr. Alan Faena was the owner and lead executive. More to read on

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Chris was however, a leader in his ways. He offered valid guidance in leadership. Joined by Philippe Starck, the team put their resources in a state-of-the-art hotel. Burch is an inspiration to prospective entrepreneurs. His skills can be emulated in many ways.  Learn more of his creative vision and output, head over to

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The Entertainment industry-Norman Pittz

Podcastone has been having new innovations each day. Recently the entertainment network launched a new mobile software that will be used to assist listeners to connect to their audio program with ease. The new software has 360-degree video recording system as well as a variety of interactive features. Podcastone has decided to offer the software free on their website, Google Play as well as play store. As mentioned earlier Podcastone’s software has numerous features that enable the user to watch as well as listen to their favorite programs, contribute to the ongoing discussions, receive photographs that cannot be found on the internet as well as sending messages to other listeners who are using the same technology. The software comes with an added advantage to the subscribers who earn points that can be used to obtain some services as well as products and also watch special virtual-reality programs.

Podcastone has partnered with Mandt VR to assist then offer quality services of virtual-reality and 360 videos. Ever since their partnership, Mandt and Podcast have designed 1000 videos, and every week the two organizations make sure they add more videos to their program. Some of their videos include; the Art of the Charm, Dr. Drew, reasonable doubt, The Adam Carolla Show, Laila Ali Lifestyle among others. Podcastone has several video recording studios located in Beverly Hills, New York as well as Burbank which was fitted with the latest technology to realize the distribution and recording of the videos ( Neil Mandt is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Mandt VR in a statement he was happy the Podcastone management for their everyday innovation of technology in the entertainment industry.

Norman Pittz is the founder and the founder of Podcastone. He can well be described as the father of the entertainment and media industries. Mr. Pittz is also the founder of one of the largest radio networks in the United States Westwood one radio Network. The radio network is the distributor of sports, news, talks, and traffic updates. The American entrepreneur has a passion in the entertainment and media sectors; he created yet another successful program known as Courtside Entertainment Group. Ever since he began his career in the entertainment industry, Norman has been displaying a positive character and he was appointed twice to the Federal Broadcasting Board of Governors by former Presidents of the United States of America; President Bush and Clinton. Norman Pittz established Podcastone in 2012. He is a family man and lives in Southern California with his wife Mary.


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Antony Petrello- Hard Work Pays

Antony Petrello is a business icon who has risen among the corporate ladder of America and of course least known in most households. His speech like politicians is known to fill the screen, and he is also one of the most influential figures in America. He is known to represent a part of the United States that has never received gratitudes despite crafting the American way of life.

Antony Petrello once ranked as the highest paid CEO in the year 2014 he earned approximately 68.2 million dollars. He was the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, well-known leading oil and natural gases drilling company. His high level of success has inspired many and earned him envy and admiration; his close associates term him as a humble and honest man who deserves.

Petrello is a man known to pursue moral codes based on hard work, fairness, and respect in the Wall Street, unlike others who use greedy tactics to survive. He is a business strategist and a brilliant manager, and his success relates to the way he treats others. He has helped create thousands of jobs through as a new captain of different industries and given American a better way of enjoying life.

His Humble Beginnings

Anthony Petrello just like other giant CEO has worked his way out; he grew up in Newark a predominately Italian village of working-class citizens in New Jersey. Newark is a city known for its hardship as well as big work honor and ethics, they believe in ensuring the needs of each other are taken care of, and hard work is rewarded, and honesty is highly valued. Newark installed this belief in Antony Petrello making him a man of integrity and honor.

He studied hard to get a place at Yale University as a mathematical scholar, after graduation he got a place at Harvard Law School where he got his degree in human science. He is a great team builder and a strong business manager.

Nabors industries chief executive Antony Petrello earns a salary of $ 60 million with unlimited annual bonuses; he gets his pay in stock, cash, and restricted stock. His other bonuses are compensated according to the company performance. He is a person who has really achieved in life a doing very well in terms of progress. He shall be remembered because of his expertise and managerial skills. He is truly one of the greatest scholars the world has ever had.

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