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The Return Of The Hippo Habitat

The name James Dondero has developed notoriety and is now cherished by Dallas and Fort Worth residents. He is an incredibly relevant figure. Apart from being the Co-Founder and current President of one of Dallasâ largest capitals expense companies – Highland Capital Management. James Dondero serves as influential philanthropist and prides himself on being a major supporter of societal functionality.James Dondero’s motivation and has resulted in the establishment of several public facilities like educational organizations and also most of Dallas key attractions. And, as is typical, his latest new regarding philanthropy pertains to the return of a hippo outpost at the Dallas Zoo. Many zoo and hippo lovers confused with happiness and keen to begin to see the hippos for the first time in 15 years.


James Dondero is Cofounder and President of Highland Capital Management and presently resides in Dallas, TX. Since inception in 1993, Highland Money really has been a pioneer in the advancement of the Collateralized Loan Obligation industry as well as in developing credit oriented options for institutional and retail traders worldwide.For the millions of yearly Dallas zoo-goers, this year the addition of one of the zooâs most invigorating exhibitions, The Hippo Habitat, is back.

That’s correct. And you never have to travel to Africa to witness the elegance of hippos. Dallas citizens can finally relish after a decade and also a half in waiting. Last year in 2016, Mr. Dondero posted on his Face-Book page that highland is supporting provide hippos straight back to the Dallas Zoo in 2017! A guarantee that came correct on the 28th of April 2017.


Mr. Dondero earned an education from the University of Virginia with highest honors affiliated with Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. He specialized in a degree from within the McIntire School of Commerce with dual majors in Accounting and Finance. Source of the article :

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James Dondero Discusses Keys to Success

In a recent interview, the co founder and President of Highland Capital Management James Dondero talked about his approach to making deals in the finance industry. James has often stated that one of the things he does when looking to make deals is to carefully evaluate all debt and credit based securities. Since his firm specializes in this very product, Dondero always looks to acquire assets that are backed by credit and debt. This has proven to make his firm highly profitable over the years. Another way in which James looks to make finance deals is by looking to securities that have the potential to turn around This means that they are securities that may be low in value but are likely to rise up within a few months. Lastly, James keeps track of all of the latest developments and trends in the securities industry in order to take advantage of new opportunities.

James Donderoco founded Highland Capital Management in the year 1990 with Mark Okada. When the firm first started out, it was a one that specialized in life insurance products. This provided consumers with a very valuable insurance policy to use. During the next few years, Dondero realized that there is a growing demand for other types of financial services. Therefore, he looked to expand on the firms offerings which would eventually include financial advice, wealth management and also the offering of collateralized loan obligations. This helped the firm set itself a part form other financial services firms during the rest of the 1990’s decade.

When James first began his career, he worked as an employee for a number of finance firms. His first job was one as a credit analyst in which he would evaluate credit based securities. With this experience, James would develop the foundation for his eventual business idea. During the next few years of his career, he would steadily get higher positions in the industry that would give him more responsibility. His last job was one as a chief investment officer where he would routinely manage billions of dollars in assets for large corporations.

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Jeremy L. Goldstein is Reachable Through the LRIS

New York citizens have a new way to find the right lawyer for their legal needs, no matter how big or small these needs may be. This new method of pairing people with professionals comes to the public through the New York State Association by way of their Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS). Together they provide a website and it is meant to complement the LRIS phone service that is still in place and operational. One big difference between the two is that the online option is open all day every day. However, whether New Yorkers use the traditional phone method or the web, the results and procedures are the same.



In lieu of making a phone call, anyone of legal age who is looking for a lawyer starts the process by visiting the site and filling out a quick confidential questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is completed and submitted, the State Bar reviews it and determines a match based on location. Depending on the county, the State Bar may forward an individual to a referral service and bar association already in play. The initial referral is absolutely free, but the consultation that follows costs 35 USD (United States Dollars) for 30 minutes. There are exceptions made for certain circumstances. There is no obligation with the consultation. This service is 35 years old and just as trusted as dialing an operator for a business number and address.



One of the trusted lawyers on the LRIS roster is Jeremy L. Goldstein. He is the Founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a very well connected self-regulating professional and respected by his peers. He is a virtual spring well of know-how and can-do when it comes to litigation. Not to mention, that his range and mastery of financial law paired with his grasp of current events kind of makes him a maverick.



Any group of professionals are in good company with Jeremy L. Goldstein on their team. All it takes is a single glance at his contributions on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation for proof of this fact. But, if that does not add up, there is more evidence at hand. Without a doubt, Jeremy L. Goldstein’s past partnership with the firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz still has ties that that attest to his competence and prowess.


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