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Lessons behind Susan McGalla Success in the Corporate World

Susan McGalla, a retail consultant from Pittsburgh, has climbed the American corporate ladder over the last three decades. She attributes hard work, perseverance, confidence, and versatility as the key things towards a successful career. She grew up with two older brothers, and his father encouraged her to voice out her ideas with confidence regardless of her gender.

McGalla started her career at Joseph Horne Company in 1986 where she worked in the marketing and managerial positions until 1994. American Eagle Outfitters later hired her as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s wear. When she joined American Eagle, there were no women on the board or the executive positions. Here her hard work and commitment paid off, and she rose to the Chief Merchandising Officer and later became the Company’s President on

She then left American Eagle Outfitters to begin her consultation firm for the financial investment and retail industries on, but Wet Seal persuaded her to become their Chief Executive Officer in 2011. Wet Seal was a young woman retail chains that sought to expand to every mall countrywide, and McGalla’s experience and expertise would help in facilitating that growth.

In 2012, Susan McGalla went back to Pittsburgh where she started the P3 Executive Consulting Firm. She also works for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. Susan McGalla has also gained more knowledge in the clothing and retail industry over the years which have attracted a lot of executives in the financial sector that need guidance in marketing, branding, and product merchandising.

Susan McGalla is an advocate of women rights in the corporate world. She serves as an inspiration to the women through her success in the business community which is a male dominated area. She now motivates women to move out of their comfort zones and be the leaders. She acknowledges networking as one of the greatest secrets behind success in business; this involves having a good relationship with your associates as well as being able to put all things together.

Believing in one’s skills is also a gateway to a successful business career; this enables one venture in the areas that many fear. Susan McGalla encourages women to have the right attitude of what they are entitled to at the same time ignoring the gender prejudices that they may come across. She also encourages them to pursue their careers and dreams. Her achievements in the corporate world make her one of the greatest inspiration to women across the world.

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Successful Retirement Plans By Richard Blair

Investment advisory refers to the team which links investment professionals to the management unit, vital clients of the firm and the relationship managers. Investment advisors advise their internal and external clients on investment ideas and solutions. To solve clientele issues, investment advisors identify their needs and preferences as well as the relationship managers with the aim of channeling them to a central unit for management. As a client focused on financial markets, a custom tailored investment unit allows you to be decisive about investment issues.

Wealth management is essential in this era. Through the discretionary mandates, investment advisors offer, clients can rest assured that their property is expertly handled. Investment advisors manage client’s wealth and control customer’s detailed goals, risk tolerance, and investment structure. Investment advisors couple their property management expertise with meaningful reporting, timely updates and consistency.

Investment advisory services offer execution securities and trading services aimed at providing innovative trading options. Through investment advisory custodian services, clients can benefit from a variety of professional services with clientele solutions. Here are some of the services from investment advisors:
• Centralized Safekeeping
• Administration of Securities
• Management of Uniforms
• Comprehensive Reporting
• Detailed Portfolios

About Richard Blair
Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a registered Investment Advisory firm located in Austin Texas. Richard loved education because his mother, grandmother, and wife were teachers. According to Richard Blair, teaching was the root of knowledge, confidence and personal growth. Not only was teaching a great path for success but also, combined with an aptitude for finance, Richard Blair realized he could assist people with financial management and planning for wealth creation. He joined the financial industry in 1993 after graduating from college. In 1994, Richard founded his firm, Wealth Solutions aimed at offering objective advice to clients.

Wealth Solutions has grown with Richard Blair as the founder implementing successful leadership skills. Over the years, Blair has exercised his expertise and experiences in retirement planning to assist his clients in bridging the gap between planning for the present life and the future which involves retirement. Richard Blair helps his clients to avoid regular pitfalls while generating strategies for retirement income. Richard’s goals focus on assisting customers to pursue their goals of achieving a successful retirement plan. Wealth Solutions is an advisory firm categorized under business consultants. Wealth Solutions makes profits of approximately $2.5 to 5 million. The firm has over five employees.

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Online Reputation Management Reins Supreme

The digital age has handed over the power to make or break a company’s reputation to the consumer. A lot of people prefer it that way too. This fact is very relevant to the online retailer and the real world retailer. A consumer might have a bad experience with their store and instantly go on social media and share their negative reviews with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. Certainly, consumers have the power in their hands to make or break a company’s online reputation. Social Media Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and even Brand Yourself are fair hunting grounds for people looking for reviews. Those negative reviews and comments on those sites could seriously harm a business reputation.
Taking Back Control
Companies wonder, if it is possible to take back control of their online reputation. Some take desperate steps like going off-line. However, this is not an option today. People are still going to communicate online and share stories and comments about a business. Therefore, it is important for a modern day business to have a plan in place to protect their online reputation. In fact, the only way to maintain strong control over a company’s online reputation is through this step.

Maintaining Control
In addition, digital management experts believe that the key to really maintaining control over a company’s online reputation begins with interacting with customers or keeping the lines of communication open. Studies show that a company that really takes the time to interact and communicate with customers will maintain control over their reputation. Those positive experiences will over-ride any negative criticisms found online.

The Steps to Maintain A Positive Online Reputation
Of course, every business would like to know the key steps to maintaining that positive online reputation. Some experienced marketers have shared those powerful tips with other online marketers. The top tips include careful monitoring of the company’s reputation around the clock, interacting with customers that post positive reviews quickly, inviting satisfied customers to leave reviews, and sharing positive customer reviews on a company website or social media sites. Hopefully, those positive reviews will rise to the top of the search engines and push down any negative media.


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Forget Other New York Offices For Rent – Coworking Spaces Discourages Unhealthy Competition


If there is one thing that is a tradition in the traditional workplace, it was that co-workers competed against each other. Sometimes the competition was so fierce that people often tried to get each other fired. There were also other issues in the traditional workplace that made it far from the ideal place to be. Also, the income that came with workplaces were limited. There was one advantage, it was that people were paid by the hour. Therefore, it was a little easier to make money in the workforce. However, the changes in the economy have made it necessary for some people to find some alternate source of income.

This is where coworking space NYC Workville comes in. Workville is filled with features that actually make it the opposite of regular workplaces in almost every way. For one thing, people are more likely to collaborate even though they work for similar companies. They have an understanding that there is enough room for the both of them. therefore, they work together in order to help each other succeed. For instance, if one of them comes up with something effective for his business, he will share it with someone else who works with a similar business

With co-working spaces there is less competition. Therefore people are more likely to talk to each other in a friendly manner. As a result, people will experience a lot of motivation to continue working in this kind of environment. Also, a lot of the co-working spaces that have opened up have filled almost to full capacity within months. As a result, there has proven to be a demand for co-working spaces.

Society is experiencing a change when it comes to work and generating income. A lot of people are discovering the advantages that come with co-working spaces. For one thing, there is diversity in the environment. The ironic thing about diversity is that it somehow inspires people to work together towards a common goal. when people from different walks of life come together, they will find a reason to work together as opposed to being in an office where everyone is supposed to be the same.

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Dick DeVos Breaking into Liquor Business and His Journey to Success

Despite the logistics and the price of buying the Coppercraft Distillery, I cannot regret joining the liquor business. The Coppercraft Distillery machine is doing a great job earning itself a big reputation in Michigan. Importantly, the liquor business benefits Dick DeVos, his family, and the entire community. Dick DeVos distillery does distributions to over a hundred locations in Michigan. Apart from liquor business, Dick DeVos and his wife venture in other areas of entrepreneurship. The move shows that they have vast business experience. Moreover, he has empowered many people since his youth with his enterprising skills. He enjoys flying and sailing when on vacations and during free time.

Dick DeVos Life and Business Prospects

Dick DeVos will be celebrating his 61st birthday in October this year. He is the firstborn of Richard DeVos who was the founder of the Amway Company. Dick is married to Betsy for the thirty-five years. Betsy is a daughter of the Edgar Prince the founders of Prince Foundation. The couple has seven children as well as five grandchildren.

Dick DeVos attended forest hills public schools for his junior and high school. He went to Northwood University for his bachelor of business administration degree.

In addition, Dick DeVos finds interest in politics. He is an influential member of the Republican Party. In 2012 general elections, he contested for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan, but he lost to his Democrat rival.

In the world of business and entrepreneurship, DeVos is a guru. Currently, he is the president of Amway Corporation. This is a family owned business, as his father was the founder. Apart from this company, he has worked in the NBA Orlando Magic as well as Windquest Group. In all these enterprises, he works in executive positions. He is the seating president of the Winquest Group.

DeVos business prowess started when he was the president of Amway Corporation. During this time, he was responsible for the company operations in more than fifty countries located in almost all the continents. Before, coming out of his position, he managed to bring sales amounting to billions of dollars.

Moreover, Dick and his wife are in the liquor business. The venture is doing pretty well courtesy of their excellent business reputation in Michigan and the world as a whole. Besides, he participates in various community development initiatives. For instance, he launched the freedom education fund meant to empower less privileged children in the society academically.

Dick DeVos is a big name in the business world, and his wealth continues to grow courtesy of his diligence and commitment to his ventures.