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News From US Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has long since been known for their status. They are often looked to as the leader in precious metals. So it’s really not surprising that they recently overhauled their website. From a refreshing, new take on the logo to a more functional and experiential website layout, they made sure to reflect their status as the go-to experts.

Not only can you purchase government-issued bullion from their site, you can find an absolute wealth of education and information regarding the subject. This is a company that wants to educate its market and its consumers. They want well-informed consumers to invest with them. They are not out to make a cheap buck off of unsuspecting people.

On the topic of the website’s redesign, VP of Brand and Creative Ryan Buchanan quoted as saying, “We now have a fully-responsive tool that allows us to generate quality content across all platforms, further interact with our clients, and of course, offer the world’s best precious metals products through our secure online storefront,”.

The online shop now provides, among other amenities such as exclusive products and PCGS certified coins, competitive, live pricing on both silver and gold bullion bars.

Consumers can also expect extremely helpful one-on-one consultations, secure offline transactions, purchasing assistance, and offline special releases.

This company truly cares about the quality of consumer’s experience, as well as the reputation it carries as being knowledgeable, friendly, and dependable. The consultants, which will contact you, exude all of the qualities that U.S. Money Reserve holds dear. You will not be left confused, feeling brushed off, or underwhelmed by this company and its wonderful, tedious staff.

To top it off, they have the best return policy in the market – the BuyBack Guarantee – which offers a full refund on certified coins, as long as it’s within the first 30 days of your purchase.

Pair that with unbeatable fast shipping speeds, and it’s easy to see why the U.S. Money Reserve is considered not only the go-to authority on all government-issued bullion information but also the best place to buy government-issued bullion from. If you’ve not seen what all the fuss is about yet, you should head over to their website now!

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Traveling Vineyard – Amazing Wine Deals

The Traveling Vineyard is a business based in the United States that deals in wine tasting and direct selling of wine. This business is very lucrative and easy because it is a home based business. This makes the business very convenient as you host the events at your home. Traveling Vineyard always strives to ensure that the wine provided is right and fair. This is mostly based on the quality and price of the wine as well as the services.

Traveling Vineyard offers free wine tasting for its customers. They offer one of the best deals you can find in the market today when it comes to wine selling. Free wine tasting with a generous commission on sales for the host. This deal is beneficial to both the host and potential buyers since everyone loves free wine. The wine comes in three categories. We have red, white sweet and fizzy. The price range is between $14 and $25 dollars which is affair price.

The Traveling Vineyard came into business in 2001 and has been growing steadily overtime. Becoming a wine tasting guide is very easy since you do not have to be an expert on wines. All you need is five bottles of wine, tasting glasses, bottle carrier and marketing materials like brochures.

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Traveling Vineyard hosts enjoy a lot of benefits compared to other companies in the wine business. The guides enjoy an all-expenses paid trip and promotion as part of their benefits. Other than that the commission offered on sales starts at 15% and can rise all the way to 35%. This is a very good and sound deal. Traveling Vineyard has proven to be a business that delivers. Here you get quality products and vibrant hosts who make the wine tasting events very colorful and successful. Traveling Vineyard brings home an experience with a difference.

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