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Securus Technologies: Keeping Prisons Safe Through Communications Services

America currently has thousands of holding and incarceration facilities throughout the country. Giving their inmates the services that are essential for their mental health and stability is one of the key factors of the prisons that are currently there. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a prison. An inmate must be allowed some or the other form of communication so that they can stay in touch with the world. Constant communication with friends and family on the outside is also something that can help reduce the crime rate inside prisons which is why having a good communications provider is necessary.


Securus Technologies is one such company that believes in offering some of the highest quality of communication services to inmates who are inside the facilities that the company is tied up with. Securus Technologies is currently one of the leading telecommunications providers in the entire country. Prisons not just in America but also in Canada have collaborated with this company to offer a comprehensive range of communication services that inmates can opt to go in for. The company also provides a range of video calling services so that prisoners can see their loved ones while talking to them.


Being a communications provider in a sea of detainees in no easy task. There is always the risk of an inmate doing something illegal just because he has access to communication. Securus Technologies has always had to take special precautions to ensure that their services are not being misused by anyone and that all the communication that goes on is within the bounds of what is legal and permitted. To enforce this, all of the calls that go on with the people inside these centers and their loved ones on the outside is recorded and monitored for suspicious activity.