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How Madison Street Capital Ensures the Success of its Corporate Clients

Madison Street Capital is regarded as one of the world’s leading investment banking enterprises. The firm currently targets to work with middle market companies across the globe. Its reputation has grown due to its outstanding experience, integrity, and expertise in handling investments of different types of corporations. Madison runs most of its operations from its head offices, which are located in Chicago, Illinois. The firm understands a lot about corporate finance, and it has successfully arranged complex transactions, reliable exit strategies, and helped sellers to meet with buyers. Key areas that it has specialized in are private placement advice, corporate governance, tax compliance, bankruptcy solutions, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Learn more:


The finance company serves clients from across the globe, and it has established offices in India, Ghana, Oregon, and Chicago. It uses global-based approaches in addressing the issues that its customers face. The success of the firm has been facilitated by its executive’s remarkable skills in analytics, market information, and outstanding relationships that they use when conducting transactions. The Madison Street Capital reputation stands out since it is always ready to serve any business that requires corporate finance solutions.


One of the major clients of the finance firm is DCG Software, which is Pennsylvania-based. The company is recognized for its expertise in offering outstanding software analytics solutions. Madison Street Capital recently assisted it in forming a merger with the Spitfire Group. DCG Software’s expertise is in project management, evaluation of software, and determining software worth. The firm was established in 1994, and it believes that the formation of the merger would enable it to increase the value of its business. Based in Denver, Spitfire Group has specialized in offering its clients with technology architecture, custom development, and management of projects. It is devoted to using state-of-the-art technologies in serving its customers.


The Dowco Group is one of Madison Street Capital’s oldest clients. Dowco recently hired it to assist it in the acquisition of Acuna and Associates. The company is renowned for the offering exceptional pre-construction and steel modeling solutions. Madison Street Capital did a remarkable job in the transaction, and this enabled it to be nominated for various awards by the M&A Advisors.


ARES Security Corporation also hired the investment banking firm to assist in finding an excellent financing partner. The company has specialized in the development of cutting-edge security software, and it is headquartered in Virginia. The products that it offers are used by private and government organizations that have specialized in transport, nuclear energy, and many other important ventures. Madison Street Capital conducted the valuation of ARES’ and assisted it in acquiring capital to expand its business. The investment banking firm’s employees have been awarded by various institution due to their excellent performance in the industry. Learn more:


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Andrew Rolfe, Chairman of The Ubuntu Education Fund

The 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner raised $972,960 in May 2016. The proceeds for the Gala are used to assist the Fund’s campus in Port Elizabeth. The fund is using the money to fund various projects in the campus. First the fund will create a pediatric clinic that is available to all students in the campus. Second the fund will increase the number of disadvantaged children that it supports from the local area. The underprivileged children program takes young people from challenging backgrounds and educates them until they begin their careers. More than 300 people attended the gala where they were treated to music by a Xhosa choir and served tasty South African dishes.

Two past beneficiaries of the Ubuntu fund were special guests at the fund. They gave speeches that inspired the guests to donate money to the fund. Sinesipho Rabidyani is a law student who has benefited immensely from the fund. She had a challenging upbringing as her father was an alcoholic. She never wanted to be at home because there was no peace. The Ubuntu Fund gave her a scholarship to school and gave her psychosocial support. The fund also gives its members mentors who help them with their personal problems. She has also persuaded her mother to leave her alcoholic husband.

The Gala had an auction which was presided over by Charlie Ross a British Auctioneer. The auction sold a trip to South Africa, a painting by Nelson Makamo and to portraits by Dom Pattinson. The auction raised $38667 for the Ubuntu Fund.

The Ubuntu fund was founded by Jacob Lief and Malizole Gwaxula in 1999. It currently supports over 2000 South African children in the townships of Port Elizabeth. They started the fund by providing children with notebooks, pencils and text books. They noticed reading materials were not enough as the beneficiaries continued having problems. They then decided to assist the children with their personal problems such as food and problems at home.

The Ubuntu Education Fund is chaired by Andrew Rolfe. He is an alumnus of Oxford where he obtained a BA in Philosophy, Economics and Politics. He then got his MBA from Harvard. He is an accomplished business man and manager having worked at companies such as Booker Food Service, PepsiCo and Pret A Manager.


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Greg Secker’s Successful Venture into Forex Trading

Greg Secker Foundation is a venture that works towards improving people’s lives globally. It is focused on teaching people the appropriate life skills and education. They have been in operations since 20010. It is one of Greg Secker’s most recent philanthropy works. “Build a House, Build a Home, Restore a Community Project” was invented after the typhoon that affected the Philippines. It was aimed at making the community ready to survive such a calamity the next time it hits them. They are targeting 100 homes before the fall season.

Learn to Trade’s Success and Awards

Greg joined financial industry through Thomas Cook Financial Services. It led to his venture into a new trading company known as “Virtual Trading Desk.” He later became the vice-president of a major fortune bank known as Mellon Financial Corporation. Greg experienced growth and then started his own trading company, which was known as Learn to Trade. It has grown and conquered markets in Philippines, London, Australia, and South Africa. World Finance awarded the Company Best Educator Award in 2012 and 2013. Learn to Trade received the Best Trading Education Product and Forex Trader Education UK in 2015 from the Wealth and Finance Magazine.

For effective forex trading, Greg has taught people on how to assess and manage risks and how to identify important forex indicators. Learning the ins and outs of forex trading requires time to learn; however, you do not need years to become an expert. Forex indicators allow investors to determine when to invest, what to invest in and when to let go of this investment before it drops its value. Simple Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, Economic Calendars, Exponential Moving Average, and the Stochastic Oscillator are the leading forex indicators.

About Greg Secker

Greg was born in February 1975. He is a renowned international speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. Secker owns Capital Index and Learn to Trade software, which is involved in Forex Trading. Greg was already a multi-millionaire at the age of 20. He is well known for his management in some Europe’s most successful trading company. Greg is dedicated to helping people to succeed in financial trading.

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George Soros Contribution to Politics

George Soros is one man you can say is self-made. He is a Hungarian by birth but fled his home country and sponsored himself through the school of Economics. George Soros became a railway porter and later worked in the Finance Department Merchant Bank.He in collaboration with Stan Druckenmiller made remarkable profits after shorting the British pound almost bringing the Bank of England to its knees. He had also established Hedge Fund at Wall Street in New York which was later called Double Eagle and then rebranded as Quantum Fund.The 85-year-old man is a force to reckon with in the world of investment with his 30 billion dollars worth of assets. His seventh chief Investment officer is a lady by the name Dawn Fitzpatrick. An investor at Wall Street, she performs exceptionally well on Wall Street thus the CIO of Soros fund.He is a supporter of American Progressive and American Liberal. His foundation, Open Society Foundations had made donations totaling to $11 billion between the years 1979-2011. His philanthropic works have led to initiatives geared towards poverty reduction and increased accountability. He has disbanded billions into scholarships and funded the putting up of Central European University.

The European Nationalists boogeyman poured $25 million into campaigns in a bid to put Clinton into the presidential office. He was to attend for the first time the Democratic Convention to watch Clinton accept the Democratic presidential nomination. He failed to attend the function at the last-minute because he needed to monitor the Economy of Europe closely. He had spent a whopping $27 million to have President George W Bush out of office in 2004, and his backing of Clinton was an outright show that he wanted to be actively involved in the political processes. His faith in her fueled this new move in the political arena in support of Clinton.

It was also because he needed to safeguard matters about Immigration reforms, Criminal Justice reforms, and religious tolerance, matters that are very close to his heart. He also accused Clinton’s rival Donald Trump of being a fear monger.His support for a possible Clinton presidency came as a surprise. He had said he would never spend so much in politics since his support for John Kerry had not yielded much. He had termed it as an exception. George was a serious critic of President Bush’s re-election because of his policies on Iraq. He used the phrase “A matter of life and death” the need to have Bush out of office. He said he would concentrate on his international foundations that seek to have in place Human right reforms and better services in the Health and Education sectors after Bush’s win.

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The Impactful Journey of Matthew Autterson

Drawing on his more than 25 years as a business executive, Matthew Autterson is also well-known as a leader in Colorado’s business community.

After graduating from Michigan State University with a B. A. degree, Autterson attended the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program.

His professional career was launched at First Trust Corporation, a subsidiary of Fiserv. He then joined Colorado State Chartered Company, a subsidiary of New York-based financial services company Integrated Resources. He became president of Resources Trust Company in 1986. Three years later Resources Trust Company was acquired by Broad Inc. which subsequently became SunAmerica.

AIG acquired SunAmerica for $18 billion. Preceding the sale’s completion, Resources Trust Company was one of the biggest state-chartered, FDIC-insured depository trust companies in the United States.

After working for close to 20 years at Resources Trust Company, Autterson joined GL3B Partners Ltd., a privately-owned, member operated limited partnership that directs its attention to real estate, privately held operating companies and more.

At the present time, Autterson utilizes his advisory skills as the president and chief executive officer of CNS Bioscience. CNS is an early stage bio-science company that for the most part focuses on neuropathic pain, pain that is due to injury or dysfunction of the nerves or the nervous system.

He operates on the Board of Directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB), a company that offers assistance to people with neuromotor disabilities in developing their strength to control and become accustomed to their environment. Both FAB and CNS were founded by Dr. Scott Falci, Craig Hospital’s lead neurosurgeon.

FAB works with the foremost medical centers and engineering specialists to evolve new and fresh technologies into healing and remedy systems.

As a leader in Colorado’s business community, Autterson’s philanthropic activities also take in several years of leadership roles with the Board of the Denver Zoo and Denver Zoological Foundation.

Specifically, Autterson has helped raise $50,000 for the construction of a children’s carousel at the Denver Zoo.

He also functioned as chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice and served as a former member of the Young President’s Organization and World Presidents’ Organization. In addition, Matthew Autterson volunteered as a member of the Board of Directors of the Webb-Waring Foundation.

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Desiree Perez: Showing Strength and Heart in a Tough Business

On July 26, 2017, Runninglip published an article by Be about Desiree Perez and her success at Roc Nation. The piece opens with a statement declaring that the enormous music and entertainment industry is both a man’s world and one of the most competitive environments in business. People unwilling to drive forward doing whatever it takes usually fall by the wayside.  For the full article, click

In a man’s world of high-pressure negotiation and big money deals, one woman has stepped into the fray and come out a winner. Desiree Perez has earned praise and respect from the boys because she is tough, shrewd, and fearless but also compassionate when appropriate. Desiree has worked alongside Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, and many people in the know allude to the fact she is his most potent weapon. Desiree advises Jay-Z on business decisions and negotiations.  Related article on

Together the pair, along with other members of their inner circle have made Roc Nation one of the top forces driving the music and entertainment industry. Perez alone has put together a string of successes including a close relationship with several upper-level artists the most notable of which is Rhianna. Desiree is right there with the star as the two plan the best strategy to take Rihanna’s career to even loftier heights.  More to read on

Desiree is also involved with Roc Nation Sports, Jay-Z’s company run by Desiree’s husband, Juan Perez. The husband and wife team work closely negotiating contracts for the athletes they’ve signed. These sports stars include boxers, baseball players, football players, and many others. Negotiating sports contracts is not for the faint of heart, so obviously, that is why Jay-Z wants his most competent negotiator right up front.  Click on this for additional reading.

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Roc Nation’s Secret Weapon: Desiree Perez

When hearing about the popular music of today, it is inevitable that names such as Jay-Z or Rihanna, would be brought up; both are exceptionally sought-after artists, that have been at the forefront of the mainstream music industry for years.

Jay-Z, an affluent rapper and business man, owes much of the success of his company, Roc Nation, to that of Desiree Perez. She, the Chief Operating Officer of the aforementioned company, boasts a very accomplished career.

Desiree has had a hand in the successes of some of the artists at Roc Nation. She has taken part in the planning of Rihanna’s Anti tour, and setting up a $25 million collaboration with Samsung to promote the tour. The tour received a very favorable outcome, due in part to Desiree’s involvement. In an industry saturated by men, it is very admirable that Desiree has made a name for herself, as a woman to be reckoned with in the business, and music world.

Head over to this for related article.

Desiree plays a significant role in Roc Nation’s negotiating team. Her position in the establishment is definitely crucial to Roc Nation, its artists, and its many business endeavors. She has helped make many important deals for the company, one being a $150 million deal with Live Nation. For an update of her recent timeline activities, hit

Her industry savvy knowledge has been put to use for at least 22 years. Because of this, she is considered Jay-Z and Roc Nation’s secret weapon, especially when making major decisions within the establishment.   Click on for additional article.

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Without her, it is unknown whether or not things would go as smoothly as they have for Roc Nation, but luckily for them, they won’t have to find out any time soon, as it seems she won’t be leaving Roc Nation’s side. With such accomplishments, it would be unfortunate for her talents for business and negotiation to be wasted.  More to read on

Learn more about Dez on

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Rocketship Education – Teaching Done Right!

When considering a charter school, no decision should be made without investigating Rocketship Education. This non-profit organization uses a unique model of rotating learning stations which help all students reach their highest achievement levels. Based out of Redwood City, California, Rocketship is operating 16 schools throughout California, Milwaukee, Tennessee and Washington, DC. Locating 85% of their schools in low-income area, Rocketship strives to bridge the achievement gaps that normally follows income-levels.

Following a STEM curriculum, Rocketship teachers take education one step further. Not only do they concentrate on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, but they strive to awaken a child’s natural curiosity through art classes.

Their rotational system of teaching combines teacher instruction, On-line instructional modules, and individual readings to provide each child the opportunity to learn in their own manner. Small groups of children rotate between the different stations, affording individualized attention from the teacher. Students get the opportunity to work together and alone, providing them with various solution solving skills. Rocketship believes in tailoring education to each child’s academic, social and personal needs.

Providing education for grades K through 5, the Rocketship commitment doesn’t end there. Care is given to successful transitions into middle school. And Rocketship students are thriving. When you have caring teachers such as ours, caring and nurturing does not end at graduation day.

Just as they approach teaching children differently, Rocketship Education also approaches their teachers differently. Supplying coaching / mentoring programs, traditional education opportunities, and on-the-job learning our instructors receive 4 – 5 of educational instruction per week. Also offered are leadership programs such as the Rising Leaders and Principal Preparation program. When a teacher works for Rocketship, they are surrounded by a network of supportive, nurturing professionals ready to help them advance in their chosen careers.

Each Rocket Education school excels because of the support from parents and the community. Without engaged parents supporting the school, none of this would be possible. Community leaders supporting the school through participation in community projects and outreach projects.

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Sheldon Lavin – Blessed with Tremendous Leadership Skills and Ensuring Success for OSI Industries

Sheldon Lavin is a well-known name in the meat processing industry and is the Chairman and CEO of the famous meat processing company, the OSI Industries. In an interview, Sheldon Lavin said that he studied business and finance and thus, he was never meant to be in the meat processing industry. Sheldon Lavin started as a financial executive providing funding for his company to the middle market corporations and individuals. It is how he came across the family who ran the meat processing company named Otto and Sons.

Sheldon Lavin developed close relations with the family that owned the company in the next few years while continuing to provide financial support for the company’s various business activities. However, when Otto and Sons were in need of more finance for the firm, the company for which Sheldon Lavin worked asked him to become a partner in the enterprise. It is how the involvement of Sheldon Lavin began in Otto and Sons, which was later rebranded to be named OSI Industries. Over the years, Sheldon Lavin took over the command due to his performance and ability to push the company to new extremes of success that corporation never witnessed earlier.

It is his hard work and determination to take OSI Industries to new heights of success that the company has over 70 manufacturing units in 17 countries and has a workforce that has over 20,000 employees. Sheldon Lavin has won many awards over the years, including the Global Visionary Award in 2016, given by India’s Vision World Academy. In 2015, RSM US LLP also gave Sheldon Lavin the Lifetime Achievement Award for his tremendous contribution to the industry and the services he furnished to the Chicago Community over the years.

Sheldon Lavin believes that OSI Industries has a lot of potential to grow further as the food industry continues to grow at massive scale worldwide. It is why; Sheldon Lavin plans to open many new production units at new overseas market. Even though many of the overseas operations runs autonomously through the company’s subsidiaries, Sheldon Lavin keeps a close watch to ensure that the company is adding to the revenue and ensuring strict standards company maintains to provide quality end products to the clients.

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