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Freedompop: A Revolution In Mobile Services

In a recent online review on ptmoney.com, Emily Burkin discusses the many advantages of having Freedompop services, and offered a Freedompop review. She says that she had always dreamed of a free Internet service, and was impressed when she heard about the things Freedompop offered.

According to the article, Freedompop allows customers to sign up for free. There are no contracts to sign and no cancellation fees. When people have the service, they get free phone, 500MB of 4G data, unlimited texting, and 200 minutes of voice. It is a dependable service that works off the Sprint network, says the article.

The writer notes that Freedompop is geared toward light mobile users. If customers go over their given data plan, they will get a $10 overage charge. Before the charge, users get an email telling them that their data use is nearly up, says the article. It is also mentioned that after the first year of Freedompop service, users will be charged $10.99 a month. Again, there are no contracts or cancellation fees involved.

There are ways that customers can increase their data without using the extra free option. They can choose to pay 2 cents for every additional MB used. The service sends customers emails that alert them to data overage, says the article. Freedompop also has a plan called Freedom Friends. Customers who refer their friends can receive an extra 10MB of data. They can also earn free data by taking various surveys that are offered online, the article says.

For customers who use their cell phones more often, Freedompop provides several paid plans. Those who use Wi-Fi connections for phone service can pay $5 per month for Freedompop’s Wi-Fi calling option. There is also a deal that gives customers 500MB of data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text for $10.99. The first month is free. They may also choose to pay $20 a month to get unlimited talk, text, and 1 GB of data, says the article. There are also Internet service options that include buying discounted mobile hotspots from the company.

Customers can use their Sprint-compatible devices with Freedompop services, or they can buy them from the company. Their devices are either refurbished brands or proprietary ones, says the article. The company also has a user-friendly website and a customer service department. In conclusion, the writer says that Freedompop is a great option for people who want a better price for their phone and Internet usage.

In 2011, Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar founded Freedompop in Los Angeles, CA.

It is one of the first mobile service companies to offer free voice, text, and data. They are connected with Sprint infrastructure and sell mobile devices for the service. Freedompop is now available across 25 different countries, and has raised over $100 million in venture capital.