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Google’s Change Of Defamation Policies

A recent development has occurred for the industry of online reputation management. Google is changing its policy when it comes to removing pages of libel from the search results. In this case, things are going to be a little challenging for people who have an online presence. For one thing, news that is listed on the search results are going to stay on the search results. Therefore, people who are hit with an online crisis are likely to be haunted by it for a long time. While the majority of users don’t go past the front page of search results, there still are users that go beyond the front page.

One common issue that has occurred since September of 2016 is that many attorneys have issued court ordered removals of libelous content from the search results only to be denied. This is a change from around 2009 when Google has put up a policy for removing defamatory content. However, Google has not denied every request for removal, but there have been enough denials for it to be significant. One thing that is important to note is that search engines have been made exempt from liability for defamation.

The issue with this is that there are many entities online that will spread false information about any given person for any reason. The target of defamation does not have to do anything to trigger this. This is the reason that it is important to get online reputation management services. That way, one would be better prepared for any false information sent with intent of causing harm to the individual. Fortunately, the right tools make it easy to keep up with every mention of the individual or his company. It also makes it easier for him to bury the bad report with a ton of good news about the company.


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The Top Wine Brands in the UK

The wine industry has matured in the last couple of years. There are some good brands for consumers to choose from today. Below is a list of the top wine brands in the UK to help you make the correct choice. The number one brand in the UK is Hardys although the company’s sales went down from £325 million to £315.7 million in the previous year.

Blossom Hill retained the number two spot. They experienced a dip in sales in the previous year just like Hardys. They recorded £207.9m last year which is a 15% drop from what they sold in the preceding year. Blossom Hill has been a favorite of many because it sells bottles that cater for customers with different budgets. The brand even has a bottle that retails at less than £5. This is the lowest priced bottle offered by brands that are in the top ten.

Echo Falls came in at third place. Their sales went up by 3% to £194 million, unlike the two top brands. Concha y Toro offers Casillero del Diablo. It moved up four places on the list and became the fourth. They still managed to record a 34% increase in sales even though they have the highest price bottles on average. This is mainly attributed to the partnership that they have with Sky Cinema. It was renewed for another 12 months in March of last year.

Mcguigan came in at number five. They retained their position since the previous year. The winery still saw sales grow by 10% even though they did not move up the list. Barefoot came in at number six. The brand from California experienced the most growth among all companies on the list. Barefoot’s sales rose by more than 37% to £107 million, and this is what led them to move up from tenth place to sixth. Gallo, Isla Negra, and Jacobs Creek occupied the seventh, eighth, and ninth spot respectively. Yellow Tail came in at tenth as the newcomer saw a staggering 33% increase in sales.

Are you looking to acquire vintage wine for your collection or resale? UK Vintners is the company that you should consider. UK Vintners’ mission is to deliver the best service to clients that are interested in acquiring vintage wines from leading vineyards around the world. There are very few companies that have the expertise that UK Vintners has and that have access to the network of industry contacts similar to UK Vintners.

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21st Century Haircare

Living in these modern times comes with a lot of benefits thanks to technology. Other times this contemporary society still has deal with it’s problems and one of it’s problems is in the hair care field. Did you know that many of the top brands of hair care products are loaded with chemicals? These chemicals are synthetic, which are man made, and they have to potential to harm your hair/scalp with consistent use. They may help you achieve a specific look, but the negatives definitely outweigh the positives.

Shampoo is very popular as it gives your scalp a pretty good cleaning. Unfortunately there’s a downside to shampoo as it full of chemical additives as well. The lather that is created from shampoo is actually a chemical reaction. Yep! Any and everything that is put on the skin gets absorbed into the body. A great rule of thumb is to try using a more gentle shampoo or conditioner. Being more gentle means that it’s less active or contains fewer amounts of chemical additives. For the very best in gentle formulas, Wen Hair care Products are at the top of the list and they’ll give you much better results thanks to their unique formulas.

WEN by Chaz is formulated with some of the finest ingredients that actually come fro a natural base. Anything that’s made by mother nature out performs synthetics. The brand was designed to give it’s users healthier haircare treatments which come on the form of gel, sprays, pomades, crème, and mousse. WEN by Chaz is a universal brand, which can be used by an and all races/ethnicities. There are just too many positives with (WEN) unlike the competition who are selling the public pipe dreams. This is the 21st Century and WEN by Chaz is the headlining act. Discover the many benefits of Wen by Chaz today. Visit the Wen hair care Facebook page and official Twitter account for more information.


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Dick DeVos and his Career

Dick DeVos is a powerful and wealthy individual not only because of the name that he possesses, but also due to the fact that his hard work and his determination has enabled him to gain respect within the world of business and innovation. Dick DeVos is a member of the DeVos family, a prominent family name that currently resides in Michigan. The DeVos family is not only well known for the family business that has continued in success through the many decades, but is also known for their many generous contributions to organizations across the United States that have worthy initiatives.


Dick DeVos has set a name for himself through his determination to follow in the footsteps of his father, Richard DeVos. Dick DeVos has always loved business and has many fond family memories that he has that were spent in the family office of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos, even before any formal education, helped the family where he could and spent time with his father when he could. Dick DeVos distinctly remembers helping the employees of the company file papers, run errands, and even give product descriptions to the clients of the company. It was not until after a formal education and a degree in economics that Dick DeVos was truly able to join the company as an employee.


With a degree in economics, Dick DeVos was able to become a part of the Amway Corporation family. Despite his association as the owner’s son, Dick DeVos was able to shine in his own light and developed leadership skills that inspired whomever he worked with to do the best that they could do. With hard work, Dick DeVos was able to climb through the ranks and was even given the position as a vice president of the company who was in charge of international sales.


Dick DeVos has followed the footsteps of his father in more than one way. As a member of this prominent and generous family, Dick DeVos has donated much of his money on worthy initiatives across the United States. Dick DeVos has given most of his donations to education initiatives in order to make a higher level of education available to even to the poorest individual. Dick DeVos believes that an education should not be based upon the income of the family, but should instead be based upon the merit of the student that is looking to pursue a higher level of education.