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George Soros Gearing Up For A Fortune In the Gold Market

George Soros could be brazing for a storm after reducing his holdings on stock and taking his fortunes in the market of Gold. During the first quarter of 2016, Soros purchased the shares of the world’s largest gold miner Barrick Gold worth $264 million. However, this was not a surprise as Soros is known to have made much of his wealth through market speculation. He is commonly known as “the man who broke the Bank of England” after he speculated the British Pound on the Exchange Rate Mechanism to make a profit of $1 billion after the Bank of England was forced to devalue the currency.

The recent move by Soros has been inspired by the fact that he made a prediction about the future of the economy of China. According to George Soros, China is headed for problems after the country chose to promote the country’s growth and shows no commitment to controlling the level of debt. It, therefore, follows that when the stock market is bearish, the price of gold tends to rise because the investors view gold as a “safe haven” for their investment. On the other hand, when the stock market is bullish, people invest in the stocks and reduce their holding in the gold market which reduces demand and ultimately reduces the prices of gold.
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In essence, Gold prices tend to rise when people are afraid, and the price of gold has increased more than 20% this year alone. Since his recent prediction, George Soros has also doubled his bet against the S&P 500. He now owns 2.1 million put options on the SPDR S&P 500, a company that tracks the performance of the benchmark index. It follows that put options are some of the ways to show that an investment will lose value.

No one knows what Soros expects the market to decline. In fact, it is not clear if Soros is betting on the decline of the U.S. stock market or he may be trying to hedge his overall portfolio. Only Soros knows the magnitude of the decline he expects and why he thought it was a calculated move. However, it is worth to note that Soros doubled his caution making it either a significant bet against the stocks or the hedge. Earlier in the year, George Soros sounded an alarm on the global financial markets saying that China’s situation only reminds him of the 2008 financial crisis.

According to George Soros, he believes China has a significant adjustment problem which will eventually amount to a crisis on The move that motivated Soros to invest in Gold was because he understands the disruptive collapse of China’s growth in “practically unavoidable.” According to Raul Moreno, co-founder, and CEO of iBillionaire, Soros has made money during bearish and bullish which is the reason people will trust him.

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Securus Helps Us Check On Pen Pals

Our women’s society has taken on pen pals that we are working with to help when they are in prison and when they get out of jail. That means that we want to be able to talk to these people in person, and we are using the Securus app with help from the prison system. We have been calling in to talk to inmates that our society will help, and we get to check in with them using the Securus app on a tablet.
We also know people who have been using Securus with their family, and that really helps when they are trying to check on someone that they know who is in prison. We are learning about family members that are about to get out of prison soon, and it helps some of us who cannot get to where these prisons are. It is very important to us that we can talk to the inmates on their schedule, and we can all do it together when we get on video calls with Securus.

Recently, Securus a video campaign on Youtube about their app. Watch it here:

We are truly thankful for Securus because we know that they are making our prison helpers program much better for all the inmates. The inmates are getting a lot from this program, and we can call in when it is convenient for everyone. We save a lot of time that we can use for other parts of the program, and we do not have to worry about missing any of the visitation. We always make it to all the visitations, and we can all gather around to talk to someone that we are helping. It is great for us because it makes our program successful, and we are truly blessed to know people who can check in with family using the Securus app on their mobile device.
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Wen by Chaz Dean: First Hand Results

WEN by Chaz Dean has revolutionized the hair care industry through a special concept in cleansing hair rather than washing it and it has Hollywood buzzing. Not only are celebrities using Chaz’s line of hair care, there also appearing on infomercials, in ads and on Wen’s online platforms to help promote a product they’ve come to love.
Chaz Dean developed the brand as an alternative to the way people are used to cleansing their hair. Wen’s cleansing conditioner eliminates the use of ordinary shampoos that can contain harsh sulfates. The cleansing conditioners replace shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, detanglers and leave-in conditioners, giving customers five products in one.

Emily McClure, of, wanted a first-hand experience with Wen. She had seen the commercials, read the reviews and decided that she wanted to trade her old shampoos and conditioners for a bottle of Chaz’s all-in-one cleansing conditioner just like so many other happy customers had.

Emily started her experiment with thin, lack luster hair, but after just one wash she saw the results that everyone else had been talking about. Her hair fell thicker, it was noticeably shinier and to the touch it was softer than it had ever been. Her hair had gone from greasy, frizzy and unruly to sleek and tamed.

It wasn’t long into her week long experiment that Emily began to receive compliments on her improved locks. She washed her hair each morning and styled it for the day ahead. Even after long days she noticed that her hair looked shiny and healthy.

By the end of the week and the end of her experiment Emily had grown confident in the positive results she was seeing from using the haircare line. Overall Emily’s experience was much like those of Hollywood celebs who rave about this sephora marketed hair care kit. Her hair was healthier, thicker and luxurious just like the hair of so many others who are hooked on the brand. Visit for more info..


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WEN by Chaz is an all time and Hair Conditioner!!!!

Chaz Dean Dreams came true when he attended photography course which was his all time line of interest. The commercial photography wired him to join the world of beauty by enrolling in cosmetology school in Los Angeles. He followed the path to hairdressing clearly and every step he made towards beauty it was amazing. He climbed the ladder up and used both color and cutting skills to create products.

Chaz Dean tirelessly worked hard and achieved Chaz Dean Saloon in Bel Air. The saloon was relocated to Hollywood and renamed Chaz Dean Studio; it gave its customers comfort and privacy, unlike Facebook that was so public. Beauty is evolutional it changes every day and Chaz Dean has been keen eyeing beauty not only as a profession but his passion.

WEN is a hair product that is made from very innovation company and it serves the many needs of clients. Wen is a hair cleansing conditioner that hydrates hair, making it healthy and strong. It is an authentic product that has brought change to the doorstep of clients. Every client has a bothering dream and Chaz Dean Products have crossed the borders and became the solution the customers have looking for.

After a long day of a hassle, one should use WEN product as prescribed on back label 10 to 16 pumps for short hair and 24 to 32 for long hair and scalp. After that, you spread the conditioner evenly and massage the scalp as recommended what follows is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and like you have more hair. Wen products are available online on Chaz Dean Saloon has come with wide range of products that ensures little or no hair fall when showering. The final result makes after blow drying the hair the clients become happier than ever as they find their hair shiny, smooth and strong. Follow Wen: