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The Relevance of a SEC Whistleblower Attorney

Whistleblowers have become increasingly popular and instrumental in reporting cases regarding probable violations of securities to authorities like the Securities and Exchange Commission. Further, the increased popularity in the emergence of whistleblowers is attributed to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, enacted in 2010. As so, it serves as the most comprehensive overhaul of the financial regulation in the United States since the infamous Great Depression.

The Dodd-Frank Act has triggered the creation of various reforms to protect the rights of whistleblowers such as the establishment of the current Whistleblower program. The Whistleblower program was introduced with an aim to provide substantial financial incentives as well as employment protections in an effort to encourage individuals to report to the SEC pertaining violation of laws of the national securities.

The Role of Whistleblower Attorneys

In the advent of the Whistleblower program, more law firms specializing in the protection and representation of SEC whistleblowers have emerged such as the Labaton Sucharow law firm. The work of a SEC Whistleblower attorney from a law firm such as Labaton Sucharow is to aid Whistleblowers in reporting wrongdoings, which are contrary to the federal securities laws, to the SEC in a confidential manner.

Through its able in-house team of specialists who include forensic accountants, investigators, and financial analysts, the Labaton Sucharow firm can provide its clients with top-notch representation. Primarily, this is because of their training expertise and experience in both federal and state law enforcement.

More so, the Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower Representation Team leverages on the experience and leadership ability of Jordan A. Thomas, who was the previous Assistant Director as well as Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the SEC’s Enforcement Division. Jordan was highly involved in the drafting and implementation of the Whistleblower Program during his tenure at the SEC.

An Insight into the Whistleblower Program

A SEC whistleblower lawyer is highly conversant with the rules, terms and conditions stipulated by the Whistleblower Programs. Hence, he or she is in a better position to guide a client throughout the reporting and awarding process.

According to the new Program, whistleblowers will be eligible to a reward of between 10-30% of the total amount exceeding $1 million. They also receive job protection against any retaliation by an accused employer such as demotion, threats, discrimination, suspension or harassment. Those who suffer from retaliation can sue for damages incurred, back pay or restatement. Further, they are given an opportunity to report confidentially through the help of an attorney.

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Marketing Companies Look to Expand

There are a lot of marketing companies that have had success in recent years. As more transactions occur online, these companies will continue to have success. Small business owners are finally starting to understand that it is important to have quality online reputation management services online about your business. Anyone who is going to have success in business needs to have solid marketing services and strategy behind them. If you are someone who wants to take your business to the next level, marketing is one of the ways to that. In a recent announcement, several companies have said that they are looking to expand their offices.
The Importance of Marketing

Marketing is one of the most essential aspects of marketing. There are a lot of people who try to take the next step with their business, but without a customer base who knows about your product or service, this can be difficult. There are a lot of people who do not understand how to market in the world of the internet. Online reputation management is now essential, as the competition is using everything they can to gain more customers. There are many people looking for ways to take their business to the next level. Having a solid online reputation management strategy is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. Over time, the work that you put into this area will certainly pay off.

Future Plans

In the future, marketing will continue to change. There are a lot of people who try to get away with only doing the minimum when it comes to marketing. Although this may work in the short term, over the long term this can be a major issue. Marketing your product or service is essential to long term growth as a business. If you want to take the next step in your company’s success, an online reputation management strategy is essential. Over the past few years, more small companies than ever before have started to realize this fact. Start today by investing both time and money into online reputation management services and you will see a major difference in sales.


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2016 Overview of Investment Banking by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global firm that deals in investment banking by offering financial advice services, financial opinions, valuation services and merger and acquisition expertise to both privately or publicly held companies. The firm has some specialized experts who help in partnering with the middle-market firms across niche markets and a number of industry verticals in order to achieve the best results. The firm analyzes the unique needs that every client possesses and then makes the best match between the buyers and sellers, create capitalization structures and arrange suitable financing to optimize the potential that a client has.


As far as investment banking is concerned, Madison Street Capital offers global services in Investment banking. These services target the small and medium market businesses in Canada and the United States, the established businesses that are successful in the United States seeking to grow and have a commercial presence. Others include international companies that are looking to expand into the US and also international companies seeking capital providers based in the United States. Madison Street Capital global investment banking takes several capacities when it comes to projects for capital raising. These include being a financial advisor and arrangement of mezzanine/senior equity and debt for the capital requirements.


The services for raising capital include existing enterprises seeking some growth capital, revenue track records of above $10 million and companies that are interested in raising capital for mergers and acquisitions. MSC has a network of world-class financial sponsors who can lend to middle market ventures based domestically and internationally. They take the form of hedge funds, companies dealing in specialty finance, global and US commercial banks and other lending sources.


About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that provides advisory services in finance, financial opinions, M&A and valuation services to companies that are privately owned or public. The firm is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and hence is committed to upholding the highest standards of the profession. MSC has industry sectors globally and it engages in private debt placements, M&A transactions, valuation, capital raising, solvency & fairness opinions, ESOP advisory and restructuring. The professionals at MSC have represented private and public companies, their shareholders, special committees and boards.


MSC seeks to identify some possible financing opportunities to the recipients like debt refinancing, term loans, revolving credit facilities, secure lending facilities, operational lending, syndicated loans and various commercial credit facilities. MSC is one of the world’s top premier investment banking firms in the middle market. It has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and has other offices based in Africa, Asia and North America. Its success is attributed to the careful analysis by its professional employees who the offer precise recommendations.

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Marie Claire Magazine’s Exclusive Interview With Kate Hudson, Co-Founder of Fabletics

Fabletics is an online store based on a monthly subscription platform that provides men and women with high-fashion athletic wear. Fabletics gives members the privilege of having personalized fitness wear recommendations delivered to them after participating in a “pop quiz,” and receiving exclusive deals in the event of a purchase.

In the fall of 2015, I decided to follow the company on Instagram and learned that they expanded their retail capacity and opened its first brick-and-mortar stores in various malls across the country. Recently, it was reported that 75-100 Fabletics locations are scheduled to open within the next five years.

On April 1st, Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, was set to release a line of athleisure dresses as an addition to her new brand of athletic wear. This new line is targeted towards women who want to enjoy the comfort of athleisure clothing while enjoying the nightlife. was able to sit down with Hudson to discuss this brilliant new innovation in women’s clothing.

Hudson describes the idea of this addition to her brand as “a natural progression.” Her goal is to expand athleisure into many different clothing styles so that people can choose comfort without having to compromise their sense of fashion. This allows women the benefits of wearing athletic clothing without having to look athletic. Each dress in Women’s Wear Daily is made out of the same performance material as athleisure clothing which encourages increased mobility. Some dresses in the line have a built-in bra attached, whereas the other dresses use “snug materials” so that everything feels secure and tucked-in. Nevertheless, Hudson’s dress line possibly eliminates the need for Spanx. See:

In addition to athleisure dresses, Kate Hudson also unveiled a new line of swimsuits mid-April. Fabletics swimsuits are also made with performance in mind, also contributing to the need for increased mobility. Hudson expresses her desires for customers “to feel like they’re protected in our clothes without compromising a little bit of sexiness and femininity.”

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Davos’s New Investment App

David Osio As a Latin American started his prestigious career as a CEO in 1981 in coffee exports. He has a distinguished resume with a degree in international Banking Law, and has been trained for management by Swiss banks and also prominent American financial institutions. No matter where David Osio was in the financial institution he always rose to the top. But with all his success he has been careful to give back to help others not only in America but also around the world supporting the arts such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra and also many medical research groups.

David Osio together with two other prestigious partners launched the “Davos CAP Calculator” an app to take the Davos Group Real Estate Group to a new level of investors. Each member of the team brings his own unique abilities to take this team to a new level of thinking to focus on business strategies to make investing less scary, and more profitable for any investor. The app is designed to simplify the real estate investing process and take much of the guesswork and speculation off the table. The app helps you identify property that would be a good investment. The app has a built in mortgage calculator based on today’s rates. It also uses statistics and projected growth patterns to predict what the property will be worth in the future.

David Osio had a vision to share his financial knowledge that he has gained over the last three decades with others in a manor that they could grasp and put to practical use. From calculating how much the economy will support for rent on an investment you are considering, or projecting what the interest rates will do, this app has it all built in. What is more this app was not just designed for the U.S. The app is intended for international use as well. That is a lot of different information all linked in to one app. You put in your location and information, and it does the rest.

The Davos Group has been in existence for more than twenty years and they have earned the trust of investors around the world and with the launch of their new app hope that the community of investors will grow as well.

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